Top 5 alternatives to AirTags for Android

Alternatives to Airtag

Surely you have heard of the new article that Apple has launched not long ago, called Airtag. If you don't know what it is we are going to briefly tell you what it is about and the best alternatives you can find in the market if the product convinces you, but you prefer other options to this gadget.

The Airtag consists of  a device that is placed on any other object and that makes it locatable through a map. You can stick it or place your wallet, or some keys, even on a dog's collar, or your bicycle ... To say a few examples, and you will always be able to see the location of these objects on the map thanks to the «Search» application. .

Its price is € 35 if you buy one unit or € 119 if you buy four, apple offer during this time.

As we have said, it is not the only option to locate your most precious objects, since below we show you different options so as not to lose anything.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags

How could it be otherwise The Samsung brand also has its SmartTag to locate any object worth its salt. It is a more expensive option than Apple's at least for the moment, its current price is € 39,91 in the Samsung official website. It is true that it was launched on the market previously together with the departure of the Galaxy S21.

The Samsung smartTag

We have it available in two versions: Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag +. With the first option we have a tracker that works with Bluetooth technology; And with the plus version we find the UWB option at our disposal, whose range of action reaches 120 meters. Thanks to this technology, the Galaxy SmartTag + device is the one that most closely resembles the competing Apple AirTag.

If we talk about similarities, we can say that these devices are only compatible with the same brand's own mobiles, since both use their smartphones to be able to create a network that identifies those devices out of range. Y Another detail to keep in mind about these Galaxy SmartTags is that they lack water resistance certification.

Tile Finders

Tile is a brand that has search engines or trackers that work through Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE), which gives you the option of using the app on your smartphone to locate them. There are several models of this brand among which we have the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim models and other older ones that we are not going to mention.

The prices of these models They range from € 20 for the cheapest model to € 40 for the most expensive model, the Pro is around € 28 with a range of 120 meters and according to the manufacturer it has a battery that can last two years.

Alternatives to AirTags

It emphasizes that this system it is compatible with smartphones of any brand, which makes it more inclusive and accessible for any user, you can even pair it with Bose or Sennheiser brand headphones thanks to the Bluetooth chip and the battery of these headphones. We can even sync it with some HP laptops and even with the Fitbit.

You just have to download the Tile application and have Bluetooth activated, along with some battery charge. If your device is within range you can click on the app and search, a mosaic map will appear where the location appears, or the last one registered and you can even play a little music to locate it if it is close, but hidden.

As it is a compatible app for everyone, it is more inclusive and if you cannot find or your lost object is out of range, you can activate the search and Anyone who is part of the community can detect your article, but all anonymously, they will notify when they find it without knowing what they have detected or whose it is, it will only return the location of that object so that you can go find it. That is, when another Tile user detects your lost item, the location is returned to you.


It is a small locator, which You can use it as a keychain and it is also compatible with the most current virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Therefore another advantage is the wide compatibility available.

Its circular shape makes it comfortable and bearable and you have multiple options when it comes to colors, its maximum range is about 100 meters depending on the brand, and it has a battery as a battery that gives it an autonomy of two years at most. It also has water resistance, with an IPX5 certification.

Chipolo tracker keychain

It has an anti lost alarm, this tracker finder basing its technology on GPS Through which it searches for it, and it is compatible with any smartphone regardless of brand or model. The measurements of this article are 38 x 38 x 6 millimeters.

You can use it in reverse to locate your smartphoneTo do this, you only have to press the Chipolo device twice to make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode. Obviously you can also use the application to find and see the exact location of the tracker, or of your smartphone.

Kippy EVO

Let's go now with this tracker geared more towards locating pets quickly and accurately, without limits of distance and independently of the location in which it is located, whether covered or outdoors. Based on 2G GSM mobile technology, Kippy EVO connects with the telephone operator that has the greatest coverage and is available, through which it communicates with your terminal regardless of distance limits.

Thanks to the application and the web they connect to the corresponding server and thus obtain the position and the information transmitted by the Kippy device.

Its size it's a bit bigger than other trackers we've seen so far, but it is designed to fit and adapt to the collars of our pets, whose weight is greater than 4 kilos. That is, those pets of a medium or large size.

Pet locator

This device needs a SIM card that is included, being Vodafone integrated and makes use of up to four different location technologies, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data. Specifically, it uses the location system as if we want to find our smartphone.

Being destined to know the location of our pets, it incorporates a series of very defined functions for this purpose. Which makes it much more suitable for this function than if you used any of the ones we have already seen so far. And this is so because It can establish a safe area that if it is abandoned by your pet you will receive an alert in vibration mode on your mobile phone. You can activate a flashing light on the device from your own smartphone, and thus locate your pet in dark areas or streets.

The physical characteristics of this device are as follows, it has a weight of 38 grams, its measurements are 5,5 cm wide, 3,7 cm high and 2,2 cm thick. And as an extra it consists of IPS protection with which it is also resistant to water, specifically It has IP67 protection and resists immersion up to 1 m deep for 30 minutes.


Let's go now with this little Filo locator, which It stands out for its rectangular design unlike those we have seen so far square or round of the vast majority of alternatives. This feature is striking for its colors and shape since it has a good range of colors for those users who also give importance to design.

The best alternatives to Apple's AirTag

Regarding its options and characteristics, we can say that It is compatible with iOS and with the Android operating system, the range of action of this device is about 80 meters, when using Bluetooth LE technology. In addition, it has a CR2032 type battery, whose autonomy is more than 12 months. And its dimensions are 25 x 41 x 5 mm.

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