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Photocall TV is one of the best options if we want to watch TV channels for free on the computer or mobile, It is even possible to watch La Liga football matches in Spain. One of the keys to this website is that they have a huge selection of channels available, both national and international, so we are given access to a large selection of content.

There are many channels on Photocall TV, which belong to many different categories. This large selection of channels on the web can be confusing for many, who do not know how to find what they are looking for. Therefore, we tell you what categories there are and what channels are in each of them, so that it is simpler for you.

Channels on Photocall TV

Photocall Tv

As we have already mentioned on some previous occasion, the great selection of channels is the key in Photocall TV. On this website we have more than 1.000 television channels from around the world available, so we can access all kinds of content at all times. The channels can be divided in a first instance between international and national, as well as radio. These are the first groups:

  • 246 national channels
  • 390 international channels
  • 369 cable channels / other
  • 230 radio channels
  • 14 links to programming guides

It is a fairly wide selection, but we leave you below with the complete list of channels that we can see on Photocall TV, so that you can know if that channel you are looking for is available on this website, for example, because there are certain channels that we are not on it.

National channels

channels photocall tv

In this list we find the usual national channels, which we can see on TV and DTT in our home, also available on the web. From general channels, which we can see throughout the country, to regional or even local channels, so that we are given access to channels from other provinces or areas on Photocall TV in a simple way. We can divide them into these categories:

  • General channels: La 1, La 2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco and La Sexta. They are the main TV channels that we have available in Spain and that can be seen in any region of the country.
  • Autonomous channels: Telemadrid, ETB 1 and ETB 2, TV3, TVG and regional channels (cities, provinces or regions within a province). They are channels specific to each region and in this way are accessible to everyone.
  • Thematic channels: Nova, Neox, Clan, Comedy Central, Paramount, Boing, Mega…. These channels are usually dedicated to a type of content or to a very specific audience (series channels or channels focused on soap operas, for example).
  • Sports: Tododeporte, Marca TV, Gol TV, Barça TV…. These channels are dedicated to sports in general or to a football team in particular, so that you can follow the news at all times.
  • Children's channels: Kids TV, Clan, Pequería…. Channels available on Photocall TV that are aimed at the little ones.
  • Others: There are also channels dedicated to topics such as politics, tarot or religious content.

International channels

Photocall TV international channels

Photocall TV has almost 400 international channels (390 in total). These are channels from all over the world, so that we can see content from the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy or Latin American countries. This selection of channels on the platform is very wide, so we can enjoy their live broadcasts at all times in a simple way without having to search too much.

The web leaves us with main television channels in these countries, such as general channels or channels dedicated exclusively to news and current affairs. They also give us access to some cable channels, such as Canal + in France, where it is one of the most prominent cable channels. At all times we will be allowed to have access to the live broadcasts of these channels that are offered, whether they are the generalists or special channels of these countries.

In addition, in many of these channels, Photocall TV lets us choose if we want to see the broadcast of a region specifically within the country (this happens with German channels, for example) or if we want to see the children's channel, which in many cases is not shown as a separate channel on the web, but is integrated into that channel. Pressing will bring up a small contextual menu where we can choose the broadcast we want to see from the channel in question.

Other channels

If we enter the Others section in Photocall TV we find a large selection of channels. It is a series of national and international thematic channels. These are channels specifically intended for television series, sports, content on specific topics (old movies, children's channels, music, genre films, politics, adult content, decoration and fashion…). So if you were looking for international channels, but you don't want to see news, they are in this section.

These are very specific channels, which generally are oriented to a particular theme. Since we have a channel for the NBA, a channel dedicated to horror movies or another dedicated exclusively to The Simpsons, for example. So if you were looking for very specific content, then this is the section on the web where you should look for these channels. You can use the search engine directly to find it, since in this section there are again hundreds of channels available.


Photocall TV radio stations

Photocall TV does not offer only television channels, but we have also radio stations available on the web. As with television channels, we have both national and international stations available on the web. The selection of radio stations is quite wide, with 230 different stations available today. These stations that we can listen to making use of the popular website can also be divided into different categories, which helps us to find what we are looking for:

  • Information and news stations: COPE, Onda Cero, RNE, etc.
  • Sports Dials: Radio Marca, RAC 1, Radio Betis, Radio Sevilla, etc.
  • Music Stations: Dial, Los 40, Play Radio, Melody FM, Europe FM, Rock FM, etc
  • International Broadcasters: BBC Radio, VRT (Belgium), American Radios, NPO (Netherlands), NRF (France)….

In the case of international radio stations, Photocall TV offers us a lot of variety. We have the main channels of some countries, with their news and current affairs channels, for example, although there are also commercial channels. So we have stations where we can listen to music from other countries or radio programs from that country in question.

As with television channels, we have radio stations from many countries. There are stations from the United States, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, various countries in Latin America, Germany and many more. So if you are looking to listen to a specific language, you can find a good radio station that suits this.

How to watch channels on Photocall TV

Photocall TV live broadcast

Photocall TV is an option that we can access easily from our PC, although it is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, for example. When it comes to reproducing any content on this popular website, we always have to follow a series of steps. As many of you probably already know, to access the huge number of free channels that we have on this website, it is necessary to use a VPN, so that it is not registered from where we are accessing, but this will vary depending on the server so that we always have access to these contents, since this way the geographical restrictions that usually exist in this regard are avoided.

Therefore we will have to open an account in a VPN, so that we will have access to the web later. Once we have said VPN, we will only have to enter Photocall TV and move between its channels, choosing the channel we want to see at that moment. You just have to click on the logo of the channel on the web, and if we have a context menu choose if we want to see live, for example. This television channel will then open on the screen, showing what is being watched at that time live on it. If we are looking for a specific contact, it is good to have the programming in mind, with its schedules, so that you are not going to miss that content you want to see, whether it is a game or a series, for example.

With these steps we can now enjoy content on Photocall TV. The web usually offers content in 1080p normally, so we will not suffer a bad resolution when we are watching that series, football game or program that we want to see. In addition, if we are watching on the mobile or PC, we can use Cast to make these contents can be seen on our TV, since the web and its contents are compatible with this type of options. So you will be able to enjoy the content you want view easily and without having to pay money. As we have said before, Photocall TV allows us to see everything without paying money.

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