How to know if my WhatsApp is spying on me and how to avoid it

WhatsApp spied

When we have a new smartphone, surely one of the first applications we install is WhatsApp, and that is This messaging app is one of the most used by users around the world. We use it to communicate with friends and family on an ongoing basis.

We also use it to send gifs, photos, videos, etc. but not only do we forward the typical chains, or jokes, but we also send files of a personal nature. And if something must be taken into account is security. It is true that the green application has been greatly modernized in its security protocolsEither with encryption, two-step verification and end-to-end encryption of all conversations.

This has solved very serious holes that WhatsApp had in the past, in terms of security. But of course not everything is 100% safe and there are hackers who are always on the lookout to spy on any type of application, and Today we are going to see how to find out if we are being spied on or have been able to access our account.

Whatsapp Web

Do they spy on your WhatsApp?

We use this option often, while we work or are using the computer, either for convenience or because we do not like to see it on a larger screen. But, WhatsApp Web can be the easiest way to “hack” or spy on an account, so it can be the most used method to spy on our conversations.

The way to access our account is very simple, a hacker can access our mobile for a few seconds and be able to see the QR code necessary to access the web version. You can log in and have access to our WhatsApp at any time.

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Once logged in, you could connect whenever you want and unfortunately we do not receive any notification that you are logged in and you can view our chats with total impunity.

If you were in this situation you can realize it thanks to small details, this is so for example If you notice that messages from different chats that you have not read still appear with the double blue check, since if the spy sees it through WhatsApp Web on our mobile, the check will also appear in blue.

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If you think this may be your case, and someone may be spying on you using this method, the best you can do is Access the WhatsApp Settings tab and the WhatsApp Web / Desktop section. Here you can see the sessions that are open, and if you think that one of them is suspicious or should not be open, you just have to close it and then open only the one you need.

Once you have done this the hacker you will no longer have access to conversations and by extension you will no longer receive new messages. You will not even be able to log in again if you do not do it again with your QR code, remember to keep your mobile safe and always under observation to avoid these possible mishaps.

Also do not hesitate to use the security resources offered by the mobile either to unlock it or even to protect the applications we want, either with the fingerprint reader, facial recognition or establishing a numeric key to unlock it.

Duplicate account

How to know if my WhatsApp is spying on me and how to avoid it

This option is no longer possible, since as you know We must verify our account with a code that we receive via SMS and thus configure WhatsApp on our phone. But what happens if the mobile phone has been stolen from us long enough to get hold of our SIM card and have inserted it in another terminal to install the application on that other mobile?

Well, even for a short time, If you manage to configure WhatsApp and we have the backup copies activated, you can restore them in that terminal, with the consequent access to the conversations that are restored thanks to that backup, whether of a month, a week or the day before.

Taking into account that this action is quite complicated, the first symptom by which we will realize is that WhatsApp will no longer be operational on our usual phone, and We will get a message that will tell us that "this phone could not be verified because that number has been registered on another device."

This is so, because it is only allowed to open the WhatsApp application linked to a phone number on a single device. And so we will know that they have activated our WhatsApp account on another mobile, something very petty for the person who did it.

So quickly You must click on the "Verify" option and recover your account as soon as possible. If something like this happens to you, you know what to do, and enable Two-Step Verification in the WhatsApp Settings, as this will prevent them from accessing your conversations even if your SIM card is stolen.

Trojans or Spyware

How to know if my WhatsApp is spying on me and how to avoid it

This option is one of the most complicated, but it is possible to carry out by hackers with sufficient knowledge.

There are different applications that can be installed on your Android or iPhone device and can show all WhatsApp conversations to another person remotely. They are the famous spy apps and this can affect even with WhatsApp Web.

For them, it is necessary for the hacker to have physical access to your smartphone, although it will take more time than the case we discussed above, since they have to install that software.

On the other hand, In the case of iOS, some of these applications require being able to access the iCloud account and that the cloud backups are activated, since that is where the information from your backup copies is collected, so everything is more complicated, but not impossible.

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If they get it may have access, through these Trojans, to our WhatsApp conversations, calls, photos, even to what we write on the keyboard, all that information would reach the terminal in which it had been configured.

Know that Even with a file of the GIF type, or a short video, a Trojan can sneak in, since it can harbor malicious software that gives it access to our WhatsApp account or to the phone in its entirety. You do not have to go far to remember as they did with the phone of the owner of the giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

On the other hand dYou must control the applications that you install on your terminal, and the permissions that you grant them, since you decide what access you give to the installed apps, such as to storage, calls, photos, camera, etc. So if you see any suspicious or restrict its permissions or uninstall it directly.

To avoid all these possible attacks you must be very careful, do not expose your smartphone excessively when you use the WhatsApp app, Another issue is to have it updated to its latest version as it offers greater security.

And if you still think that they continue to spy on your phone, the best way to solve it is to do a factory reset and configure it as if it were new.

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