The 7 best dating apps for Android

Best dating apps on Android

With the best dating apps you have on Android you are going to have the possibility of meeting that casual person, that friend to meet from time to time or with that woman who can become the mother of your children.

We are going to talk about the best applications that we have today on a mobile and that have revolutionized the way of meet new people. Especially in a world where smartphones have managed to shorten the distances and the ability to open our circle of contacts; especially those with whom we can become ends and as long as they are truthful and true in what they say. Go for it.



We start with the Queen app of dating apps from a mobile. Tinder has been chosen by many for years for having the maximum number of users and for that particularity with which it has become very famous: the gestures for "I like this one" or "I don't like this one."

It should be mentioned that each app has its audience, and the truth is that, under the experience of having used several, you can find people more akin to our tastes. It all depends on what we are looking for, and let's be serious, the most of the people who use these apps are usually for something casual without any commitment at first.

One of the problems with these apps is fake profiles. If you are going to pay and look for someone serious, do not worry about blurry photos or slightly strange profiles. Anyone looking for something serious, with whatever purpose, will always be clear with everything, so trust that you are in front of real people, because there are. You just have to have a little patience.

Of all we can almost say that Tinder is the one with the «best audience». Let's say that your platform also helps to find more serious people in what they say, although in this there was always the "I say that I am a doctor to look cool" so that later there are also many lies. Of course, prepare a good photo for your profile so that it captures attention.

The Plus part of subscription

Tinder subscription plan

What we recommend with Tinder is that try the free version and it comes with a maximum number of likes per day. That is, you will have a limited number of gestures until you reach a point that you cannot continue exploring among the thousands of users who use this app. After having used the free version, we recommend the premium version because you will have infinite likes and 5 "super stars" so that the person who receives it will have a notification in the status bar of their mobile.

In other words, if you really like a girl or a boy, giving them a superstar, they will know yes or yes. Although it is up to them if they want to start a conversation. This is a premium feature of an app that relies on location to find like-minded people.

That said about the location, a highlight of Tinder is the possibility from the premium subscription of be able to change your location So that if you go on vacation, you can go looking for people to carry on conversations and thus stay on those days.

Tinder and Cosmopolitan

Another interesting aspect of the subscription is the free Boost every week and that it will allow you to appear for 30 minutes in your area to everyone. If we take advantage of the Boost on a Friday afternoon, surely we will have a league.

We recommend that you take advantage of the boosts on Sunday, since it is the most lively day. You will ask yourself the reason for it and it is none other than Sundays are that "day after" meeting someone and you have not felt that «feeling», so the day after is the perfect one to start another chat adventure so that you can cook it for the rest of the week until next end.

Tinder Gold costs its 15 euros per month and for those who are less than 30 years old they will only have to pay their 2 euros. There is also Plus, but since we are in the process of meeting someone special, Tinder Gold is our advice. And in fact it is our preferred app to meet new friends.

Tinder: Dating, Chat, Flirt
Tinder: Dating, Chat, Flirt
Developer: tinder
Price: Free



Meetic is the best app to meet that person for a lasting relationship. Although then, at the moment of truth, we are in the same. As a friend of mine who has always looked for relationships like this said: "It was time to put on Meetic that I was only looking for serious relationships and 95% of my contacts disappear."

As a lot happens in real life, there is a lot of «sell motorcycles». And everything will be to try to stay with the girl and continue selling the motorcycle until we achieve the goal that many and many seek. In any case, it is true that a platform like Meetic makes someone who is looking for commitment more known than a «fuck buddy».

Inside Meetic App

It should be mentioned that Meetic has been around for many more years than Tinder, since it started from the desktop version, while the second has used smartphones and that GPS to be chosen by many in a matter of years.

The big difference is that you are going to be able to mark that you are interested in a committed relationship from your profile, so you will quickly make clear what you are looking for. In fact, when someone looks for people for casual encounters, you will never go out in that search, so it can come in handy for the one who has things clear and does not want to waste time.

The Meetic payment pass

Meetic payment plan

It is also true that we are talking about a contact service that is more expensive in its premium version. We are talking about 34,99 euros per month to have 6-month bonds to be at 12,99 euros, but this does not mean that you will have to pay your 77,40 euros at once. The benefit of being expensive? Well, whoever you stay with, unless you have a large checking account, is going to go as far as possible; especially speaking from the vertex of seeking compromise.

Another of the interesting aspects of Meetic are their verified profiles. It may seem silly, but we make sure that the person we meet is who they are. It will not be the first time that you come across fake profiles, especially in the rest of the apps that allow us to "play" for free and in which these profiles are found, which are usually people with commitments looking for something fast.

Meetic is a service that gets serious about these fake profiles, as they often lead to problems. Of course, count on the fact that if you go for the most requested profiles, it will cost more for them to be interested in one. The fact of entering an app like this does not mean that there is an open bar. You have to work it out, take a good photo and put something interesting that attracts attention. We are facing a digital way in which we have to be a little curious in order to see that we have some personality. Always without passing us and for this, Meetic, like Tinder, have their tools to help us.

Meetic - Amour et Rencontre
Meetic - Amour et Rencontre
Developer: Meetic
Price: To be announced



Another of the best-known apps that can be another alternative to the previous two and that are adding the most downloads around the world. LOVOO also plays with that of liking or I don't like it so I can find matches and start the conversation.

One of the LOVOO's biggest problems are fake profiles, since it is easier to find them and to be wasting time so that overnight that person disappears. There is also the problem of people looking to give sex in exchange for money, so it can be a more complicated task to find a related person, although the truth is that it receives quite a few good marks.

