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Brawl Stars

Many games on mobile devices are a success on small screens, but thanks to emulators we can play with a higher resolution on the computer. There are many people who currently use emulatorsAmong them the most famous are BlueStacks, MEmu, KO Player, BlissOS or PrimeOS, among others.

Millions of people are already enjoying various titles such as Among Us, Garena Free Fire, Stumble Guys or Call of Duty Mobile, quite popular games. One of those that can also be played is Brawl Stars, a multiplayer of 3v3 battles and survival mode that you can play with your family or friends.

Brawl Stars can now be downloaded for PC with BlueStacks, it is quite easy to do it, either by downloading the emulator or in a faster way if you download the emulator together with the title. At the moment it is the only formula to be able to play this popular video game from the developer SuperCell.

What is BlueStacks?

Brawl Star game

BlueStacks is one of the most used emulators today, since it has a community of more than 300 million users who use it almost daily. The platform is really simple, just install it, configure a few things and start playing any Android title.

With the fourth version of BlueStacks, numerous errors have been corrected, it also offers us a better resolution and quite improved menus. BlueStacks 4 takes a step forward to the previous known version, in addition to having solved bugs that have been reported by some of the users.

The best to enjoy those video games on a higher resolution screen, as well as following the games where they were going with your Google Play Store account. Everything happens to install, start with your email and password, then download the titles you have on your smartphone and continue through the map, phase or start a new game if it is Among Us or another.

System requirements for BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks 4

It is necessary to have a mid-high-end computer to run BlueStacks, is a software that requires a mid-range processor, RAM and average graphics. The emulator will need more than 4 GB of RAM and an average graphics card.

Minimum requirements

  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • RAM memory: You must have at least 4 GB of RAM, if you have more it will run without any problem
  • Hard disk: 5 GB of free disk space or more for installation
  • Graphics card: Updated graphics drivers, either from the Nvidia card or from ATI
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Broadband or cable Internet connection

Recommended requirements

  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core or higher
  • RAM memory: 8 GB or more RAM memory
  • Hard disk: 10 GB or more
  • Graphics card: Intel / Nvidia / ATI with a PassMark score of 750 or higher
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Cable Internet connection above 10 Mbps

How to install BlueStacks on Windows

BlueStacks 4

The first thing is to meet the minimum requirements to install it and make it work, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM will be enough onwards. In our case to install it and everything works perfectly We have used it on a computer with 8 GB of RAM and Windows 10 as the operating system.

The first thing is to access the Official Site from BlueStacks to download the latest version From this well-known emulator, we download the installer and run the application. This will take a few minutes for everything to install correctly and run perfectly.

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Once installed, it will ask us to log in to the BlueStacks emulator, for this use the Gmail account that you usually use frequently, you can use the one you use in the Play Store. Associating the account is vital if you want to download games and follow the progress of those games left in all of them.

Configure BlueStacks 4 for PC


You may need to configure BlueStacks 4 in order to play Brawl Stars, but the configuration is going to be minimal as it comes by default, perfect for gaming. Among the parameters are to display it in HD resolution, Full HD or the maximum that is QHD at 1440p.

To configure it we have to have BlueStacks open, then go to Preferences and then access the System tab, from here the settings become important depending on the need of each one. The minimum is to use it in 720p, although it is advisable to see it perfectly is Full HD.

Recommended configuration:

  • Display: Full HD
  • X
  • CPU cores: It will depend on your processor
  • Advanced Graphics Mode: Automatic

Download Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars BlueStacks

Brawl Stars can be downloaded in two waysOne of them is to download it from the emulator once opened, the other is to do it together. There is no recommendation, but it is appropriate that you use any of them, since it will work perfectly on any medium-high computer.

Emulator + Brawl Stars

If you want to download BlueStacks 4 with Brawl Stars you can do it from this link, the emulator installer will start and it will do so by downloading the SuperCell title. It is probably one of the fastest and safest options, since it will do it automatically once you install the application.

The game will be configured automaticallyFor this, it is important to choose the Gmail account, associate it with the installation and wait a few minutes for its subsequent installation. You can open BlueStacks 4 and once started choose the game, in this case Brawl Stars.

The configuration should be the aforementioned, Full HD, cores depending on your CPU (take a look at the manufacturer's page) and advanced graphics mode in automatic. Once this step is done, start playing as normal with the best graphics option.

Download Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Android

The essential thing if you want to be able to search for games is sync Gmail account with Play Store within BlueStacksOnce you have registered on the platform, everything will be operational. We will have access to all those titles within the Google store, there are many video games available.

To start a search, first open BlueStacks, and to access the Play Store, start the store application and wait for everything to load. Now in the magnifying glass where it says «Search applications and games» put the name of Brawl Stars and wait for it to find it, then click on it and click Download.

Once installed you can start it to be able to enjoy it on your computerIf you have previous games, you will be able to continue wherever you went. Each advance will be saved as it happens with your mobile phone, so remember to advance and do not fear to believe that you are going to lose that information.

Handling Brawl Stars with the keyboard

Brawl star game

Another of the many options is to be able to configure the game keys, in Brawl Stars The same will happen, although by default handling the same happens to know the ones that come by default. On the keyboard, there are four that will move the character, move from one point to another on the battlefield and carry out attacks:

  • General controls: A, S, W and D
  • Move the character from one point to another: Cursor
  • Execute attacks: To execute attacks you have to hold the button and drag to the target you want to attack at that moment, once you release it it will attack automatically, be it a throw, shot, punch or one of the many skills available

Failed to download or install, possible solutions

bug brawl stars

If you get an error when downloading or installing another of the solutions, it is that you get to try the download from another platform, among them are Aptoide and Uptodown. The first one allows us to download any application or video game from the Android platform.

Uptodown is another of the quintessential portals to find and download whatever app or title you're looking for, even Brawl Stars. The Malaga download portal has gained a niche over time, surpassing others such as the now mythical Softonic.

If you are at 99% when downloading the game, it is possible that a download within the store is failing, it is best to close and start the application again. It is advisable to restart if you see that there are several failuresAmong them is always the download of certain video games.

Multiplayer available

Brawl Stars Gems

One of the important features of Brawl Stars is being able to play multiplayer with people from any corner of the world, fight against people with lower level or with masters of this game. Brawl Stars has been getting very experienced people over time, such is the level that there are many who give advice on official YouTube channels.

Your level will depend on what has been played up to that moment, since Brawl Stars gives you experience over time and there are many who use different attacks in games. The essential thing is to learn the basic handling before starting to play on PC to this title.

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