Bans on Twitch: everything you need to know

Bans on Twitch

Today Twitch is one of the most used social networks at the moment. But considering the number of users who spend hours on the application, it is normal that there is a lot of inappropriate behavior. In addition to witnessing many of them, we can also be victims of them, and in view of this, it is always good to know the methods to avoid these behaviors. That is why today we are going to explain how to be able to block the behaviors that Twitch does not allow and how to be able to manage whats bans on Twitch of these kinds of people.

Manage a Twitch community it may not be very easy and good moderation is always important. But there are times when it is inevitable to find ourselves faced with harassment and negative attitudes carried out by some users. For this reason, these methods will help to control all these attitudes and even more so when there are a large number of people behind them.

Types of bans on Twitch

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Today Twitch allows two types of bans or blocks: temporary and indefinite. Regarding the first, the application sends you a warning if you have violated any minor rule. But if you have already gone through several temporary suspensions, then the next time you will have to face an indefinite one.

An indefinite suspension means a permanent ban. The temporary suspension only lasts between 24 hours and 30 days, depending on the seriousness of the matter.

So that If you are banned, keep in mind that you will not be able to use Twitch or see any type of content or services. If the ban is for 30 days, your channel subscription will not be renewed until the ban ends.

Things you should not do in this app

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let's see too what are the reasons that make Twitch decide to ban or suspend an account. You will see that most of them are logical and understandable:

Hateful and Violent Behaviors: hatred related to race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender or physical is punished. Of course, threats and destructive behavior are not allowed on Twitch either. Keep this in mind and follow it to the letter since the service is very strict about it.

Hate and harassment: Nowadays harassment is very present on Twitch but also on any Internet page. Here are some of the behaviors considered harassment:

  • Bullying or insults
  • inciting someone to hurt themselves
  • Create accounts expressly to generate hate
  • Violate the limits established in any account or channel
  • Reveal sensitive information that may hurt without authorization
  • record someone against their will
  • Sharing threatening content
  • sexual intimidation against someone
  • Inciting bullying or teasing
  • Create an account while banned: If you are banned and try to access Twitch, the situation may be even more serious. And it is that the service can increase the duration of the punishment or even the indefinite suspension.
  • Identity fraud: it is intolerable that you pretend to be someone else.
  • Bot Usage: If you use these bots to increase the followers of a channel, it is a good reason to ban you on Twitch.
  • Dissemination of sexual content: If you spread sexual content, nudity or child pornography, it is also a reason for a ban. Some users use this type of content to spread across channels so that streamers get suspended for unintentionally showing this content.
  • Dintellectual property rights: There are a lot of activities in this industry like playing pirated games, playing on unauthorized servers, using copyrighted music, watching broadcasts without the permission of the creator, etc.
  • Cheating in online games: Another reason for a ban on Twitch is to use any unfair practice that gives a user more advantage.

What to do to manage bans on Twitch


As we told you at the beginning, in any situation of harassment or inappropriate attitude of a follower, you should know how to act quickly. And it is that if you do not solve the problem, it is normal for Twitch to take action on the matter and we will end up paying the price. That is why we see the options for banning users and how to manage it.

Firstly, you can select the option to ignore a person in a channel. To do this, click on their name or user card and click Ignore. In situations of harassment or negative attitudes that you should prevent, you can block any user. To do this, click on their username and select the option to block (username) on the three dots icon.

Another preventative measure is Block whispers from strangers to prevent any stranger from talking to you. It is a very good solution to prevent all kinds of harassment. Another option you have is to report a follower. You can do this if you think someone is breaking Twitch or a channel's rules. To bank me you can use categories such as Harassment or Violation of the chat ban. Here are the main reasons to report.


This feature allows you to hide unread messages in Twitch chat. In the chat settings of a channel you can change the parameters you want. For example, one of them is to detect obscene or sexual language so that any followers must face punishment.

Having moderators on your channel is really helpful to control follower chat and quickly ban users who break the rules. In this way you will be able to be aware of carrying out your broadcast while other people are in charge of controlling the followers. We advise you to give this role to people you trust and who meet some very important requirements.

To designate someone as a moderator you just have to click on the lightning icon or on their user card. You can also type in chat /mod (username) and to remove this role from them would be /unmod (username).

Automod is also a useful tool. This function is responsible for capturing natural language in addition to automatically capturing messages that pose a problem in the chat. In this way the moderators will be able to see them first and decide whether to accept or reject these messages where the alert was triggered.

Another useful tool is the bots that also carry out the function of moderation. These bots can catch spam (repeated messages), abuse of emoticons and more. If you have detected inappropriate behavior towards you or your channel, the best decision is to cut your losses and expel the user who is violating the rule.

So that during a streaming or if you are moderating the best thing you can do is ban a follower and expel him from the chat for as long as you consider appropriate. To do this you can write in the chat /timeout (username) to expel him for 10 minutes. To ban him for less than 10 minutes then type /timeout (username) (seconds).

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