How to clean mobile headphones: leave them like new by following these steps

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Electronic devices require maintenance, just like other devices we have at home. Cleaning them will make you have a longer life, so it will always be necessary to dedicate a few minutes to its set-up, it is not necessary to have experience for it.

An accessory that requires cleaning over time are the headphones. If it is used daily, it picks up wax and particles around it, so you will have to clean it carefully. For this, it is best to use utensils capable of leaving them like the first day, or at least manage to keep them clean.

To clean the mobile headphones we will need a soft cloth (that does not release lint), a brush with soft bristles and some ear buds. Isopropyl alcohol is a fundamental element when it comes to leaving them without residue, all using at least one utensil.

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Use a soft bristle brush

bristle brush

When externally cleaning an element that is good and both precise is the soft bristle brush. A toothbrush is valid, use a normal type, not a hard one. This can be purchased in shopping centers, in a pharmacy or in a store near home.

Use gently in the most dirty areas, the brush can be impregnated with isopropyl alcohol, to do this do it in a normal way, not abundantly. A small container can be used to wet it when necessary and pass it through the outer area of ​​each headset.

The mobile headphones once clean have to be left to dry to reuse them, you have the option of drying them with a soft, lint-free cloth. The brush usually removes wax and particles more efficiently, not being necessary to use force at any time.

use an ear cane

ear swab

Apart from the brush, another item to consider is the ear cane, always thanks to the fact that cotton tends to trap wax and dust quickly. If it is dry, it will always cost a little more than normal, that is why it is suggested to use the same isopropyl alcohol, always in a small dose.

Because it's small, you have the option to clean all areas, including the most difficult, therefore it is also used when cleaning speakers, charging connector, in addition to other areas. The swabs usually cost a really low price, a box can range from less than 1,20 euros.

To clean mobile earphones with an ear stick, the first thing is to do it from the innermost part to the outside, always accompanied by a soft bristle brush. The stick will not be able to remove everything, so it is better to pass it after a brush or use a soft cloth.

Use a soft cloth

microfiber cloth

A soft cloth is usually very useful when cleaning the mobile headphones, at least the most visible and easy, ideal if you want to start from scratch. Moisten the cloth with isopropyl alcohol, doing it with one of the ends is enough, then pass it through each pair.

It is advisable to use a cloth that does not release lint, it is the most recommended, especially if what you want is to clean and not introduce lint. The best cloths are microfiber, remember to use a clean one to begin with, the normal ones usually leave hairs that are not favorable in the long run.

This cloth has to be soft, not at all rough or hard so as not to scratch the external part nor the internal part, if it reaches it. The soft cloth usually removes a lot of the wax if it's on the outside, the cotton swab and bristle brush will remove the hard stuff, which the cloth can't reach.

Clean the box or charging case

If you keep it in one place, it is best that you usually clean the box, cover or charging case, if it is usually out in the open air, it is best that you find a place for them. Try to make it a box where air or dust does not enter, a dry place that is usually clean at all times.

In-ear charging cases often create dust motes, dirtying the headphones in the long run, so it's appropriate to clean them. A clean cloth should be used here, use alcohol to make them as good as possible and clean so that the headphones are always intact.

Keeping the headphones clean is a sign that you care about having them like the first day, in addition, the recommendation is that they be clean against possible infections. Sony, Samsung, Google, and Apple recommend wiping them down whenever they show a bit of dirt.

Clean the tires

ear rubbers

There are many headphones that use rubber protection, they tend to pick up a lot of dirt, the recommendation is to keep each of them clean. They are usually easily removed, to remove wax, dust and particles, soap with water can be used to rinse the rubbers.

Put the two erasers in a small bowl with the water and neutral soap, then use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry each of them. It is recommended to let them dry for a few hours before starting to use them again, before the possible entry of liquid inside the headphones.

Once they dry they can be used normally., any moisture would affect the headphones, so it is recommended that they dry for several hours. Rubber bands usually come in several of the headphones on the market, but they will not always be present in all of them.

use special wipes

wet towel

A product that has been gaining strength in recent times are wipes, similar to microfiber cloth and lint-free. the wipes usually come to clean in complicated corners, but it will also do it in visible places and to which the cloth can reach.

It is best to moisten the wipes in isopropyl alcohol, do not do it abundantly, use a small bowl to moisten the tip and clean what is visible. In the second turn it will be necessary to reach complex sites, if it does not arrive, the cotton swabs and the soft bristle brush can be used.

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