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AdBlocker is a tool known to many users, also on Android. Thanks to it, you will be able to block the ads that are on a web page when you visit it. Over time, the number of ads that have been introduced on web pages has increased significantly, making browsing uncomfortable and not providing a good experience.

That is why many users use some type of ad blocker, to visit web pages without any distraction. While this type of tool is especially popular on computers, it can be used on mobile as well. There are many AdBlock available for Android too. Here are the best options available.

Thanks to these ad blockers for Android you will be able to navigate from your phone without any problem. Ads are blocked, like those videos that start playing without your request. The browsing experience becomes much better this way, which is exactly what was desired in any case. These are the best AdBlock for Android that we can download today.

Adblocker Browser Free

Adblocker Browser Free

An option that many Android users know for sure. Adblocker is one of the ad blockers most downloaded from the Play Store and that also has a better rating, making it one of the best options that we can download on our smartphone today. Its operation does not change with respect to other ad blockers on the market, it will simply be dedicated to blocking the ads that are on web pages that we visit.

This AdBlock for Android allows you to block all kinds of ads: videos, ads that cover content, banners at the top or on the sides of the web page or various pop-ups. In addition, it is a good tool to protect our privacy when we are browsing, preventing personalized ads from being displayed based on those content or web pages that we have visited from the browser on the phone.

This ad blocker for Android phones can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. There is a paid version, which eliminates advertising and gives us access to a series of additional functions on our device, in case any of you are interested in this version.

AdBlock Plus


AdBlock Plus is one of the best ad blockers for Android. It is one of the best known options among users and that has been available for the longest time in the Google Play Store. It is the version for smartphones of the well-known blocker that we can install in the browser on our computer. It is a very useful tool, which will allow us to block all kinds of ads that appear when we are browsing on the phone.

Among its characteristics we find blocking ads automatically, the ability to disable advertising tracking in the browser on your mobile phone, also hides the link and share buttons on social networks and helps us navigate in a more secure and private way on our smartphone. They are the main reasons why millions of Android users choose to install this ad blocker on their phones. In addition, it stands out for being one of the easiest options to use that we have in this regard, something that undoubtedly contributes to its popularity.

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AdBlock Plus for Android can be download for free from the Google Play Store. In addition, there are no purchases inside it, so without having to pay money we will be able to enjoy this complete ad blocker on the phone. An option that meets perfectly and that you will surely not regret installing.

ABP for Samsung Internet
ABP for Samsung Internet
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free



Thirdly, we find an AdBlock for Android that is possibly less known, but that is presented as one of the best options currently available on the market. AdAway is a tool that we cannot find in the Play Store, because it is an open source blocker, so we know that it is a private, secure app and that it will comply at all times with what it promises to do. It is a tool that has the support of security companies such as Avast, for example, which already says a lot about it.

One of the great advantages of AdAway is personalization It offers the user, who can create lists of pages where you want to block ads, or where you want to make them visible. Each user can configure this application to their liking, making it an especially interesting option if you are looking for a somewhat different ad blocker for your Android phone. Otherwise, it works like other ad blockers, blocking all types of ads on the device, for a more comfortable use and experience at all times.

AdAway can be downloaded for free on GitHub and on its official website, available at this link. This ad blocker is kept updated on a regular basis, so new versions are being launched that we can download on our Android phone. So if new functions are added to this tool, you will be able to enjoy them at all times.

Ad Shield

Ad Shield

This fourth option in the list is another of those well-known AdBlock for Android that has good ratings in the Google Play Store. It is a classic ad blocker, which will allow us to block the ads that come our way when we are browsing on the phone. One of the advantages in this case is that it works with any browser that we have installed on our phone, making it ideal for any Android user.

Allows you to block all types of ads (pop-ups, videos, banners, personalized ads ...) in addition to helping web pages load faster at all times, thanks to this ad blocking, allowing us to consume less mobile data when browsing the website. telephone. In addition, it also works to block all types of malicious software, such as spyware or adware, two problems that many Android users face.

AdShield is a good option for users looking for some kind of AdBlock for Android. It's easy to useIt gives a good ad blocking, is compatible with any browser that we have installed on the phone and can also be downloaded for free in the Play Store. It has a version with additional functions with purchases, but without paying money we have access to a huge number of tools.

Adblock for all Browser
Adblock for all Browser


Brave browser

Using an AdBlock on Android is something more and more common, but the reality is that there are browsers that have their own built-in ad blocker. This is the case with Brave, a browser that is gaining a niche among Android users because it provides secure, private and ad-free browsing at all times. So we get an ad blocker directly in this browser.

Brave is an ideal browser if you need to browse privately, preventing your personal data from being obtained, for example. This browser for Android phones allows us to navigate without leaving a trace, in addition to blocking all ads, such as those for tracking, so that our data is not obtained. In addition, this allows energy to be saved when we are sailing at all times. Its ad blocker is known for its good performance, in addition to being updated regularly to block various elements.

This browser for Android is increasingly popular among users, because it is private, easy to use and also we do not have to pay money to use it on our phone. If you were looking for a browser that has its own built-in ad blocker, then this is the option you need to install on your Android mobile. You can download it at the following link:

Brave Private Web Browser, VPN
Brave Private Web Browser, VPN

AdGuard Content Blocker


The last ad blocker on this list is AdGuard, a known option on Android, with good ratings in the Google application store. This blocker works with the Yandex browser and the Samsung mobile Internet browser, to block the ads that appear when we are browsing on our smartphone. It is a somewhat more limited option in terms of compatibility, but it gives a good performance in terms of functions.

This AdBlock for Android stands out for allowing create lists with pages where we want to block ads, others where we want to see or create filters or lists depending on the type of ads that we find on a specific web page. Users can create their own lists, but there are also lists available that have been created by the community itself, for example, which make it convenient to use as well. We can also create our own filters at any time, in order to obtain the desired results.

This ad blocker has been around for a long time on Android and is a reliable feature, endorsed by security companies like Avast. Its download to the phone is free, available in the Google Play Store, so it will allow us private browsing in a simple way at all times.

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