How to add a contact to WhatsApp

How to add a contact on WhatsApp

Surely something so simple how to add a contact to WhatsApp It does not involve much difficulty, but perhaps we need the fastest way to do it or the most comfortable when we have one or another Android phone.

The truth is that there are several ways to add a contact and it may be that the one that you've been using the slowest for it. So we are going to show you some of the simplest ways to add that contact and send them a message ipso facto. Go for it.

How to add a contact to WhatsApp: the way that everyone knows

Add new contact

If we go to the WhatsApp FAQ we will find this way to add a contact to the quintessential chat app:

  • We have to open WhatsApp on our mobile
  • And now is the time to go to the chats
  • We have the button to create a new chat
  • We press it and now we have the second option that appears to create a contact.

Well, this is one of the many ways we have to add a contact, but you we are going to have another one with which the experience will surely win integers and we are going to save having to create it manually.

How to add a contact through the mobile phone book

Add contact agenda

Many times it happens that you have a new contact who has called you by phone and that you did not have saved on the phone. You have just hung up and in the conversation you have made it clear that you will speak through the WhatsApp chat. Well, this is how we will:

  • From the same phone app on missed calls or last calls, we look for that phone
  • In many brands it allows us to "add contact" by clicking on it; as long as we don't make a direct call. In our case, a series of options opens and among them is the one to add contact
  • We put the name and some more data and we create it.
  • Now automatically, or we can do it manually, WhatsApp will add this new contact created

That is, we already have the contact in our phone book and therefore also in WhatsApp. Let's review it:

  • We go to WhatsApp
  • We go to the chats
  • We put the name in the search engine after hitting the button to start chat
  • If your name does not appear, the data has not yet been synchronized
  • Very simple, from the same contact window after pressing the chat, we go to the top right and press about the three vertical dots button
  • Here click and then just update
  • The contacts are synchronized and now we do have that new contact added in WhatsApp

How to add a contact from another country

If you go to add a contact from another country An important step must be taken so that WhatsApp recognizes your phone number, otherwise it will be impossible to start a conversation through this messaging app.

  • Our let's go to the phone book
  • We look for the previously added contact
  • We edit it and put it with it symbol in front + the code of your country. In our case it would be +34 for Spain

Also when we add the contact for the first time we can include already the country code and we make sure that we have it ready to be able to communicate with it through WhatsApp.

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How to add a contact that we do not have saved from WhatsApp

Add unknown contact to WhatsApp

It may happen that someone has our phone and has sent us a message on WhatsApp to contact us. That is, we will find your chat with your phone number with the message and nothing else. We do not have it saved and we want to do it in the easiest way possible to save keystrokes and time.

Well, very easy:

  • We go to the chat window of that conversation with the contact's phone number
  • In the upper right we have the icon of the three vertical dots
  • We press and we find a series of options
  • Click Add contact
  • Added we already have it in our phone book when the data is synchronized with WhatsApp
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One more trick to add contacts

Invite friends to WhatsApp

We can always invite other players from the app and put them directly into our agenda. So we will:

  • We go to WhatsApp Settings
  • And here we have it very easy, since we have the invitation at the end of everything
  • We see the button «Invite friends»
  • We follow what you put on the screen and add the contact quickly

So we can invite friends and add them directly. A series of options and ways to have those contacts in our agenda and to be able to chat immediately through one of the best chat apps that we have today.

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