Axie Infinity vs Plant vs Undead: which is better?

Axie Infinity vs. Plant vs. Undead

Axie Infinity y plant vs undead These are two games that we have talked about recently. These two games have in common be games based on NFT blockchain technology, which work with their own cryptocurrencies. These are two games that have gained great popularity in a short time and that have many aspects in common, but without a doubt they are two rivals in the market.

Being two games based on NFT, it is common for many users to Compare Axie Infinity to Plant vs Undead. Which of these two games is the best? This is one of the most common questions in this type of case, but there are many aspects to take into account when comparing these two games.

Two games to win money

Axie Infinity scholarships

One of the keys in these two games is that they are designed so that users will be able to earn money. Both in Axie Infinity and in Plant vs Undead we have to make an initial investment to be able to play, which is usually something that stops many users, because it is usually of an amount that moves in the hundreds of euros. Although the idea is that after starting to play they will be able to obtain benefits, which in some cases may be higher than a salary.

Each game presents its own systems for making money, although in Plant vs Undead we actually have four ways to be able to earn money, since in the game there are two roles that we can play and each of them offers two methods to be able to obtain profits. This means that it will give us more possibilities than Axie Infinity when it comes to making money, making it easier for any user to obtain a profit shortly after starting, regardless of the role they have chosen to play.

In addition, Plant vs Undead celebrates a multitude of competitions where you can win prizes, which usually reach large amounts. This makes the game especially attractive among those users who want to earn money playing, although it also makes us have a greater competition as more people participate. Axie Infinity is still growing in terms of users and presence, so they will probably end up reaching those levels in the future as well, but at the moment there is less competition, which can allow us to make money from the beginning or gives us a greater margin to that we learn more about the way it works.

Initial investment in each game

plant vs undead

One of the aspects to take into account in this analysis of Axie Infinity vs Plant vs Undead is the initial investment that each of the games requires. As you already know, you have to first buy the cryptocurrencies for each game in order to start playing, although in Axie Infinity we have the possibility of resorting to scholarships that will give us free access to the game. Not all users are willing to pay a large amount of money, so it is important to keep this in mind and exploring whether a scholarship is something you can get is a good idea.

If we want to start playing Axie Infinity and we have not obtained a grant that allows us free access, we will have to make an investment that it can go from 300 to 600 dollars in Ethereum, this amount is variable, because it depends on the fluctuation of the popular cryptocurrency. It is a remarkable amount of money, that not everyone has available and that undoubtedly works as a barrier to start playing.

Axie Infinity Players

Access to Plant vs Undead is noticeably cheaper than Axie Infinity. This game requires that we first buy 5 PVUs, which will be converted into LE (the currency used within the game itself). The price of a PVU usually ranges between 11 and 13 dollars normally, so we can put that the price in this case is 12 dollars, for example. If this is the case then you will have to make an initial investment of 60 dollars, which are just over 50 euros. It is certainly a much lower investment and one that makes this game more accessible to users around the world.

Keep in mind that within each game there are also additional expenses, that is, the initial investment is usually to start playing, but within the game you will have to buy from time to time to be able to advance. The advantage is that In Plant vs Undead you have spent less to start playing, so you have a little more margin if you need to make more purchases to advance, so in general it is usually cheaper.

Are Axie Infinity and Plant vs Undead profitable?

plant vs undead

One of the doubts of many users before starting to play any of these two NFT-based titles is whether they are profitable. It is a complex question to answer, because its profitability really depends on many factors and the way we play, if we play with the intention of making money while we are playing or not. These are aspects that we have to bear in mind in this regard.

The profitability of Axie Infinity or Plant vs Undead is something that depends on how you play and your investment. That is, in addition to the initial investment that we have to make to start playing, we will have to make purchases within each of these two games. In addition, it will also depend on how well you use the money in each game, how smart we are with our investments and with our actions within each of them will be something that determines their profitability. Therefore, it is something that will change significantly between users, since each one will play in a different way.

Plant vs Undead means a lower investmentSo if you play smart and make the right investments in your chosen role in the game, then you have a better chance of making money from it. Axie Infinity is a higher initial investment, but we can play smart and if we have additional Axies give someone a scholarship, which allows us to earn additional money, for example. Both have options to earn money at all times.

Game type

Another aspect that you have to consider is the format of each game. Plant vs Undead is a game where we have to be either a farmer or a gardener and our task in any case is to make the plants grow in a healthy way, planting seeds so that we can make a profit with special plants. In the case of Axie Infinity we have to breed these beasts, which we will later be able to sell to other users and earn money in this way.

Each one has to see if there is a type of game that is more interesting to them. If you have been reading information about each of these games and you know something more about each of them, then you should analyze which one do you think best suits what you want or the type of game that is more entertaining in your personal preference. Both games have large international communities and they continue to grow at a good rate in the number of users they have, so in both cases you will always have many users to interact with.

Which one allows you to earn more money?

Scholarships at Axie Infinity

When choosing between Axie Infinity and Plant vs Undead, another aspect that can be decisive is the amount of money that can be earned, something closely related to profitability that we mentioned before. The two games are intended for users to earn money, in many cases large amounts (can be thousands of euros per month). In this sense, the reality is that the two games present themselves as a good opportunity to win a lot of money.

As we have mentioned in other sections in this article, the amount of money you are going to win is something that will depend on the way you play and your investments. That is to say, those players with a good strategy and those who make smart investments will be those who can get the most out of these games and can win good amounts of money every month in them. The beginnings in both games are complicated, so it will usually take some time until you are going to be able to win money in both games, in addition to first learning more about the operation of both.

If you play properly, you will be able to win a lot of money in both Axie Infinity and Plant vs Undead. The low initial investment that we have to make today in Plan vs Undead is something that clearly helps us to make money faster, so this would be something that helps many to give this game a try. Both are pioneers in NFT-based games, as well as being the most popular that we find today around the world.

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