How to improve the quality of your Instagram Stories

instagram stories quality

The quintessential social network in which image is everything needs some skill to achieve perfection. So if your business is based on the social network of the image you need to improve the quality of your Instagram Stories, because today they matter even more than feed posts. Little by little that transition has been made since in the first years of Instagram stories mattered little and had not even been implemented. Today they are everything and you must learn to use them well.

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There is no magic method to improve the quality of your Instagram stories, but there is little tricks that together will make everything look much better. It is not something that is the fault of your Android or iOS mobile phone, it is simply that it is not an app that is native to the phone itself and therefore all that content that you are uploading goes directly to the cloud, so as you will be guessing it loses a brutal amount of quality and it looks worse. But in any case we are going to try to prevent this from happening in order to improve your Instagram profile.

How to improve the quality of your Instagram Stories?

As we tell you, there is no exact method but we can add many. Some may go through downloading an official Google app such as the native one for the camera and others for an app that prevents apps like WhatsApp or Instagram from compressing the videos you make and not reducing their size. In short, we are going to talk about all this in the lightest and fastest way so that Do not take more than 5 minutes to improve your quality of Instagram stories.

Use the native mobile phone camera

It seems silly because the truth is very obvious, but the reality is that almost everyone fails in this regard. The fact of using the mobile phone camera, the native camera app It offers you different advantages compared to uploading something taken via Instagram. That is, do not use the camera from within Instagram, use the camera, take the video or photo and then upload it to Instagram. You may think that it is silly but the reality is that the quality changes a lot. In fact, with the native camera you will be able to put it options such as HDR + if your camera has it, record the video at 60 FPS and many other options that in no case will the social network of the photos offer you.

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You may be thinking that this is somewhat tedious since then each photo or video will have higher quality, yes, but also greater weight. And that requires a large network connection and we are not to throw the data out the window. Well, as we said before, you have to use a file compressor to reduce the size of all the photos or videos you take. That way you will be able to upload the content before and spend less data if you use mobile phone data. 

In any case, the advice is that you don't worry about all this. If you want to win as stories on Instagram, take photos from the camera app and then upload them from within the Instagram app. As you have probably done many times. If you want to edit the photograph, we advise you to do it from a good editing program.

Venlow, an app that maintains all the quality in your videos


We will always have to look in other applications. It is the case of Venlow. It is a very good way to improve quality for Instagram stories. What Venlow seeks and pursues is very basic. The app is dedicated to preventing the typical known apps such as our social network in question or WhatsApp, for example, compress all the media files you send, like the videos you want to upload. In this way, it blocks their desire to reduce files that they have.

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It is a very good solution if you are an Android user. The Venlow app itself will compress the video so that the platforms think that the job is done and do not compress it. It uses its own algorithm that will optimize the compression of the multimedia file itself but without losing a single pixel of quality. An entire app of ten, really.

In case it is not clear to you how Venlow works, we are going to give you an example: choose any video that is of good quality, that is, of at least 720 pixels to compare. Now in the app you will have to click on select video (you may have it in English, in that case it would be select video). Choose that video from the phone's image gallery and click on continue. You can configure more things such as removing the audio or trimming the video to fit the screen size. Once you configure all this you will only have to finish and save the video. You can even share it from Venlow's own app.

By passing the video through Venlow the result will be much better when you upload it to your Instagram stories, we guarantee it. Simply the Instagram app detects that the video is already compromised and washes its hands. You have skipped the Instagram filter, pun intended. The only downside to Venlow is that it has a watermark, therefore you will need a pc and an editing program to remove it. It's nothing from the other world. Better that than paying, but it is up to you.

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As we said, there is no trap or cardboard in this to improve the quality of Instagram stories. You simply have to find a way to upload the video with the highest quality to the social network. There may be a thousand ways to do it, we have already taught you two. Venlow is more focused on video while the advice of the camera and its native app can be used for both. Now it is your choice.

See you in the next article Android Guías. Don't forget to comment in the comment box with any questions or suggestions.

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