These are the differences between a tablet and an iPad

tablet vs ipad

The tablet market has been growing at a good pace in recent years. Although we do not have as many options as in phones, there is a good variety of models in this segment. On the one hand we have Android tablets, just as we have Apple iPads. Many consider them to be the same, but there is a difference between a tablet and an iPad.

We will talk more about this topic below. In this way you will be able to know more about these differences, because although they have many elements in common, is there any difference between tablet and ipad. This will help you to know more about the two devices, what they have to offer and to know which may be the best option for you when buying one. We tell you what are the main differences that we find between these two types of devices.

tablet vs ipad

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Tablets are devices similar to a mobile phone, although with a larger size. Many consider both tablets and iPads to be a kind of laptop. The term tablet computer is something that is also used in many markets, especially to define the Apple iPad. So there are ways in which these devices are going to be described in the market. If you see any of these terms, you already know what they mean.

Both the tablet and the iPad are devices with only one screen, there is no keyboard. Some models have some physical buttons, like a Home button, for example. Both can be used for many purposes, whether it is to study, work, browse, play, watch content on streaming platforms or view photos. Apps can be downloaded to the devices from their respective stores, many of the same apps that are already used on mobile phones.

There are a lot of accessories available for tablets, also for iPads. From styluses to keyboards, allowing a more varied or better use of devices. Since if you are looking to use it for work, being able to add a keyboard makes it almost like a computer, so you can use it more productively at all times.

Operating System


One difference between the tablet and the iPad is the operating system they use. As you know, iPads are devices that Apple launches on the market and therefore use the company's own operating system. For many years, these iPads have used iOS as their operating system, the same one used in iPhones. Although a couple of years ago iPadOS was released. This is the new operating system, which is a version of iOS that is tailored more specifically for devices. Therefore, new functions and apps are incorporated in this case, which will allow you to get the most out of it.

In the case of tablets, Android is the main operating system that we find ourselves in the same The specific version of Android is something that will vary between models, since each brand launches different tablets on the market and they do not always use the most recent version. At least not at the same speed that phones do. High-end models on Android use the latest versions, while others may use older versions, but this helps make them much lower in price, for example.

In addition, each brand applies its layer of customization to each tablet. So depending on the model we can have some different functions or apps in it. This is another aspect to take into account in this regard. Since there are brands that present tablets that are more oriented to work, for example, and have functions, apps or accessories that make it give better performance in that aspect.


One big difference between the tablet and the iPad is the price. Android tablets leave us with a huge variety of brands and models, with options in all ranges or market segments. So we meet models that can cost less than 100 euros in some cases in the most modest range and the most advanced tablets are at prices that easily exceed 800 and even 900 euros. So there is a very wide price range. So users with all kinds of budgets will be able to buy or find a tablet that fits their budget. This is one of the main differences or advantages in Android tablets.

The iPad are models that are generally located in a higher segment in the market. Depending on the model chosen, the price easily exceeds 600 euros and the iPad Pro, the most advanced in the Apple range, It has a price that exceeds 1.000 euros, for instance. So these are devices that focus on a higher market segment, for users who pay more money to have this operating system or its features.

Apple leaves us with a normal iPad, the iPad Pro and the iPad Air (usually the cheapest). These are devices that in many cases are aimed at a user who wants to use them for work, as well as for leisure. While in many of the Android tablets, users are looking for a tablet to hang out, to take on vacation or view content on it. There are models that are aimed at professional use, but they are the most expensive within the selection of Android tablets.


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This is a main difference between the tablet and the iPad, although it depends a lot on the model. Apple is a brand that guarantees several years of updates to its devices, typically up to five years of support. So you're going to get both OS and security updates during this period. This allows this model to be used for a longer period of time, something that could justify its high price in many cases.

Android tablets are supported by most of the cases, although this is something that will depend largely on the brand of said tablet and the segment to which it belongs. In other words, brands like Samsung give up to three years of support for many of their tablets, especially the most advanced models in their catalog. But models within the low range, especially those cheap tablets from little-known brands, do not usually get updates or arrive much later than expected or desired.

So support is not a guarantee for all users with an Android tablet. Although these differences between brands and models is something remarkable. There are users who are going to have a lot of updates, both to the system, to their customization or security layer, while others will hardly have updates or even not at all. So it is something to keep in mind when buying a tablet with Android as its operating system.


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This is something that we have already mentioned in previous sections. There is a big difference in performance between a tablet and an iPad, although it depends on the market segment your tablet belongs to. The iPad are models that are in the high range, so they leave us at all times with a good performance. They use advanced processors (Apple usually launches a new one every year), in addition to having an operating system designed to get the most out of the device.

As we have already said, in the case of Android tablets there is everything. If we want a tablet that competes with the iPad in terms of performance, we have to go to the high end of this market. Brands like Samsung regularly launch models in this segment, which give us great performance and have nothing to envy an iPad in this regard. Although this type of tablets are a minority in the market.

Most Android tablets are in the mid-range or low-end. So they are not going to give the same performance that we have on an iPad, but in many cases they are devices that are more oriented towards leisure use. In other words, they are designed so that we will be able to view multimedia content, streaming content, play games or browse. In many cases, they are devices that users buy when they want to go on a trip, since that way they can check their mail, browse or play, but without having a laptop, for example.

These differences in performance are something that will have an influence on prices.. Low-end or mid-range Android tablets are going to have lower performance, they are less powerful, but they are also cheaper. If you are looking for a powerful tablet, because you want to use it for work, then you have to go to a higher market segment, so the price will be higher.

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