How much does it cost to send a mobile by post? all about rates and shipping

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When sending a package, a trusted company is always used, thus depositing that the product reaches its destination in the best way. A company that has been operating in Spain for years and is called a leader when it comes to delivering letters and packages, this is none other than Correos.

Imagine having to make a shipment to a point in Spain, everything happens by knowing first by providing the information, the recipient and the sender (in this case us). The price of each package will be different, Whether by volume and especially by weight, it is not the same to send a small product to a heavier one.

But how much does it cost to send a mobile phone by Correos? To that and other questions we will answer you directly in case you want to make one or more shipments. The company usually has a fixed price for the weight of each shipment, and it also has a cost for the box in case you need to envalidate it.

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What is Correos?

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The Correos group is a public company of the Government of Spain, although it conforms to the private legal order. It is one of the most important companies in Spain along with Once. This company is one of the oldest in Spain, with more than 53.000 employees, all distributed throughout the country.

With a large number of millions of shipments throughout the year, it has been expanding horizons, in addition to betting on the launch of ecological products. Correos España has also been innovating and has a large fleet of vehicles for distribution throughout the country.

Customers are increasing, betting on a company that is constantly evolving, in addition to opening new offices in the cities and modernizing everything. Correos expects to continue growing throughout 2022, the year in which the infrastructure will become larger, all with a better balance.

How much does it cost to send a package of one kilo?

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The average price of a shipment of a package of one kilo is around 11 euros within the peninsula and Andorra, up to 37 euros for packages of more than 5 kilos. The price will vary proportionally depending on the type of package, which can be light, standard or premium.

You can check each of the prices broken down by weight, destination and type of package at page of Correos Spain. Each of the breakdowns is placed in a PDF, where each of the weights is marked, which ranges from 20 grams for normal letters, as well as packages of a lot of kilograms.

The rates change with respect to each of the sites, if you do it within the peninsula or outside it, you can consult the map, in addition to the destinations through the Post Office page. Everything is specified, including the packages if you needed to choose one to send a mobile phone or something much larger.

Prepare the phone before shipping

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Before sending a mobile by Correos, it is best to prepare it on our own, there have been many people who reported that the device arrived with a broken screen. The company is not responsible for how the terminal arrives, so the packaging is important.

In this case, it is best to use a padded envelope, which has bubbles inside, this will ensure that it is protected throughout the trip, since it becomes one more package of many. In addition to the mobile box, it is advisable to acquire a sufficiently large envelope of this type.

This type of envelope has an indicative price of between 2-3 euros, the protection is considerably greater, always reaching the destination in the best possible way. Faced with so many envelopes, delivery men have a lot of deliveries and are often weighed down, but the same goes for so many other envelopes.

Another option is to use bubbles to wrap it before putting it in the envelope, it is usually protected if it is packed before going to the envelope in question. You can use duct tape, even a stronger one so that it does not exert greater force, although the former is recommended as it is easier to remove.

Take photos before shipping

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A test is important, so before packing it and take it to a post office, it is best to take as many photos as you can. Do it before and after packing it, so that there is proof that it is a device and that it is in the best way so that it does not suffer during the trip.

If you have a warranty, attach it so that the same device can be replaced, also ask if there is any option to cover the damage, whenever there is a chance. Correos usually makes a lot of shipments, but you can always do premium shipping if it's considered a mid-high-end phone.

Take a picture with the camera from another phone, make sure you have done it and always have it with you in case you want to prove that everything was correct before sending it. Mobile phones are usually very fine products, any blow during the trip can cause it to suffer some inconvenience for its use.

Use a tracking code for shipping

Correos España at the time of shipment can give you a tracking number, this code will be given to you on a sheet of paper, here you can see the place you are going and arrival at the destination. It can be used both by the sender and the person who receives it, to confirm the delay of the package.

The company gives it in almost all package shipments, the plan you choose usually has it, especially if you send a device with these characteristics. Always check the sheet they give you so you can see if it arrives on the approximate date they give you, which is usually between 24 to 48 hours, although you have the normal shipment that arrives in a few days.

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