OnlyFans Alternatives: Platforms to Monetize Your Content

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OnlyFans is a platform that allows content creators offer paid subscriptions to their followers, who can access exclusive videos, photos and messages. Although it has been popularized by adult content, there are also creators from other fields such as music, fitness or cooking.

However, OnlyFans is not the only option to monetize your content on the internet. There are other platforms that offer similar or different services, but with the same objective: to generate income with your passion. In this article we present you some of the best OnlyFans alternatives that you can try.


Patreon, the finance page

Patreon is one of the best-known and oldest platforms to support content creators. It allows create different subscription levels with different rewards, such as early access, extra content, participation in raffles or private chats. In addition, it offers tools to manage your community, analyze your statistics and promote your work.

Patreon is a good option if you want create a close relationship with your fans and offer them quality content and added value. has a commission of 5%, 8% or 12% depending on the plan you choose, plus payment processing fees.

This page has more than 6 million patrons that support more than 200 thousand creators around the world. Some examples of successful creators on Patreon are the musician Jack Conte, the illustrator Fran Meneses or the podcast La Resistencia del Mago.

Patreon allows you to create different types of content, such as podcasts, videos, comics, games, or music. You can also integrate your account with other platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Discord. This way you can offer a more complete and diverse experience to your fans.


fancenter interface

fancenter is a platform specialized in adult content, which allows creators to sell monthly subscriptions, individual clips, or private messages to their fans. also oroffers the possibility of making live broadcasts, voice chats or video calls.

The page is a good option if you want have full control over your content and your prices, and access to a wide network of affiliates who can promote your profile. It has a 25% commission, plus payment processing fees.

Also has more than 25 million registered users and more than 10 thousand active creators. Some examples of popular creators on FanCentro are actress Mia Malkova, the model Dani Daniels or the influencer Jordi ENP.

FanCentro allows you create your own personal brand and set your own style. You can also interact with your fans in a direct and personalized way, offering them exclusive content tailored to their preferences. So you can create a stronger connection and retain them.


substack home page

Substack is a platform that allows creators publish newsletters by email and charge for them. You can offer free or paid content, and create a community of loyal readers who support you. You can too embed podcasts or videos in your newsletters.

It is undoubtedly a good option if you like to write about current affairs, opinion, culture or any other topic that you are passionate about. Has a commission of 10%, plus payment processing fees.

Substack has over a million paid subscribers and over 500 registered creators. Some examples of successful newsletters on Substack are The Dispatch, on American politics; Sin Filtro, on feminism and pop culture; either Profile, about inspiring stories.


kofi home page

ko-fi is a platform that allows creators receive donations or tips from your followers, without the need to offer exclusive content. You can create your personalized page with your profile, your projects and your goals. Also you can sell products digital or physical, such as books, courses or merchandising.

It is a good option if you want to receive financial support without commitment or pressure, and keep your content accessible to everyone. There is no commission, only payment processing fees.

ko fi has More than a million of active users and more than 300 thousand registered creators. Some examples of creators using Ko-fi are the writer Neil Gaiman, the artist Amanda Palmer or the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel.

This page allows you show your work and your personality your followers, and thank them for their support with messages or rewards. You can also create goals to motivate yourself and your fans, and show your progress on your page. So you can share your passion and your dreams with them.


gumroad home page

Gumroad is a platform that allows creators sell digital or physical products directly to their followers, without intermediaries or commissions. You can create your own online store with your brand, your prices and your offers. You can also offer recurring subscriptions or memberships to access exclusive content.

Gumroad is a good option if you want have greater freedom and flexibility to sell your content, without depending on other platforms or algorithms. Have a free plan with a commission of 8.5%, O a payment plan of 10 dollars a month with a commission of 3.5%, plus payment processing fees.

Gumroad has over 100 active creators and over 2 million customers per month. Some examples of successful creators on Gumroad are the writer Tim Ferriss, the designer Sacha Greif or the musician Ryan Leslie.

Finance yourself the way you want

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As you have seen, there are many alternatives to OnlyFans to monetize your content on the internet. Each one has its pros and cons, and it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your style, your audience, and your goals. The important thing is that you enjoy creating and sharing your passion with the world.

Do not forget that the success of your content also depends on quality, originality and consistency that you put It is not enough to choose a platform, you also have to work hard to offer value to your followers and build their loyalty. So you can create a community solid and sustainable to support you on your way.

We hope this article has been useful for you to learn about some of the best alternatives to OnlyFans on the market. If you liked it, share it with your friends or leave us a comment with your opinion. And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment We will be happy to help you. Until next time!

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