What to do if the news on Instagram cannot be updated


As with any application on Android, Instagram can also experience problems in its operation from time to time. A common problem is that can't update news on instagram. When this notice appears on the screen in the app, it usually means that we cannot update the feed, either the home one or in the explore section on the social network.

It is a warning that appears with some frequency in the application, probably many of you have experienced it on some occasion. What can we do when the app says that Instagram news cannot be updated? There are a number of solutions that we can currently try, which usually work well in putting an end to this problem.

Unable to update news on Instagram

When we get the message, the news on Instagram cannot be updated, it usually means that the app's main feed can't be updated. If we are trying to refresh to see if there are new posts from these accounts that we follow on the social network, the app is not able to update this section as usual. In addition, it is something that can also appear in the explore section on Instagram. If we try to refresh that section, like with the feed, to see new content, the app can't refresh it like it normally does. Then this message comes out.

This is a problem that prevents us from using the app normally. We cannot see if there is new content available on Instagram, either in the feed or in the explore section, although it is normal for it to appear in both cases. In addition, in many cases this message is kept on the screen continuously. There is something wrong with Instagram, that's for sure, so we have to find solutions to this problem. This is something that we show you below, with a series of solutions that work well when this happens to us on the social network on Android. In addition, they are simple solutions that any user with an Android phone will be able to apply.

Internet connection

Internet connection

Many of the problems that arise on Instagram are caused by a poor internet connection. If we are having connection issues or are completely offline, it is not possible to update the news feed in the app or the explore feed. It may be precisely the reason why this message appears on the screen. So we have to see if we are having Internet problems at that very moment.

This can be something as simple as open another app that needs internet connection, like Google Chrome. If this other app is working fine at the time, then it doesn't appear to be a problem with our internet connection. Everything indicates that this problem has its origin in Instagram. If switching connections (going from data to WiFi or vice versa) still happens, then this is confirmed again.

instagram is down

Instagram search

One of the main causes of problems in the social network is that their servers have gone downsomething that happens with some frequency. If the social network has gone down, it may be the reason why we get that notice that says that the news on Instagram cannot be updated. A server crash can cause the social network to stop working, totally or partially, but then the news section will not be able to be updated at any time.

How can we know if Instagram is down? We can make use of Downdetector, this link. This is a web page that informs us about a possible crash of the social network's servers in direct time. The web indicates if in the last hours there are many reports of this, in addition to being able to see a world map, to know where these problems come from. Since there are cases in which it is a regional problem, which affects a specific country or countries. So we can see if this problem is something that is also affecting us.

If on the web we see that Instagram has fallen, whether globally or in our area, there is nothing that can be done. We don't have the ability to fix the problem, so we can only wait. This is something that can take a few hours to solve, depending on the severity of the situation. The normal thing is that when this happens, Instagram has problems with some of its functions, or that the app does not work directly on Android.

Force close the app

set date instagram stories

If the app has not crashed and our Internet connection is not the reason why this warning appears, it may be a specific error in the application itself. It is not uncommon in Android, that an app suddenly has problems in its operation. The best thing in this type of situation is that we are going to force the closing of this application. After a while we can open it again and see if then this problem is no longer present in it.

This is something we can do from the settings of our Android phone. The steps we have to follow for this are:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Go to the list of all the applications installed on the mobile
  4. Find Instagram in the list and click on it.
  5. Descend to the end.
  6. Click on the button that says Force Close or Force Stop.
  7. Confirm this.

The app will completely stop on Android when this is done. This is something that helps the running app processes to stop, since this error may have its origin in some process of the Android app itself or a phone process related to the app. After a few seconds we will be able to open Instagram again on Android. We will be able to see that in many cases the app works normally again and this warning finally stops appearing.


It may be the case that this notice that says that the news cannot be updated on Instagram appears continuously on the screen, that it is not removed at any time. It could have its origin in a failure of the social network itself, which may happen to other users as well. In any case, we can check if there is any update in the Google Play Store available for Instagram at the time. Since this could end this annoying error.

Many problems with applications they end once you upgrade to a new version. Especially if this is a problem that is affecting many users in the operating system. If you have seen that more Android users are having this same problem with Instagram, then it is likely that those responsible for the social network will release an update as soon as possible and that everything will work well again.

If this error starts after updating the application on Android, there may have been some problem with this new version. As has happened before, the most normal thing is that it is not something that happens only to us. So we can wait for those responsible for Instagram to release a new version of the application for Android. If it's something that's happening massively, they're not going to take too long to do this. In many cases in a few days it will be available.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram on Android


If the app keeps showing you this warning, even after updating or force closingYou can always go one step further. Many times we have no choice but to delete an app from the phone and then reinstall it so that said error is solved. This is something that we can also do in this case with Instagram and it is possible that it will work well when it comes to solving the error. There is an effective way to do this, following these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Find Instagram in the store and enter the profile of the app.
  3. Under the name you will see that the Uninstall button appears. Click on that button.
  4. Wait for the app to be removed from the phone.
  5. When it has happened, the Install button will now appear below the name. Then click on that button.
  6. Wait for Instagram to install again on your Android mobile.
  7. Once installed, you can now open the app.
  8. Now log in to your account normally.

The most normal thing is that when you open Instagram now that notice that said that the news cannot be updated has stopped coming out. for what you will be able to use the social network normally on your phone, which is exactly what you were looking for in this case. Everything will work fine again in the app.

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