How to install Chromecast on PC

How to connect Chromecast to PC

It's today how to install Chromecast on PC In order to use our computer as the server from which we will broadcast content through the Google dongle that we have connected to the television through its HDMI connection.

A Chromecast that can be used for play these 10 games for Chromecast: create a group of speakers to broadcast our favorite Spotify playlist. Let's do it with this option to use Chromecast on the PC.

How to connect Chromecast to PC

Google's XNUMXnd Gen Chromecast

First of all, we are not going to install Chromecast directly to the PC, even if it has HDMI output, but what we are going to do is use the same PC to use everything that Chromecast allows us to do.

Os we are going to teach how to install Chromecast, although you also have this guide to how to use chromecast which goes into more detail about these first steps that we are going to tell you about below:

  • First we have to connect any of the Chromecasts through the HDMI connection that we will have on our TV (we say some because there are several models with the latest Chromecast with Google TV)

Connect Chromecast to TV

  • Connected the Chromecast to the electrical current, now we have to go to our mobile
  • From the phone we are going to install this app called Google Home and that allows us to manage and configure all the smart devices that we have connected at home through the same WiFi or local connection
Google Home
Google Home
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • We start the app and we will see a button at the top that tells us if we want to configure Chromecast
  • If it does not appear, we can click on the side menu and select configure a new device
  • After a few moments said Chromecast will appear so that we click on accept so that it begins to be configured
  • We have to activate the GPS or location so that it automatically connects to the local WiFI network
  • And after that let's accept the code that we will see on the screen on the same mobile, we will already have Chromecast configured

How to install Chromecast on your computer

Send videostream

As we have said, we are really going to use Chromecast from the computer and this is going to open up a good amount of possibilities. What we will do is install an extension to Chrome that will allow us to broadcast local content that we have on the computer.

That is, those videos that you have in the internal storage of the PC they will be able to be broadcast to your television screen with all the comforts. Therefore, you will be able to turn your computer into a server or multimedia center from which you will be able to reproduce whatever you want on your television.

How to set up Chromecast
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We are going to use an extension called Videostream And that we also have as a program to download on the PC as well as an app for the mobile, to use it as the device that we will use as a remote control and thus broadcast the content of the PC.

We will do so for install Chromecast on PC:

  • We go to the Chrome browser. If you do not have it installed you have to do it since it is the means with which we will use the Videostream extension
  • Chrome browser: discharge
  • We search in the google search: "Videostream extension"

Videostream extension

  • Click on the first search result and click on «Add to chrome»

Add to Chrome

  • The extension will be installed and click on accept
  • We choose the Google account from which we have logged in
  • Now When we press the extension for the first time, the Videostream window will appear

video stream

  • From it we can select choose video or better configure this section to choose several folders
  • We press over cogwheel icon

media library

  • We choose "Media Library"
  • And in the next window we add the folders where we have the videos or multimedia content that we want to play from the PC to the screen of our television where we have Chromecast connected

We select media in folders

Up to this point we have the manual way apart from those folders that we have selected to broadcast the content and thus reproduce everything we want from the PC. That is, we can use the laptop to broadcast videos without the need to use the mobile. Now if we want to use it to manage the content we have on the PC. Follow below.

Use your mobile as a remote control for Chromecast on your PC

What we will do is install the Videostream app on your mobile and we will use the same as a remote control. We recommend adding folders in the previous steps in order to see the content we have and broadcast it directly to our TV screen

  • We install Videostream Chromecast: Mobile
  • We start the app and after the first two screens, we have to pair the mobile with the PC
  • Click on "Pair with my computer now"

Cast content

  • We go to the PC with Chrome open and Videostream, and a window will appear that tells us if we want to pair the mobile. So easy to identify it with the name of the mobile that we use as a remote control where we have the app installed
  • You can take a look at the videos you have on your PC through your mobile to select one and emit the content when the window appears where it allows us to choose which will be the device to emit

So can connect Chromecast to your PC and use your mobile as a remote control to control the content you broadcast or stream. Now it depends on your needs that you use only the PC or pull the mobile for the comfort that it can suppose. Especially if you don't have a laptop at hand and you have a PC with a box located in another room.

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