These are the best decks for the Healing Terrain challenge in Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale has become one of the most popular games among users around the world. One of the keys to this Supercell title is that they introduce new challenges from time to time. So it's always up to date and there's always something new for us to take part in and rewards for us to earn. One of the most recent is the Healing Terrain challenge, as I'm sure many of you already know.

There are a number of decks available in this Healing Terrain challenge in Clash Royale. Next we are going to talk about the best decks that we can find in it. Since this is something that many players want to know: what are the best decks out there. This way you will have all the necessary information in this regard and it will help you with the challenge in question within the well-known game. We also talk about how it works and the rewards we can earn in this particular case.

This is a new challenge that has been available for a few days now in this game. So those who regularly play Clash Royale will be able to access it on their devices. As usual in one of his challenges, we find a series of free rewards available in it. In addition, the decks are possibly the most prominent element that awaits us in this challenge in the popular game. So it is important to know more about them and the usefulness or importance they will have.

in-game challenges

Clash Royale is known for leaving us with a lot of challenges throughout the year. This is something that undoubtedly makes the game much more entertaining for the users, since there are new elements in it on a regular basis. Healing Terrain is the name of this new challenge in the game. In each of the challenges in the game we can earn coins and get rewards. Although the way in which we can do this is something that will vary between them. Each has its own rules, which is important to know.

Since there are some challenges where defeats are something that can penalize us, for instance. So this is something that we must take into account in each case, because the operation or conditions are going to be different in each one and it is going to have a clear impact on the strategy that we are going to follow in it. Whether defeats penalize or not, the way in which we are going to take part in a challenge in Clash Royale is going to be different in all cases, as you can imagine. So it is essential to read the operation before participating. It will save us more than one disappointment.

Also in this Healing Field we have a particular functioning, so it is essential that we know it in advance, before taking part in it, as we have told you. Below we will talk specifically about this challenge in the Supercell game. So you will know the way it works or the rewards that await us. This is another important aspect, to see if we are really interested in participating or not.

Healing Terrain

Best Clash Royale decks

In the case of Healing Terrain in Clash Royale, we are faced with a challenge where wins are what determines the number of coins and rewards that we are going to get. In other words, defeats are not something that will penalize us, but we can earn coins based on the number of games we have won. This is something that can take some pressure off a lot of users, so it's good to know when taking part in this challenge. If you lose a game, nothing happens, it is not something that will play against you within this in-game challenge.

One of the keys to this challenge is that the cards will be healed automatically, something that can be deduced from its name. That is why it is an event that can be of great interest to players in Clash Royale. The possibility that all the cards are going to heal automatically is something that can help us when we play, so it is something that we should definitely take advantage of.

In this challenge it is also not necessary to use Healing Spirit, since in this case the battle arena itself has healing powers. Also, if what you want is for your troops to receive greater healing, the best thing to do in this case is to include the Warrior Healer, a card that will be widely used in this challenge, but that will leave us with good results every time.

For both healing terrain and elixir multipliers, It will be of interest to you to use cards with a higher elixir cost, both those with more life, and those with more damage and damage per second. It is not recommended to have too many low-life cards, such as skeletons or minions, since they are cards that are killed very quickly and once they are dead they will not be able to benefit from the healing that this interesting challenge leaves us. So it is something that you should avoid as much as possible.

Rewards in this challenge

As we mentioned, losses are not something that will affect the result of Healing Terrain in the game. Therefore, this is something that will allow you to take more risks and explore in this Clash Royale challenge. Don't be afraid to do this, because it's a great way to gain more experience, try new things, and progress through the game. It will compensate you a lot.

The reward for this challenge will be 10.000 gold coins. This is something that you are going to get if you manage to win 10 games in the time that this challenge is running in-game. So it is something that can be achieved, although the competition is going to be tough. But if you manage to win these games in this time, then this great reward will be waiting for you in your account. It is something that interests everyone, so plan your battles and games well and then you can win this reward in Clash Royale.

Best Healing Terrain decks in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Hog Riders

The decks are going to have a notable importance in Healing Terrain in Clash Royale. In order to win as soon as possible, it is essential that we go looking for these best decks that we can find. They are something that will make our lives much easier and will help us to be able to succeed in this new challenge in the Supercell game. There are several decks available, as we have mentioned, although there are a few that are really the best or those that are going to really help us to advance.

Of course, each one will have an associated elixir cost and will be better suited to various users. So it is good to keep this in mind, since there may be one that compensates you more in your case, for example. In this sense, there are three decks that we can consider the best in Healing Terrain in Clash Royale. These are the following decks:

Battle ram

This is a deck that has both a good attack and a good defense and that can be presented as a key element for us to be able to win. Offers good response against hordes, fast units and tanks that benefit from healing by requiring elixir wear on our opponents. So it is a deck with which we can generate a lot of damage to our enemies.

Golem to choose

This is essential if we want to be able to damage the towers of our enemies. In addition, the fireball will allow us to counteract a threat from our rival really quickly. In this deck we find several cards, which we will be able to throw from the back of the field to our rivals. So we're going to force our enemy at the time to be the one to make the first move. This is something that could give us a strategic advantage in many cases.


This third deck is a deck that stands out especially for its defense, so it is also something of importance in this challenge in Clash Royale. It is an essential option when it comes to defeating enemy towers. It is a deck that stands out for being versatile, with two spells and several troops to obstruct the opponent's path. One of our main defenses in this case will be the Dragon. Defense is important in the game, so it's a good deck to use in this case.

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