Online antivirus for Android: which is the best?

Android Online Antivirus

Antiviruses are necessary tools when it comes to detecting threats on all types of devices, including mobile phones as well. Terminals with Android operating system can install applications to search for any threat from its launch and there are many options to install on our smartphone, but we have the option of online antivirus as quite an interesting option.

For the use of the online antivirus so it is only necessary to use a page to analyze our phone in full, so it is advisable to keep the analysis and do nothing with it until the end of the check. There are many companies that have launched the solution to analyze the Google system exhaustively in little more than a few minutes.

Android is not insurmountable, so the best solution is to analyze the software at least once every two weeks, as recommended by many of the security companies. The number of vulnerabilities is increasing and applications that contain malware and even Trojans with which to attack bank accounts in addition to devices, among other things.

The best online antivirus for Android

There are numerous options when analyzing our Android phoneTherefore, it is recommended to test each of the systems offered by the network. The best is not the fastest, rather the cash, although it takes a long time to analyze and eliminate any threat detected at the time of the analysis or at the end.

Recommending one as the best is not always an easy task, so we recommend trying one by one every "x" time in order to keep one. Online antivirus is the quick solution, effective and above all without having to make an outlay at the time of installation, since some require the paid version to eliminate any infection.

Panda Security Online for Android

Panda Online Android Antivirus

Panda Security has been one of the best sites for some time to be able to analyze the Google system for mobile terminals online. It offers a fairly simple interface, just start to see if we have a threat for some time, remember to keep the system with enough load to start the analysis.

Panda Security's solution offers protection against viruses and all kinds of threats, free VPN, USB protection, rescue kit and Game / Multimedia Mode. In analysis it detects all possible threats completely free of charge and in real time, eliminating each one at the end, for this it will ask us to pass each one of these "threats".

It is compatible with Android and also with Windows, so it becomes necessary to do a test before or during the installation of the applications from the Play Store, the store where we download our apps. It has a rescue kit for the Android system, as well as ensuring performance and video-audio quality while the user is playing or watching multimedia content.

Link: Panda Anti-Virus Online

BitDefender Free For Android


One of the important solutions when looking for threats on an Android device is BitDefender, a page that has a quick and exhaustive analysis. BitDefender Free For Android is a lightweight resource, use cloud definitions to check online for the latest protections for infections.

Prevent malicious app installations without causing the phone to lower battery consumption, something that engineers have worked on for a long time to be able to use it on devices with the Android system. The performance is quite remarkable and it is capable of analyzing the software in just a few minutes without suffering the autonomy of the phone.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free ensures that the mobile device remains clean when it comes to automatically analyzing previously or previously installed applications. This will keep users informed at all times and protected whenever they come to test applications.

BitDefender's analysis is on demand, it can be run at any time through the website, ensuring that all applications or files are safe. If an infection or a threat is found, it can be eliminated, thereby cleaning our storage of infections that can damage it over time.

Link: BitDefender Free For Android



VirusTotal is a service created by Hispasec Sistemas for the identification of viruses, worms, Trojans and other types of malicious content. It is a free service that works quite well, since it is capable of analyzing individual files, a specific URL or even a specific domain.

Can run multiple antivirus engines available on the server, so you can examine any threats, even newly recognized ones. It runs multiple file characterization tools, so if you share one you will know if what you have on your phone becomes a threat which will need to be cleaned once this analysis is finished.

Updates are in real time of virus signature, details the results with each antivirus engine and run multiple website inspection toolbars that you typed in the URL field. Nor does it lack real-time statistics and it has the six best engines of the best antivirus on the market.

Apart from everything mentioned, it adds online malware from the research community, since it also finds these types of threats that are capable of stealing our data. Elimination of this type can be done thanks to the motors included by the VirusTotal team.

Link: VirusTotal



Like VirusTotal's web app IObit Cloud allows us to upload individual files to find out if they are infected on our phone. Thanks to the speed of execution we will be able to know if a file, application or even a photograph is infected by a virus, Trojan, spyware, adware, Trojan horse, keyloggers, bots, hijacker worms and other related risks.

IObit uses the latest Cloud Computing technology and mechanical heuristic analysis, very similar to the one used by ESET in your computer scanner, which is why it works so well when it comes to searching, finding and eliminating threats. It is quite fast, it is effective thanks to the actions we take and we can use it with all the files we want.

Its use is quite simple, we upload the file, it remains in the queue waiting for the analysis, performs the analysis and sends us a report with the result. IObit is a tool to consider given the great power, but we must use an online antivirus if we want to analyze our Android operating system.

Despite being in English, it is intuitive to use, since it does not require knowing English to use the tool, being one of the pages that have been online for the longest time. Analyzing a file takes just 2-3 minutes and the same will happen when it comes to knowing if they were infected.

Link: iObitCloud

Opswatt Metadefender

Opswat Metadata

This online antivirus is very similar to VirusTotal, is the biggest competitor since Metadefender's departure, since it was even one of the favorites by the general public. The use is identical to that of VirusTotal, having to choose a specific file for later analysis, not taking too long to know whether or not it is infected.

It has one of the most advanced analysis engines on the marketFor this it makes use of the best signatures of those applications that are installed on computers under the Windows system. The analysis capacity is 128 MB, so it works smoothly and it takes a matter of a few minutes to perform any scan to that file you suspect.

The interface is quite simple, since it has quick shortcuts, it is possible to drag or select a file and we click Process to start the task. It will show you the results just below the bar in which we have to select a file, a URL, an IP or a domain that you usually visit frequently.

Opswat Metadefender like IObit is in English, but it will let us change the language to Mandarin in a unique way, it is still quite simple to use. Metadefender has been online for many years and its online antivirus is one of those recommended by those who want to find malicious files.

Enlace: Opswatt Metadefender



It is one of the simplest online antivirus known, It barely supports 20MB in use, plus a maximum of 20 files for each scan you run each time. It does not require file compression, therefore it will analyze those files you want regardless of whether they are compressed.

To use VirScan you just have to click on the white bar, you choose the files you want in this case to see if they are infected or not. It offers a fairly exhaustive analysis, providing a solution to those infections that we have on our device.

VirScan is in quite a few languages, including Latin American Spanish, this language includes several others such as English, French, German, among many more.

Link: VirScan

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