LOVOO app matches

Among some of the novelties compared to how it was a few years ago, this app to flirt from your mobile allows the use of Live video chat and that connects you in a video call. You already know that this leads to being presentable, so if you have woken up recently after a nap, you better know when you have to put the face on.

From the paid subscription it allows us send messages to people who use the free account, so it gives us a bit of power to quickly strike up a conversation. If we have a curious profile and then we are good at chatting, surely in days you will be able to have a couple of contacts, although you have to dedicate yourself a little to it.

LOVOO subscription

Subscription to LOVOO

LOVOO leaves us a month for 7,99 euros, a reduced price if we compare it to other alternatives such as those mentioned. If we pay monthly for LOVOO (we can also do it for a whole year for 45 euros), we can access a series of features such as:

  • Check who is visiting our profile
  • Send Icebreakers and let someone else not pay by subscribing you can enter into direct chat with us; and that is an advantage when it comes to quickly starting a conversation in this app
  • Start conversations with popular users; some that if they don't like you it will be difficult to talk to them
  • Visiting other profiles invisibly
  • Featured profile

These are some characteristics that they do not differ much from other apps, but we are going to become a regular in this dating app, we always advise you. The benefits are usually quite a lot, although it is true that in a LOVOO app if we work it out, we do not need to pay a penny to meet interesting people.

LOVOO - Dating-App & Chat-App
LOVOO - Dating-App & Chat-App



We are facing an app that differs from the rest by focus more on geolocation to find people close. That is to say, it will locate those users who are close by and it will even be able to show you those with whom you have come across.

We can better explain this app if we put ourselves in the event that we are going to a party or a concert. We launched Happn, and in real time it will tell us all those who are in less than 500 meters. This has its pros and cons. Another of its differences is that you can hit other users, but they, until they do the same action, will not know that they have been "hit" by you.

Happn app to flirt

Yes it is true that we are facing one more paid app, since to make those crushes you are going to need credit. In other words, since you don't have a good profile, you are going to have a hard time to be able to enter into conversations with others.

It is an app that it doesn't have as many people as other apps, but it can be an alternative in large cities where there may be more probabilities. As it can happen in other cities of the world where its people give them by one or another city.

happn - Local dating app
happn - Local dating app
Developer: happn
Price: Free



Another of the most used apps, but that differs from the rest by the extensive profile that you can create in your account. That is, you will be able to put all kinds of details in order to look more at hobbies, tastes, interests and those data that sometimes may interest us more than the physical of that person who can become a great friend or the woman of our life.

Flirt in POF

La POF community pulls more for those extensive profiles in which it is noted that the person has dedicated his minutes even to leave a personal letter and that he can show the background that he has as a person. There are also profiles for quick dances like other apps, but it takes more to meet a person for an appointment.

It also has its paid version, although it is not necessary, with a little patience, that you can meet other people. Like the latter, it is a perfect app for the big city, since there are a greater number of users who are looking for a contact outside their circle of friends.

It is another one that we recommend because it does not demand as much the expense in a subscription and because to look for appointments with commitment it can be ideal. Of course, curl your profile at least so they see that you have something more than muscles or that beautiful mouth.

POF Dating site
POF Dating site
Price: Free



Es of the first services which arrived around the same time as Meetic. While it could be a benefit for being an expert platform, as it has been very "burned" by many and many, it always remains in the background to meet that ideal person.

We talk about that Before the brilliance of smartphones there was already Badoo It is already very sure that you can have a colleague who entered from the web at a time when online dating was not a trend as it is now. It does not mean that it has its charm, although what has been said is an app that has been widely used and many and many put it aside before other more modern and new ones like Tinder.

Badoo app interface

Yes, it is an app that almost forces you to use the card to switch to the subscription model and use a trading strategy that when you know it, you stop using it. Still, for certain moments it can be an app to use, especially for fortuitous contacts and in which nothing is required of the other person; in other words, casual moments.

You have a large network of contacts, but many left the app at the time and neither enter. Not bad for testing, but we stayed there.

Badoo: Dating & Leute treffen
Badoo: Dating & Leute treffen
Developer: Badoo
Price: Free



We passed before an app dedicated to the contact of gay and bi boys. If there is something good in these apps that we will be able to find any type of person related to our tastes, interests or follies. And this is where an app like Grindr comes in for you to look for that person who makes your life happier. Logically, if it is dedicated to getting to know each other, it will be easier for us than the previous two; Although it does not mean that in Tinder we can also meet boys or girls who bet on those of the same sex.

Grindr is characterized by some aspects that dating apps touch from an Android mobile. Here you can view up to 600 kids on the same grid, explore more defined profiles with larger photos and even chat passing more intimate photos if that is what we are doing.

We already know that sexting is more than fashionable And these apps use it to be able to maintain several non-serious relationships at the same time; everything is after having the full schedule and the week more than crowded to enjoy all kinds of relationships.

Like Tinder, Grindr also has the option to give a star to that favorite boy that we liked because of his beard or because of that way of dressing that goes with our style.

Grindr and his XTRA


If we already want to delve into the Grindr app, it allows us for a monthly payment of this series of features such as the elimination of advertising, see up to 6 times smaller, see those who are connected, only those who have a photo in the profile, locks and unlimited favorites and even use saved phrases to speed up the chat and we can be quick to have a beer for a face to face.

Another great dating app, but what stays in the male audience and in which in a big city you are surely going to have a party for a while.

Grindr – Schwuler Chat
Grindr – Schwuler Chat
Developer: Grindr LLC
Price: Free

A great list of best dating apps and that of all we are left with Tinder. It is the freshest, most modern and its platform works very well to meet very interesting people. So now you know, to pull the card and use your plus, although do not forget others as we have said. We would come second with LOVOO.

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