How to know if a Samsung is original

original Samsung

Samsung and Apple are two of the most counterfeited brands, as they are premium brands that can sell for very high prices. If you have bought a suspicious mobile and you want to know if it is an original Samsung or a clone, then you should read this practical tutorial where we will give you some guidelines to be able to detect it. Something that, at first glance, does not seem to be very simple, but with these tricks you will be able to know in an instant if you have been scammed in the purchase or if you have an original one, whatever the model you have.

Method 1: with the specifications

original samsung

Our specs don't lie, for that reason, you can use them to compare them with those of a real model and check if they match or if there is something suspicious. And among the data you should compare are:

  • Screen size and resolution
  • SoC brand and model
  • Android version installed
  • Amount of RAM
  • Storage capacity
  • Battery(mAh)

You can see all those details from System Settings, and in the Information or About the phone section you can see all the specifications of your device. Now you only have to compare them with that of a real model that you can search on the Internet and if any of them differ, then you can be looking at a copy. But be careful, since the SoC can vary from Samsung, and it would not be a sign of copying. As you know, some mount the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and others the Samsung Exynoss.

Method 2: With Samsung Codes

Another way to verify if it is an original Samsung or a copy is as simple as going to the Calls app, go to the dial pad, and then enter one of these two codes:

  • * # 0 * #
  • * # # 32489

Once entered, click on Call as if you wanted to call that code, and that's it. If it's a Samsung, it will go into a special mode and will display system information so you can make sure if it is an original Samsung or a copy.

Method 3: Visual and Tactile Details

You can also use your senses to know if it is an original Samsung or a fake. To do this, it would suffice to take a good look at the finishes, the dimensions, the edges, the brightness, the feel of the finish, etc., and compare them with those of an original model to determine whether or not it is an original.

Method 4: intuition


Nobody gives anything awayTherefore, if a Samsung that costs, for example, €900 has been sold to you for €600, then it is probably a clone, since they do not usually offer such important discounts. It is common sense, you will see few such good offers outside of special days such as Prime Day, day without VAT, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, etc. Moreover, if the offer has reached you by email, through some ads on suspicious websites, or through social networks like Facebook, then be suspicious.

Method 5: with the IMEI number

El IMEI number it is a kind of phone identity card. No two mobile devices have the same identification code, so it can also be used to tell if it's a fake or a real one. And it is that, you cannot know the IMEI of the original Samsung terminals to compare, but you can see if the device has this 15-digit code or not, since the counterfeit ones usually lack IMEI.

To check the IMEI you can do the following:

  1. Click on the calling app.
  2. Go to the dial pad.
  3. Enter the code *#06#.
  4. Click call.
  5. It will show you the IMEI on the screen if it has it.

As I have mentioned, in case of not showing an IMEI, it is sure that you will be facing a cheap copy of an original Samsung device. If it shows up, it's not foolproof, it may be a different brand phone with IMEI that has been "tuned" to look like an original Samsung.

Method 6: New or Refurbished?

Your phone is probably an original Samsung, but it was sold to you for the price of a new one when it really is a reconditioned. This is another practice of some criminals. To know this, in this case you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Call app.
  2. Go to the call dial pad.
  3. Write the code ##786#.
  4. Then it will show you two options: View and Reset.
  5. Press View and terminal information will appear.
  6. Among the information you should locate the words “Refurbished State”. If they are present, it is a reconditioned. If they aren't, then it's a new Samsung.

You already know that the reconditioned They are not necessarily bad Nor are they going to cause problems, simply that they cannot be sold as new, since they have been repaired, returned, or have some small flaw that prevents them from being sold as new products. As you know, more and more people choose to buy refurbished because of their good prices, because they have a guarantee, and because they are in much better condition than second-hand products.

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