How to know if I have been blocked on Facebook Messenger

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If you use social networks frequently, you will be able to make many friends, many of them only known through them. Depending on whether there is contact or not, many get tired of the publications that we generate and end up blocking for some reason or reason.

One of the many networks used in recent times is Facebook Messenger, for many it is the private one of Mark Zuckerberg's network. We are going to explain how to know if I have been blocked on Facebook Messenger, essential if you want to finally meet those people with whom you now have no direct connection.

Facebook and Messenger are two different applications, on the phone you will have to download both separately even though they are from the same company. Messenger will be part of the private conversations with those people added as contacts, although a message can also be sent to those not added.

How to know if you have been blocked in Messenger through the app

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One of the first guidelines to carry out will be to look for the person we want to talk to, the one you suspect of having blocked you. Do it through the search engine at the top, if it shows you the message "This person is not available on Messenger" the contact may have blocked you.

It is not the only cause, the person may have decided to cancel their account For some reason, it can be temporarily deactivated and then reactivated when desired. Many are those who decide to close it for wanting to take time out of social networks.

The best thing in this type of case is to check from another account if the profile is found, if it is, the person has decided to have a reason to do so. It is best to try to talk to her in a different way to explain what is happening, dialogue is essential to fix it.

One option is to search for the person's URL directlyTo find it, it is best to know the complete permalink to find it. Using it will make it possible to know if the person has decided to take a specific action, by discarding step by step that it is a blockage.

The clean URL would be the following to give an example clear to load it: (sample URL, not real).

Blocking both Facebook and Messenger

Facebook blocking

If he has blocked you, he will do so in general, both from Facebook and the Messenger application, since once done you will not be able to talk to her. Unless you get unblocked, you will not be able to have direct contact in the second one, since it is the private way to start a conversation.

If you have a recent chat with the person it is best to try to send a message, if you do not receive a response, the messages will probably not arrive. A "Sent" symbol will be displayed, although it will not show the checks of the person's profile icon, since it has to proceed to unlock you if it wants to read it as usual.

How to find out with the Facebook page

Facebook search

If you do not use the Facebook Messenger application, it is best to do this process from the official page of the social network, it is another option of not having it installed. It will show you the environment just like the phone does, but all in a bigger way and giving the same characteristics.

The login is usually loaded by default, if this does not happen you have to remember it with the account email and password at the bottom. This service was created to not be highly dependent on the application from the phone and separate it from the official website of the social network.

If it shows you the message “This person is not available in Messenger ”, either you have blocked us or you may have decided to unsubscribe. The best thing is that a family member or friend looks for it on the Facebook network and thereby discards one of the two things, taking one of the two options for granted.

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Check if you have been blocked

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One of the formulas to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger It is to reopen the conversation with her and to tie up the dots. It is essential to have the application installed if you have an Android device, but the web alternative is another option if you see that you do not have enough space.

The steps to follow are the following to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger:

  • Connect to the Facebook Messenger application on your device
  • Open the conversation with the person you suspect has blocked you
  • The first clue is to verify the last connection time, not showing it is one more clue, apart from using the search engine again to see if it is still on the social network
  • The second clue is to send a messageIf the person does not receive it and receives the message "You cannot reply to this conversation", that person has decided for some reason to block you

Try an alternate account

Facebook at

If you have completed all the steps, the last alternative is to use an alternative account to try to talk to the person and ask for explanations of the blockade on Facebook Messenger. Creating a new account requires a new email, plus a phone number.

It is necessary to start from scratch, and then once created, login and use the application again to see if the person has an active profile on Facebook. If you are present, you can assume that you have been blocked on Facebook and Messenger, so you do not have the possibility to contact the previous account.

What you cannot do if you have been blocked

Besides not being able to talk to her, you won't be able to tag her either By not being in your contact list, you can no longer invite her to groups or events, among others. This happens when you have been blocked by Facebook, in Messenger you will not be able to start a conversation at any time.

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