Online applications to convert photos into comics

Best online photo to comic apps

Our web apps or online applications can also help us to convert photos in comic. The truth is that there are endless of them and their best feature is that it does not matter from the device we are working with, we will always have them available from the network of networks.

Ya be it an Android mobile, a PC with Windows 10 or an iPhone with iOS, we can always visit them to enjoy some of the features for which many are becoming essential for many users; they are even capable of replacing substantive design tools. We go with those online apps with which to turn our photos into comics.

Let use the same model so you can see some of the effects more curious of comics that you will be able to use with the different online applications that you will find in this list made from Android Guides.



This web app or online application is characterized by allow you to enjoy a program that we can download to our computer, or to go directly to load that image that we will later convert into a cartoon or comic picture.

Although it is a web app with a lot of advertisingAt least it is from its own program and it does not invade us with other types of advertisements, when we have uploaded the image we will go to interface mode where we will be able to apply a single filter in order to demonstrate the program that you could acquire. As a quick fix, it's not bad at all. Of course, beware of invasive advertising, since a bad click can result in going to another website; and this is not the intention for which we have come to this website.

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Cartoon photo with BeFunky


With this web app we are going to be faced with an entire interface that it will allow us to apply different filters and retouch at certain times. Going to its link where we can upload an image, we will have before us all the filters that we can apply, but we will have to go through their monthly subscription in order to download the image obtained to our computer or transfer it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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It does have high quality filters, but that subscription can throw back the most painted. At least they let you see how it looks and thus decide whether to pay or not. In any case, it would not be bad if they could use a free filter to motivate its use and not leave everything paid, since you are disappointed when you find out what the roll is about.

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Picture to People

Picture to People

Another online app a little scarce of resources, but it does fulfill the goal of turning an image into a comic for free. Of course, do not expect wonders, since it does everything in a rather simple way. And yes, it has advertising on the web, so be careful not to click here or there or you can see yourself outside trying to return to your photo transformed into a comic.

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cartoon pho to

Another website in which to turn a photo into a comic type and that is characterized again by the greatest of simplicity. Nothing to highlight, but yes it is free and its effect is not bad. Full of advertising, you know our recommendation, do not touch more than necessary and hit "span style" to load the photo and automatically apply the desired comic effect.

You have an option to make face morphin, so depending on the style of the photography, we recommend that you try it to see if you are interested in giving it a greater effect, since the photograph converted into a comic may lose detail.

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Photo - Kako: one of the best

Kako Photo

With an interface from the time when this Internet started, this online application we can almost say that it is one of the best. Don't let that interface back you down, which is almost an attack on your sight and user experience. On the left side we have the button that interests us and that is none other than "select file". We select it and it automatically takes care of applying the first comic-like effect. Just the best on this entire list.

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On the left side, in the panel, we have a series of panels that will allow us to retouch suitably our image to make it even more comic. Again we are facing an interface from the last century, but using it well will allow us to save the euros that other online applications ask us to convert photos into comics. A little patience and knowing how to use it, you will see that it is good.

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Kuso Cartoon

Kuso Cartoon

Another simplona website in which we can upload for free the image and then convert it. You must select it, type a tag or name and then convert to cartoon. After the announcement (click on the blue link), we will have the variations of cartoon photos transformed.

We have the final result in a large size and then on the left in the panel some options to retouch such as the style, color, saturation, brightness, line and shadow. If we modify any of these values, give "cartoonize" again so that they apply and thus try until you find a more than worthy result. Everything is free, so you can't ask for more from this online application.

We recommend that you play with "shadow" and a value of 2 or 3 To find the best result, although with a 9 as well, and depending on the photo, you can find more than interesting results.

Luna Pic: the best, yes


El best comic effect for a photo we can do it from this online website called Luna Pic. We simply have to upload our image and it will upload it to transform it at once without having to do anything. The result, compared to the rest of this list, is more than interesting and will allow us to hesitate from that transformed comic picture.

The best is that has a whole free online editor that will allow us to retouch the image given as a result. If you want to waste a little time, you have the filters, that toolbar and a huge list of effects to get the most out of that image that has already been perfectly transformed.

Yes we I wish it had a better interface, since it is difficult to find an online application that is modern in this sense. It seems that they do not want to work hard or that they do not want to crash the server with a web app that consumes too many resources or makes many connections that require more hosting per month.

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In short, a series of online applications to convert a photograph into a comic and thus leave your colleagues or family enchanted with that photographic retouch. I said, we would like there to be more quality, but for now it is what there is. If you know any more cool, use the comments to learn about it and we will add it here when we can.

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