The best free rain alarm apps for Android

There are many ways to know the weather conditions of a locality and to know the weather forecast that it will have in the next few hours, such as television channels, applications and government indexes.

However, for this aspect it is always preferable have a rain alarm on your mobile device, since it is the fastest and easiest way to be informed, and although Google Play has a wide variety of apps, these are the best:

Today Weather - Forecast & Radar

Weather Today

It is an application that works as a rain alarm, since it provides alerts on the mobile before any presence a low pressure in the area where you are.

Likewise, it allows to know the meteorological forecast in the coming days, and provides all kinds of very efficient information such as temperature, wind speed and direction, visibility, humidity, dew point and air pressure.

However, it is also characterized by perfectly adapting to the phone, since present notifications every hour, although this can be configured from the program software.

In addition, it allows you to share this information with personal contacts, both through social networks and by text messages as you specify on the platform.

Weather and Live Radar - Weather Forecast

Weather and live radar

As its name indicates, it is mainly made up of a weather radar, which presents more than 15 different Widgets, allowing to know all kinds of information without having to open the application.

It indicates data on humidity, temperature, type of precipitation, the type of humidity in the area, the direction of the wind and waves, as well as the current marine currents.

It has in its configuration the option "Screen lock with information" where it offers you all the weather data without having to unlock your mobile, and has the alternative "Weather notification bar" as well.

It updates automatically, and allows you to configure its units of measurement to the one we like the most. It also gives the option of establishing several locations within the app and knowing their data at the same time.

World Weather: local weather and rain radar

Weltwetter: aktuelles Wetter
Weltwetter: aktuelles Wetter
Developer: v appz
Price: Free

World Weather local weather and rain radar

It corresponds to one of the most precise tools to get to know the predetermined climate of a locality, as well as the weather on certain days as desired. In addition, it presents information on 1 million cities worldwide.

Provides a rain radar, attaching a notification when a low pressure point is approaching. Also, it allows to know important data on humidity and dew point.

Provides access to 7000 webcams worldwide and it has one of the most reliable forecasts, allowing us to know the weather conditions for up to the next 16 days.

It offers you the option of customizing its use, as well as adding different locations that you want so that it can give you a daily report on the type of weather mobility in the area.

Weather & Radar: 14 day weather and temperature

weather radar and weather 14 days

It is a very good rain alarm, since it has a real-time tracking system for severe weather and attach a daily forecast which can be specified for any day of the week.

It is updated every 5 minutes with the relevant information about the area where you are, such as its temperature, whether or not there will be rainfall and the type of air speed.

It also adds a timeline that can be carried over up to 14 days, to know how the weather will be at that moment, as well as its evolution in a shorter period (during the day, for example).

It has an associated Widget, which manages to reveal all the aforementioned information on the main screen of your device.

Personal Weather Alarms

Meine Wetterwarnungen
Meine Wetterwarnungen
Developer: Vazquez Software
Price: Free

Personal weather alarms

It is an excellent customizable rain alarm as it indicates an updated weather forecast, as well as medium and long-term forecasts with respect to rainfall.

It allows you to configure the type of alarm you want, whether it is only rain, temperature, wind, cloudiness, snow, fog or storm. It also has different units available in index measurement.

Offers the option of customize your background to whatever you want, as well as setting a Widget on the main screen. It also manages to work with the mobile's GPS, although you can indicate your city if you want to have this feature turned off.

Has two types of sounds in notificationsThese being "Alarm" or "Notification" and that vary depending on the intensity and repetition that they will present.


Price: Free


It is an awesome tool that has more than 1.000.000 seats available within your software. It works with a built-in radar and offers forecasts for the next 14 days.

It is functional in America, Europe, Africa and Australia directly, although it has a "lightning alarm" that manages to cover the entire climate of the planet. In addition, its accuracy according to experts is 98%.

It provides a satellite map that is constantly updated and that allows to know the existing cloud cover in an area, thus like the fronts that are located there, either cold, hot or occluded.

Finally, it is specified as an excellent alternative because it has a "Splash Alert" that works very well and can be customized from the program settings.

Weather and widget - Weawow

Wetter & Widget - Weawow
Wetter & Widget - Weawow

Weather weawow

It is one of the few applications that works as a rain alarm that does not present any type of advertising despite being totally free. Offer very accurate forecasts anytime you want.

It has worldwide coverage, and its settings can be set in more than 50 different languages. Provides information about sunrise and sunset at a predetermined time.

Sample 10 different customizable widgets, which present a GPS support, as well as time, date, local time and is updated automatically with the application.

Also, it allows to know daily reports where it indicates all the movement of the weather during a time interval that you define, as well as the maximum or minimum temperature and pressure as you specify.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast
Weather forecast
Developer: BACHA Soft
Price: Free

Weather forecast

It corresponds to a very well positioned rain alarm, which presents a 90/100 review on Google Play. The latter is thanks to the precision of its meteorological data that reaches 95% reliability.

It has capacity within its platform for the atmospheric reading of countries in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and in a large part of Africa. Likewise, it provides a complete report of all the weather data.

In addition, it attaches information about the dew point and wind direction, as well as the relative humidity and visibility to get to know how the time will be positioned in the next few hours.

Its Widget is very exact, since it provides a meteorological map of the whole world and attaches an adjustment of the measurements of temperature, pressure, precipitation and wind speed, managing to specify the type of system you want to use.

AccuWeather - Daily Weather, Temperature & Climate

AccuWeather: Wetterradar
AccuWeather: Wetterradar
Developer: AccuWeather
Price: Free


It is a type of application for early alerts of local weather, allowing know news of the moment about any coming heavy rainfall or drastic temperature changes.

However, it also specifies the intensity of the sun, as well as a temperature differentiator where it shows you the last amount of heat recorded on the radar and how it actually feels.

Likewise, you can use its forecaster which allows you to shift its timeline up to 15 days, although it specifies minute-by-minute meteorological mobility.

Finally, it has an excellent pressure map, with a very well defined legend, if like the "Summary" option where it shows you the weather conditions of the last hours, daily or at the present time.

Weather radar

Weather radar

Unlike the tools mentioned above, the main use of this application is on a weather map that indicates front information that takes place in any location.

However, it also provides a very practical report for every hour or week you want. Likewise, it offers a hurricane tracker showing its center and development.

Has one of the most developed Widgets with the default climate of the area where you are, and that can be configured in terms of style, as well as the size it has.

Provides information on the probability index of a weather forecast, as well as the type of temperature fluctuation expected in the next few hours.

RAIN RADAR - animated weather radar & forecast

RADAR REGEN - Wetterradar
RADAR REGEN - Wetterradar
Developer: WEATHER NOW
Price: Free

rain radar

It is known as a very precise rain alter, as it specializes in reading data such as barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature, gusts and even cloudiness to indicate the possibility of precipitation.

Provides updates on hourly forecasts to increase their effectiveness and allows access  data from your paid affiliate tool “Windy and Rain Viewer”But without any additional cost.

Best of all, it represents 99% reliability, since its information is obtained through radars and satellites around the world, working with intelligent comparison technology.

Finally, it has an integrated dangerous weather alert, as well as 10-14 day forecasts, managing to provide weather information in the interval you want, a probability index, climate evolution and other interesting data.

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