This is how Telegram's invisible mode is activated

telegram invisible mode

You may not have heard of invisible mode on Telegram before, therefore you may not know about this feature. This is one of the options that Telegram gives you so that you can go unnoticed among your contacts, since by activating it you can eliminate that other users can see when you are online.

In this article we will give you the steps you can follow to activate the invisible mode in Telegram easily. This can be activated and you can also deactivate it if you want to over time, since you will not always want to appear in this mode, which is valid depending on which cases.

Steps to activate the invisible mode of Telegram from your mobile

If you're looking for Activate the invisible mode of Telegram on your mobile, you just have to follow the steps that we give you below:

telegram invisible mode

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the application Telegram on your device.
  2. Once you have entered you must go to the menu located in the upper left, its icon is three horizontal stripes.
  3. When doing so you will notice a menu with several options, in this you must look for the option “Settings” and enter it.
  4. Once you enter the settings section, you should look in the new menu for the option "Privacy & Security".
  5. Once you have entered the privacy and security section, you need to look for the section "last time and online".
  6. Upon entering you will notice that there are three options from which you can select who can see when you are online. These options are: Everyone, My contacts, Nobody.
  7. In this case, if you select “Contacts”, only the contacts you have added will be able to see when you are online. If you select “Anyone” no contact or Telegram user will be able to see you online.

Once you select the Nobody option would you be activating the invisible mode of Telegram and no one will be able to see you when you are online anymore. But you must understand that you will not be able to see if your contacts are online either.

Steps to activate the invisible mode of Telegram from the computer

If you are one of the users that uses Telegram from the computer, you can activate stealth mode from it without any problem. To achieve this you just have to do the following:

telegram from mobile

  1. The first thing you should do is click on the menu with an icon in the form of three horizontal lines.
  2. Then you must look for the option “settings" or "configurations” and you must enter it.
  3. When entering you will notice several options in the new side menu, among which are “Privacy and Security".
  4. You must enter it and search the options that appear for the option Who can see my last seen time? And enter it.
  5. Now you will see the options of those who can see you online, the idea is that you select the option “Nobody".

Once you have followed the 4 steps you would have already activated the invisible mode from your computer and with just a few steps.

Another option so that nobody sees you on Telegram


In the application there is another formula so that nobody gets to see you online, managing not to show yourself to any of them, being invisible. This is perhaps a little longer, despite this it is one of the options that both you and other users who use the Telegram messaging app currently have.

Appearing in this mode will allow you to do it without using the well-known airplane mode, which will allow you to make changes without anyone allowing you to see online. To consider this in order to change things without you being connected to anyone, It is for continuous use when you want to move with a specific application on your device.

If you want to carry out this process, perform the following steps in your terminal:

  • Open the Telegram app on your mobile device
  • Go to the top left and click on the lines, then go to “Settings”
  • Get to the "Privacy and security" section, click on this
  • In “Phone number” put “No one” and then choose “My contacts”, so that none of them can ever visualize you
  • A little further down you have a setting that you must also touch, in "Delete synchronized contacts", press on it and click "Delete", while in the "Synchronize contacts" option you must do the same
  • You can delete contact by contact, this will make it so that no one of them can see you at any time, write it down elsewhere to have it in case you want to add it in the future

It is the way known as a beast for having to do several steps on your Android device, it also works on the desktop version of the computer. Despite being the toughest proposal, it is just as useful, since none of them will have it in your list of contacts who can see your Telegram account.

With Unseen – Invisible online

Unseen online mode

A perfect application for such a case is that of Unseen – Invisibile online, suitable for both Telegram and WhatsApp, can be activated with just a few clicks. Through it you can hide your status and make nobody see you in the application while you have it active on your device (using it in the background and active).

They are not the only applications where they work, also in others such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Line, Kakao Talk, Imso and others. It is obviously an app that is worth it for such a case. Appearing in invisible mode with her will be easy, since you don't have to do much through it to activate this.

It is one of the tools that you can have installed on your phone, available for free in the Play Store, a store that stores and many of the apps. The developer behind this utility is Firehawk, which periodically updates this program in the Google store.

Unseen - Kein "zuletzt online"
Unseen - Kein "zuletzt online"
Developer: firehawk
Price: Free

This tool is joined by other possible ones, which will serve to hide the status and appear invisible on Telegram, one of the apps that have grown naturally in 2022. Telegram X is one of the applications that are worth us in such a caseSince it adds functions, it is also downloadable from the Google Store itself.

Telegram X
Telegram X
Developer: FZ-LLC Telegram
Price: Free

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