Learn how to put two photos in an Instagram story


manage to learn how to put two photos in an instagram story can be extremely useful, whether you use your account for business or personal use. Publishing two photos in the same story can save you a lot of work when publishing.

In this article we explain the steps that you can follow to post two photos in one Instagram story.

Steps to learn how to put two photos in an Instagram story

Instagram is an application that is extremely popular and that over time has received updates that have allowed it to further improve its features. One of these enhancements is being able to post two photos in a single story. To achieve this, you just have to follow the steps that we give you below:

how to put two photos in an instagram story

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Instagram app and enter the main screen of the application.
  2. Once in it you must click on the top left in which the option “your history".
  3. In the option your story you are shown the images that you have in the storage of your equipment.
  4. Now you must press for a few seconds on one of the two photos you want to upload and notice that a selection function is activated.
  5. Now you must select the two photos that you want to publish in the same story and press the option “siguiente".
  6. In the next menu you are given the option to publish each photo separately and the option layout.
  7. By selecting the Layotu option, you will notice that both photos appear each half in the same story.
  8. Then press the arrow icon that indicates to continue to be able to publish.

how to put two photos in an instagram story

Once you have followed these 7 steps, you will already have made your first story on Instagram with two photos. But you have also learned how to do it on subsequent occasions.

You have to take into account that the layout function not only lets you post two photos at the same time in a single story, since this allows you to post up to 6 photos without problem.

In addition to that you also have the option of adding the characteristics that you normally add to a story. Whether you want to add icons, stickers or some writing in the post, you can do it without problem.

Learning how to put two photos or more in an Instagram story is not difficult and as we have already told you, you can take full advantage of this Instagram function.

Put two images in one

Collage photos

Another solution is to put a single photo, although merged., which is what many also do, it should be noted that the quality will be maintained and we will not have to use the previous trick. Putting two or more images is possible, so it works for us in this case and if it is a photo that goes together, it will work for us in this situation.

Collage is a good way, adding to that the applications, both online and those that go through your phone to put everything together in one go. It is important that you do this with the two images always well positioned., from side to side, which is when they lose the least vision and not from top to bottom position.

To make a merger with our mobile application, as long as it allows it, you can perform the following steps:

  • Launch your photo editing application, depending on your model It will be called differently, in Huawei it is Petal, sometimes it is enough to open it from the gallery
  • Click on the "Edit" option and it will jump to the editor, which is the one we are going to work with
  • Select an image, then click “More” and select the collage setting To put at least two photographs in a box, select the second one and click on "Merge", you must choose from left to right and not from top to bottom
  • After this, click on the top right, where it says "Save" and click "New photo"

After having done this, you will have the image to upload to the Instagram social network, to do this you have to go to the "History" section and choose the saved image, which will be double. Rename this one with a specific name if you want, in addition to this one you can do others with the same trick and not upload two at once.

With Layout

Layout ig

It is worth noting that in addition to the aforementioned collage, the use of Layout will help us., an application integrated by Instagram itself some time ago. You have it at your disposal whenever you want, to launch it we have to do a few convenient steps, such as selecting two images.

The result is good, it is known that it can work quickly and the uploads are momentary, since we will do it from our connection and depending on the social network server. Another point to highlight is that we will not have to pull the application editing our photo if we don't want it.

If you want to use Layout and upload a collage, you must do this step by step:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device, you will almost always have it on the second page, sometimes stacked in social applications
  • Once the Instagram Stories load on the left side, you will see several options
  • Click on it, choose one of the templates and select the two images to upload to your stories, being able to host at least two or more if you want

With Adobe Photoshop Express

Another utility at your disposal is Adobe Photoshop Express, a tool that is free in the Play Store and that will not require much effort if we need to make a collage, merging it and not even seem like that. You have the multilayer option, so that the edges are not visible.

You just have to open an image, then go to the options and click on the collage setting, which is what you will mount a double image in the position you want, being able to put two or up to a total of eight if you want.

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