How to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Go: complete guide

How to evolve eevee

Focusing on Eevee, the Pokémon characterized by an unstable genetic code, we are going to show you how to evolve this Pokémon through its different evolutions known as "Eeveelutions".

That is instead of letting the game randomly choose the evolution of Eevee, We will be the ones who can move to Flareon (fire type), Jolteon (electric type), Vaporeon (water type), Espeon (psychic type), Umbreon (sinister type), Glaceon (ice type) or Leafeon (plant type ). Let's do it with this Pokémon GO that continues to bring together thousands of players within it thanks to its augmented reality and a large amount of content.

How can you manually evolve an Eevee?


The difference between Pokémon GO and Nintendo console games is that in these we needed a series of stones to be able to achieve these evolutions. In Pokémon GO we can do it ourselves to choose the desired evolution depending on the type of fire, electric, plant, ice or more.

And if you want to know why we have this ability to be able to convert it manually or make evolutionsIt is really a tribute that was made to a chapter of the anime series where the three brothers were training to make Eevee evolve in each of their different "stages".

The first thing we should do is give our Pokémon 25 candies. So our Eevee, after using a name from the aforementioned trainers, can become whatever we want. We are going to do it with each of your interactions.

What name to give your Eevee to evolve it?


From the Pokémon GO app we are going to go to where we have our Pokémon. Click on the name and now we will have the ability to change the name. Next you are going to see the different evolutions and the names with which they are «Activated».

For example, if you want to activate the Umbreon evolution, you will have to call it Tamao. And yes, when you modify it, we recommend you restart Pokémon GO to make it effective.

  • Flareon: name it Pyro
  • Jolteon: name it Sparky
  • Vaporeon: name it Rainer
  • Espeon: name it Sakura
  • Umbreon: name it Tamao
  • Leafon: name her Linnea
  • Glaceon: name him Rea

Now We have to give him the 25 candies so that we can see the change to evolution chosen after changing the name and restarting Pokémon GO.

Now we are going to show you the characteristics of each evolution and how to evolve each one when you have already done the trick of the name by account. So that you decide one, but there really is no one that is the best, but rather because of its skills and typology.

By the way, and We repeat again, do not forget that this trick only works the first time that we change the name to our Eevee. So below we also teach you to evolve without the trick of the name.

Evolve Flareon (fire type)


We face one of the best fire-type Pokémon and, although it is true that it does not have many points of life, if we compare it to other fire types, it is more or less on par. Not that it is the best fire type, but it is more than outstanding for us to take it into account when we need a fire type Pokémon.

How to evolve it without a name

No name there is no way, so when we subdue Eevee without having walked 10km with 25 candies, the result is random.

Evolve Jolteon (electric type)


We face an Electric Pokémon that has the Absorption Ability and that allows it to absorb any type of electrical movement and heal at the same time. Another of the strongest of its kind, although right now it is not among the best, we can say that it must be taken into account. Against him is his few life points, so they can finish him off pretty quickly.

How to evolve it

Same as Vaporeon, random result and after using the name by account, there is no other

Evolve Vaporeon (water type)


Another of the Pokémon doomed to a second place when the legendary Pokémon appeared in Pokémon GO. It is characterized by its good statistics and its good attack and health ratio to make it a very interesting water type Pokémon. It is used a lot to defend gyms due to its high resistance.

How to evolve it

The third in contention and the same as Flareon and Jolteon.

Evolve Espeon (psychic type)


An evolution dedicated to attack with remarkable statsAlthough in defense and health it declines a bit, it can almost be said that we are facing one of the best evolutions of Eevee. It has important moves like Confusion and Premonition to get you competitive.

How to evolve it without a name

  • We chose Eeve as a partner and we walked with him 10km
  • With 25 or more candies we choose day or night to:
    • Espeon if we choose by day
    • Umbreon if we do it at night

Evolve Umbreon (sinister type)


Si Espeon would be dedicated to combat, with Umbreon we have a super interesting evolution for the defensive issue. Against him his few points of attack, which leads us to leave him out of the best evolutions of Eevee. If you are going to fight in the GO Fighting League, you are one of those chosen for PvP in the Super Ball League.

How to evolve it

The same as with Espeon to do the evolution at night and walk with the 10km after choosing him as a partner.

Evolve Leafeon (plant type)


It is a of the most powerful Eeve evolutions with great defense and an amazing attack for a grass-type Pokémon. If you are looking for a Pokémon to face but very well with other types of Water, Earth, Grass and Electric, it is a great and wise choice.

How to evolve it

  • We have to make sure we have a Mossy Bait Module which can be acquired with 200 Pokécoins in the shop or rewards in research missions for Lafeon

Evolve Glaceon (Ice Type)

It is one of the featured ice-type with a great attack and at the same time a good defense. Knowing how to choose where to use it you can have your thing, but it is recommended that we do not take you to competitive or forays.

How to evolve it from Eevee

We continue the same as with Leafon:

  • Ceblo Glaciar module through 200 Pokécoins in the Shop or reward in research missions

So you can evolve your Pokémon Eevee to these evolutions of various types manually and without doing almost anything. The thing changes when we have already done it once per account; and don't get lost all the Pokémon games we have for our mobile.

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