The best ASMR apps to sleep peacefully

ASMR applications

I remember that, as a child, I needed to listen to the radio to relax and fall asleep. But not music, just people talking about whatever it was, I didn't care exactly the same, I needed a background murmur to be able to fall asleep. Just as I used the radio in the background to relax and sleep, other people do it by listening to other types of sounds.

This relaxation technique is called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Respond), which we can translate as Autonomous sensory response of the meridians. The meridians of the body, 12 in total, are where most of the blood (Xue) and energy (Qi) of the body circulate.

If you want to try this technique to relax, then we show you the best ASMR apps for sleep.

To fully enjoy this relaxation technique it is recommended to use headphones, since, otherwise, it is not enjoyed in the same way.


asmr twitch

Twitch was born as a platform to broadcast live video games, however, as the years have passed, it has gone expanding the range of available categories.

One of these categories is ASMR, a category that has been slightly distorted by some streamers who They have infinitely sexualized this type of content without Amazon (owner of Twitch) doing anything about it.

However, this does not mean that we cannot find quality streamers, both boys and girls, who they take their work very seriously without sexualizing its content at any time.

Through this link, Can access Twitch's ASMR category. Within this category, we will find a large number of streamers who speak Spanish, but also channels that only emit sounds, without any person interrupting with their voice.

The Twitch application allows us play sound in the background, so we can use it without any problem to go to sleep without the battery suffering a lot and in the morning we have to charge it.


youtube asmr

Before becoming one of the most popular and controversial categories on Twtich, YouTube has always been the ideal platform to access this type of sounds.

In the Google video platform, we can find ASMR videos of any sound we like, we just have to do a search with the sound we like accompanied by the term ASMR.

The problem with YouTube is that unless we use third-party applications that allows us play in background Or we are premium users, using the mobile with the screen on the only thing that achieves is that in the morning we do not have a battery.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


ASMR Spotify

The queen of music streaming platform could not be absent from this compilation of ASMR applications. In Spotify we can find comprehensive ASMR playlists, lists that we can save and listen to whenever we want.

Furthermore, the recommendation algorithm, it will show us new lists and ASMR tracks as it gets to know our tastes, in a much more effective way than the YouTube algorithm does.

Best of all, the application includes a timer, which allows us to program the application to stop automatically after the time that we have previously established.

Spotify: Music und Podcasts
Spotify: Music und Podcasts
Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free

Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sound

ASMR tingles

If you are looking for an application to overcome insomnia, improve the quality of your sleep or deal with anxietyYou should give the Tingles application a try where we can find videos from more than 1500 content creators and thousands of hours of content.

The application allows us listen to videos in the background, with the device screen off and also download it to play it without internet connection.

Application incorporates a sleep timer which guarantees that you will wake up whenever you want. Plus, it offers the option of extending the timer for up to 30 minutes if you don't feel like getting out of bed yet.

Tingles ASMR is available for your download for free and includes in-app purchases to access all the content available on the platform.

ASMR Tingles - Schlafgeräusche
ASMR Tingles - Schlafgeräusche

TestEar - ASMR Meditation & Slime Simulator Game


Si Te gusta the sound that textures produce When it comes into contact with the skin, you have to try TestEar, an application that simulates more than 100 viscous textures, such as honey, yogurt, confetti among many others.

The application also allows us interact with each texture placing your fingers on the smartphone screen to produce the sound that can potentially trigger the ASMR.

The free version of the application gives you access to only a limited amount of textures and you must buy a weekly or monthly subscription to unlock all the content available on the platform.



Mindwell is not necessarily an ASMR application, it is more of an application for help us relax mentally.

This application puts at our disposal more than 350 daily meditations lasting between one and thirty minutes that combine custom solfeggio frequencies with isochronous tones to sync with your brain waves and help us achieve a state of calm.

Mindwell will help us to be more alert while we carry out daily tasks, establish emotional balance and is a perfect way to end the day, as it allows you create a playlist specialized mediation programs.

In order to enjoy all the access that Mindwell offers us, it is necessary to pay a subscription which unlocks all functions.

Mindwell: Mood & Sleep Lab
Mindwell: Mood & Sleep Lab

ASMR cut

ASMR cut

AMSR Slicing allows us cut objects made of sand. Thanks to the realistic simulation of the cutting process and the sounds that are played when cutting objects make playing this application incredibly fun.

As we level up, we collect gold and unlocking new objects to cut, making it more fun to keep playing.

The app does not improve the quality of your sleep or help you overcome anxiety or depression, but it certainly It is an excellent option to relax.

AMSR Slicing is available for your download for free, includes ads and in-app purchases to access all available content.

Developer: Crazy Labs LTD
Price: Free

ASMR Sounds

ASMR Sounds

We close this list with the best ASMR apps available for Android with ASMR Sounds, an ideal application for all those users who need to relax before going to sleep listening to sounds. This application makes more than 100 different sounds available to us.

AMSR Sounds allows us to hear sounds of flapping, pounding, massage, whispering, caressing, scissors, spray...

Unlike other applications, ASMR Sound is available for download completely free of charge, it includes ads, but no in-app purchase. Nor is it necessary to make use of any subscription.

Klingt ASMR | ASMR-Trigger on
Klingt ASMR | ASMR-Trigger on

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