How to make beacon in Minecraft

If you are a fan of the well-known 3D block game called Minecraft but despite spending a lot of hours you still miss a few things, you are going to learn another trick here. In this case we will learn to beacon in Minecraft, that is, a beacon of light block by block and step by step. For those who are a player but do not know it yet, it is a block that is going to be in charge of giving you status effects to all those players who come within its range of action. These status effects as long as you or your friends are near the lighthouse or beacon will be undefined, but if you move far away, they will expire.

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What you are going to achieve with the beacon or lighthouse is what any lighthouse does a priori, project a beam of light. That beam of light will be seen in the form of particles and will be directed towards the sky and in turn you will be able to change the light color to your liking once you are building it. The latter, which is what interests many players when making the beacon in Minecraft, is done by changing in its construction phase between a normal glass or one tinted in the color that you want the light to be projected towards the sky.

But we are not going to go into much more detail and anything you want to know about the lighthouse or beacon in Minecraft will be explained here below. That is why we started with the recipe so that you can craft or manufacture that lighthouse also known in English as a beacon. Let's go there with it.

How can I make beacon in Minecraft also known as magic lighthouse

As you can see in the image, we are going to go directly to the crafting of the beacon in Minecraft, so as not to beat around the bush. If you are a regular player, you may already recognize its manufacturing recipe and do not have to explain anything, but if you do not know, we will explain it to you in a moment. In order to make a beacon or lighthouse in this 3d cube video game you will need 5 crystal blocks, also three obsidian blocks and to finish you will need a nether star. In other articles you will find where to find some of these materials since it is not the first about Minecraft and recipes that we make.

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To give you an idea of ​​how to make the beacon in Minecraft, you basically have to try to put different layers of blocks. The first of them should be 3 × 3 blocks, no matter what resource you use for it, and only with that layer will the magic lighthouse work. What happens is that to fully improve the magic lighthouse you will have to make a four-story pyramid as we are going to show you in this image below.

What is the rank of the magic beacon or beacon in Minecraft?

As we show you in the previous photograph of the pyramid, if you build it in such a way, you will be able to equip the beacon or magical lighthouse with an action range of 20 blocks. The two-story pyramid that you see in the previous image will have 30 action range blocks, the 3-story pyramid will have 40 action blocks and the 4-story pyramid you will get the maximum possible range is 50 blocks in the round as who says, that is, 50 blocks around the magic lighthouse.

Therefore we recommend that you save as much as you can, or farm more, that is, that you collect more resources so that the beacon or magical lighthouse you build is the best possible. In this way you will have much more range than one that has a 3 × 3 base and has 20 blocks, in fact as we have already told you before you are going to have a margin of 30 blocks of difference that it seems that it is not but it is a lot of lighting. Also since you can build it with the color you want, it is very cool to see that magic light that comes out of the beacon in purple, for example. The big one is worth waiting for and building. That or you create a 3 × 3 to test or test how it works and once you see it you go to the 50 blocks of action range. The largest in the pyramid.

Status effects granted by the magic lighthouse or beacon in Minecraft

The magic lighthouse or beacon of Minecraft, as we mentioned before, is going to give you some status effects. That is, it will give you, for example, a certain speed when walking and running, also speed when mining, resistance to attacks, that you can jump even higher and also more attack power. In addition to all this you will find a secondary power which will bring you regeneration. This secondary power will be activated when the magic lighthouse is positioned on a pyramid of four floors or layers.

Therefore and as we mentioned before, the better the magic lighthouse in terms of structure and pyramidal base, the more range of effect you will have. That is to say, that all that range of blocks that we told you earlier is going to be the radius in which the effects of having greater attack power, having greater speed when mining, jumping higher or having a certain resistance to attacks you will have it in 50 blocks around the magic lighthouse if you build the big pyramid.

We hope that this article on how to craft the beacon in Minecraft, also called magic lighthouse, has been helpful to you. If you have any doubt, question or suggestion about this article or want to know more about other crafting in Minecraft you can leave it in the comment box that you will find just below. See you in the next Android Guides article. Thanks for reading us.

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