How to connect the mobile to the projector by cable or WiFi

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Projectors have been a great alternative over time when making presentations by students and workers. With the launch of portable projectors, being able to transport it from here to there has made it an option over the projector intended to be placed on a table.

The mobile phone becomes an essential tool when it comes to interacting with any device, including a projector. Users have the option of being able to connect the mobile to the projector, the connection is plug and play, using the different options available, which today are not few.

To connect the mobile to the projector, it can be done through cable, but another option available is using the WiFi connection, also known as Wireless. It is a comfortable way, especially since you do not have to connect any cables, everything will be done through a wireless signal.

Connect mobile to PC via Wi-Fi
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What connections will I need?


The connection between mobile phone and projector It will depend largely on the compatibility characteristics that the two will have. The projectors usually vary the type of connection depending on the model, not all of them are going to be Wireless, although they do sometimes have a USB port.

To confirm the connection of that particular projector, it is best to have the specifications at hand, with the manual it will be more than enough. In the different going to show the connections we have to connect the mobile to the projector, so you have to see and consider how you are going to do it before anything else.

Apart from the USB port, the projectors have HDMI, which in turn uses an HML adapter to connect with the mobile phone directly. This cable can be found on various sites, including eBay, Amazon, as well as others that sell cables of this type for a few euros.

Connect the mobile to the projector by cable


When connecting the phone we need an MHL adapter (Mobile High-definition Link), this is affordable, the price may vary depending on where you buy it. On the Internet, these cables can cost between 7 to 10 euros, being used to connect the mobile device to the projector.

The first models to be compatible with this connection were Samsung projectors, although today there are many brands that have been incorporating it. The first thing before starting to connect the smartphone with the projector is to verify the connections, both of one and the other.

To connect the mobile to the projector, do the following:

  • The first thing is to turn off the projector to start from scratch
  • Once you have turned it off, connect the HML cable of the connection that it has at one end and the other, one will go to the phone and the other to the projector (USB, RCA or HDMI)
  • Turn on the projector once you have connected the two ports
  • The image that appears on the mobile phone will be the one emitted by the projector, either on the wall or on the television if you have connected it via cable
  • If the image is not output, You should look in the “Settings” of the phone for the option that allows you to enable the video output, specifically located in the screen settings

Depending on the connection it will have an output quality, if you use an HDMI connector it is usually around 720p (HD), also known as High Definition. This quality will go up or down depending on the device and cable, rather the last two, always try to opt for the HML-HDMI.

Connecting the mobile to the projector by wireless method

epson wifi

The connection process will depend on the model you have of projector, although it is similar in all of them through a mobile phone. Currently there are quite a few models that have a Wireless connection to connect to devices, be it a phone or a tablet, and be able to play the content without using a cable.

If not natively supported, an adapter can be purchased separately to make the connection, for this you have to make a small outlay. Miracast is a manufacturer that is committed to giving the user a fast connection device, serving the mobile as a player terminal.

To connect the mobile to the projector via WiFi, Do the following:

  • The first thing is to check if the manufacturer provides an application to connect both devices by WiFi quickly
  • Epson, for example, has iProjection that allows you to hook up to several phones and control the projector, Benq provides QCast, Samsung has its own app to use it, it can be downloaded from the Play Store
  • The steps to follow are as follows: open the projector application, remember to have the WiFi connection on and with it the projector, you have it in device settings (projector)
  • The pairing will be done once you open the official application of the projector, which will tell you if you want to connect to the specific projector

The applications usually have an approximate weight of 10-20 megabytes, it will depend on each manufacturer that uploads it to the Android application store. The apps are compatible with Apple phones, for this you have to search for the tool in the App Store, otherwise another option is to search for it on the official page.

Where to buy the MHL cable?


These cables are usually found through specialized pages, one of them is Amazon, which sells all types at prices that will vary depending on the manufacturer. The indicative price of these cables ranges from 7 to 20 euros, and will also depend on the length of the cable.

This is going to have a USB-C input that will go to the phone, while the HDMI will go one end to an HDMI cable with another outlet of the same type. These are usually hooked up to televisions if you have a receiver, so if you don't have one you will have to purchase a separate cable.

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Adapters also work with Apple computers, the previous ones, which will go from 2016 to 2018, while the Thunderbolt connection is another option if you have a PC from the Cupertino firm. The adapter will work once all the connections are plugged in, one going to the phone and the other to the projector.

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