Among Us does not work on Android: what to do?

Surely you have already played, or at least have tried, the game of the moment Among Us. It is a game that caused a furor, and which is talked about on social networks and has already filled hours of videos on YouTube, with games from well-known great Youtubers.

But of course so many people playing the same game and at the same time can cause connection problems, and the performance may give us some trouble. Surely on some occasion you have received a message of "connection error", or "disconnected from the server".

That is why we are going to see how we can solve these errors and how to get to play some games to discover the impostor, or end them., Alea jacta is or what is the same, the die is cast and we want to win!

Among Us does not work on Android: what to do?

Among Us - Among us

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Did you know that this game has been in the Play Store catalog for more than two years? Not even its creator could have expected it to rise like foam in recent days, but the power of the internet is limitless. Therefore, the most popular game of the moment may have its drawbacks, due to its fame and the number of players who can join together at the same time, we can find error messages like this:

Server issues

'Could not find the game you re looking for Among Us', One of the most common and annoying error messages when playing games is that the saturation of players causes errors to occur continuously since everyone tries to enter at the same time and the servers are saturated. We may find messages such as that the version is older, connection problems or simply being disconnected from the game. 

If the message you see is "Disconnected from the server", the steps you must follow to be able to play is to make sure that your internet connection is correct, both the Wi-Fi connection and the data connection. If everything is correct you should be able to access the game and look for the option that allows you to change region.

Once inside you must choose between the regions of Asia, Europe or North America and once done you should try to join one of the games, for which you should no longer have many problems. And so you can enter the game and see the number of games available in Among Us.

This time it is not necessary to go to the option to uninstall the game, or clear the cache Since simply with this trick of changing region we can avoid the saturated servers of the country in which we could not play, since in the face of high demand these can crash.

Among us does not open

If you have installed the game on your smartphone, but clicking on the icon does not open Among Us apart from cursing the god of Wi-fi, we can take a few steps to try to solve it.

The first thing is to go to Settings of our mobile and within the option Configuration  we have to click on the option called Applications and notifications, and now go to "See the applications." And obviously we will look for our game, the protagonist of our sleepless nights, Among Us, to access the settings and click on Force stop.

We accept and this time we do have to go to the option of Storage and cache and click on the option Clear cache, Accept and ready. With this procedure we do not lose game data, what we are doing is deleting the information that accumulates from the game in order to run.

Among Us closes itself

Sometimes we are in the middle of a game and what happens that we never want to happen, the game has closed, and we are left with a span of noses ... Well let's see how to solve it without throwing the mobile against the ground. We reload the game, and click on the gear wheel located at the bottom left.

Problems in Among Us

Now within the Settings, click on DATA and we have to change the language, from «English» to Spanish. We save the changes and this simplicity should solve the problem of closures without prior notice. Of course If the problem persists, you can try updating the game from the Google Play Store., or proceed to uninstall the game and download it again. We thus seek to eliminate any conflict that may have occurred in the game, and there is nothing better than to cut your losses.

Now You should now be able to play calmly, and find out who are the impostors that are among us, avoid being eliminated or sabotaged very agustito, which for that is the game with the most downloads of the moment. However, if the problems persist, you can try playing on the PC version that is much more stable, even if you have to go through the box.

If you want to play for free you can do it through an Android emulator, since in a PC the performance of Among Us is generally much more stable.

You have it available for different platforms of the Android system, such as the following:

  • On iOSApp Store. It will not cost you money as it is free.
  • On PCThe official website. You pay what you want, although the minimum price is 5 euros, so that its creator can have a good coffee with pastries. However, we always have an ace up our sleeve, which is to use the free version of Android on Windows, as we have already said using a good emulator. Surely on the web you can find articles referring to them.
  • On PC: Through the platform Steam We have it available for only 3,99 euros.

Therefore, if you want to play this famous game and it gives you problems on your Android mobile, even after trying all the tips that we have left here, You can use any of these options to find out the reason for its success, and whether or not it is deserved so many sleepless nights by the "influencers" of the moment, as far as gamer multimedia content is concerned.

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