How to know who sees my hidden WhatsApp status

My WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, also having the largest share of currently active users. The popular tool has been improving over time in the privacy section, being one of those that takes care of this aspect even above its interesting novelties.

The great popularity is not only because it will allow us to send text messages, you can also send images, voice notes to all contacts, send documents and many other things. The initial use of the application was to be able to contact the other person whenever it was available.

Now WhatsApp lets us update the statuses, either create them yourself or see the statuses of your contacts easily and above all quickly. You can also know who has seen your hidden WhatsApp status, one thing many of your contacts use whenever they can.

How to know who sees my WhatsApp statuses in hidden mode

WhatsApp hidden status

WhatsApp status is one of the options that we always have accessible when publishing images, videos or text that happens to have a word limit for your contacts to see. In the configuration you can see options For example, to see the status of WhatsApp without others seeing.

To find out who can see your WhatsApp statuses, you have to do the following:

  • Within the WhatsApp application already open, click on the Settings option, access the Account tab and now access Privacy Settings. Now it is your decision which contacts can see your statuses and who cannot, apart you can decide if you have been seeing their statuses
  • Once inside Privacy Settings, the settings can be adjusted depending on your needs, you can choose to decline that none of your contacts see your statuses, something that many do.

How to know who can see your WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp status hidden

Another option of the WhatsApp application is to know who can see your WhatsApp statuses, for this, like the above, you have to do the following:

  • Once you open the WhatsApp application you have three different sections: Chat, Status and Calls. The first thing you have to do is go to States and post an image, video or text message
  • When you publish a photo, select it and at the bottom it will show you an icon of an eye, once you press it you will be able to know which people have viewed your WhatsApp status

It touches to mention that probably some of your contacts may be seeing your status updates and not showing up in this list. It will depend on what the person has chosen in the privacy theme of their application, so they have hidden showing when it comes to seeing other people's states.

Privacy settings that let you know who can see the statuses


The privacy setting has some characteristics that will influence in knowing who sees your WhatsApp statuses and who you can allow to see yours or not allow it. This will benefit you if you want to protect from those who show a great interest in knowing about others.

If you decide not to show the statuses, you have to carry out the following step:

  • If you don't want to show your status to other people on WhatsApp, you have to go to the Privacy setting. Once inside go to Status and then to the option "My contacts except" and select those people who do not want to show your status

This will prevent your statuses from reaching certain people outside your environment, thus having the greatest privacy from potential snoopers, whether they are friends, acquaintances or co-workers. In this case if you want to see the different states of other people you will be able to continue doing it, especially to be informed of something in question.

Adjust so that they do not know that you see their statuses and the famous color checks

Check whatsapp

You also have a setting that will allow contacts to not know if you have seen their statuses and they will not see the well-known color checks when they write to you. It is one of the options that are interesting, especially if you want to be as anonymous as possible.

To do this go to Settings, within this option go to the first, to Account and then to Privacy, deactivate the "Read receipts" option to not show the color of the check. With this they will not know if you have read a message, but neither will you be able to send a message to any of the contacts.

WhatsApp is a fully configurable application, it will depend on you to be the safest when it comes to displaying your name when viewing the status or not if you follow the different steps.

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