My mobile calls do not come through: what to do

Activate WiFi calls

A problem that many Android users have suffered at some time is that mobile calls don't go through. On many occasions this is a problem that is accompanied by the fact that we cannot make calls ourselves. Without a doubt, it is something that prevents us from making good use of our smartphone, so this problem must be solved as soon as possible.

When mobile calls don't go through there are some solutions we can try. This type of problem can have a very varied origin, so there are different types of solutions that can be applied in this regard. In this way, we will be able to make calls go out again on our Android phone, as it happened in the past.

Is the mobile in airplane mode?

It may be the case that we have simply forgotten that airplane mode is activated on our mobile. If we have entered a meeting or a place where we did not want to receive calls, the airplane mode in Android may have been used. But when we have gone out, we have forgotten this way and the phone is still with the same asset hours later. If we have airplane mode active on an Android phone, we will not receive calls. So this would be the reason why the calls do not go out on the mobile.

This is a really quick and easy check. In the quick settings menu on Android, which we access by sliding down on the home screen, we can see if the airplane mode is active or not on the phone. If this is the case, that said mode is active, we simply have to deactivate it, so that the phone returns to its normal state. When we do this we will be able to receive and make calls normally again. If someone calls us, said call should appear on the screen.

Furthermore, it might not be just airplane mode. It may be that something as simple as having the mode without sound, that it is silent, is a reason why we have missed those calls. It may be the case that it is not that they do not go out, but that as the mobile was silent we have missed them. In that quick settings menu in Android we will be able to see if the phone is silent or not.

SIM card

Android Dual SIM

The SIM card is something that has a clear influence when making or receiving calls on Android. Therefore, if there is a problem with the phone's SIM card, it could cause calls to not go out on the mobile, or even that we cannot make any calls. In general, if there are problems with the SIM, it usually means that the phone does not detect the SIM, so we can see it on the screen. Although this does not always happen, so we have to carry out checks in this regard.

We can check if the SIM works if we put it in another free phone. If there are no problems in that mobile, then it is not the SIM. If there are also problems, it can be either the SIM or the SIM slot in our phone. Some dirt or dust may have gotten into the slot, so it needs to be cleaned. Also the SIM card can be affected by dust, so we can clean it too, to see if it will work well now or not.

Operator problems

One cause that we should not rule out is that the origin of this problem is the operator. In other words, if our operator is experiencing a breakdown, it may be impossible for us to make or receive calls at that time. This could affect precisely the area in which we are at that particular moment. So it is impossible to make calls or receive them. Luckily, it is something that we are going to be able to verify in a simple way.

In many cases on the operator's own website there is an area where faults are displayed or problems in real time. They usually ask us to enter the postal code or the name of the city and they will tell us if they are having any problems at that moment in this area. If we are informed that it is an operator problem, such as that they do not have coverage or signal at that time, we can already determine that this is the reason why calls are not going out on the mobile.

Another possible cause is that there have been problems with billing, that you have not paid an invoice, for example. If we do not pay, the operator may stop providing service to us, preventing us from making or receiving calls. This is unlikely, because the operator will inform us in any case when we have not paid an invoice, but it does not hurt. So we can make contact with them, to at least make sure that it is not a billing problem that is affecting us at that moment. If this is the case, they will tell us that we have not paid an invoice, for example.

calling app

On our Android phone we use a calling or phone app. There are many applications of this type available for Android devices, such as the Google app or the phone brand, for example. It may be the case that this problem has its origin in the phone or calls application that you are using on the mobile. A problem in this app can prevent you from receiving or making calls.

Therefore, we can check if the application works properly on the phone. Since if you notice that there are problems in its operation, it could be the reason why this happens. We can check at that time if there is any update available for this app on the Google Play Store, because in many cases updating this application will make everything work again and we will be able to make or receive calls. So it is good that you check if there is a new version of this app available.

Furthermore, if you just updated this app and it is precisely when the problems begin, it seems that this new version is the cause of this situation. If this happens to many users, it is not uncommon then that a new update will be released quickly fixing this bug in the app. Otherwise, we can always temporarily use another phone app on Android, so that we are not going to have this problem and calls go out normally.

Call forwarding

Record calls for work

Another possible reason why calls do not go through on the mobile is that we have call forwarding active on the phone. Call forwarding is a function that means that when someone calls us, the call is forwarded or sent to another phone number. People who do not want to receive calls on their personal mobile and divert them to their work mobile or vice versa use this function on a regular basis. Therefore, if you use this function, it is good to check if it is still active at that time.

This is something we are going to be able to see in the settings of the phone app on Android. In these settings there is a section that is called forwarding, where you can see if it is currently active and the phone number to which these calls are forwarded. The only thing we will have to do in this case is to deactivate this function on the device. This should make calls go out normally on our phone again.

Failure of the phone's internal antenna

Apps to record calls

In a previous section we have checked if there was a problem with the SIM, but it is not the only cause or aspect to take into account. And also It could be the internal antenna of the mobile that has failed. When the internal antenna of the mobile stops working, it is impossible to make or receive calls. It could be precisely the reason why the calls on the mobile do not go through. A damaged antenna can prevent connection to the network or there are many problems with it.

If we notice that there are several aspects that are causing problems, such as calls, coverage or connection to the network, then it can be inferred that said internal antenna is damaged or has directly stopped working. It is something that we are not going to be able to solve, so we have to take the phone to repair. An expert should analyze the device and determine if the antenna is the problem or if it is damaged.

If this is the case, the antenna will be repaired or a new one will be put on the mobile. This should allow us to make and receive calls again on Android. It is a repair that could be covered by the guarantee if the phone is less than two years old, so for some of you it will be free.

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