Discord vs Slack, which app is better?

Discord Slack

Communication applications have been serving in recent times to be able to connect with people around us, whether personal or professional. There are different tools that are used when it comes to being able to speak directly, without having to use the traditional call.

An app that over time managed to establish itself as one of the favorites of millions of users is Discord, oriented more towards video games. Discord is also used outside of this type of environment, the same goes for Slack, an app where the user can chat, talk and create rooms, among other things.

Discord and Slack coexist as what they are, a tool so that customers can be in direct contact with the people added. When comparing them, we are going to see their positive and negative points, to see if one or the other is better, always depending on the needs.

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Differences between Discord and Slack


Both Discord and Slack are channel-based apps designed to build teams and communities., whether they are two or more users. In both you can send messages, either in general or direct, create private groups and chat rooms for all the people added.

Choosing a final one is complicated. Both programs have a free plan with many options, although you also have a paid option with many extras. Both are intended to use personal accounts, but another option is to be able to use them in professional, closed circle environments.

Despite the many similarities, Discord and Slack have some differences, which makes you have to choose one over the other. Discord vs Slack, two applications that we are going to be able to compare to decide whether to get the first or the second, both have many millions of downloads.

Discord vs Slack: information from both apps



It was created by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy. through the company that both managed under the name of Hammer & Chisel. The tool was created to share tactics while playing the game, the company launched Discord in 2015 and was well received by gamers all over the world.

Discord currently exceeds 140 million users, an important figure that has been amortized over time thanks to agreements with direct advertisers. There are more than 19 million servers used for communication among users, being a considerable figure.

The Discord tool is owned by Discord Inc.., the current company that owns the rights to the communication tool used by many millions of people. A higher growth is expected considering in 2022, the year in which new changes and the inclusion of many new features will be introduced.


Slack was born as an application for a team of developers, specifically from the title Glitch, but thanks to its good functionality, it was launched in 2013 in an open way. Salesforce is the company that owns Slack, all through a payment of around 21.500 million dollars.

Active users of Slack exceeds 12 million users, much less than Discord, but they are active and see it as a perfect app when it comes to communicating. It serves for the personal and professional environment, used when playing video games as it happens with Discord and other apps.

There are more than 120.000 paying users, which makes it possible to maintain the servers, which is important for giving these clients direct access and many options over free users. Many are already asking the name, some see it more viable to change it for another more consistent.


slack 1

Slack starts to build on a window principal. Everything is centered on the left side, if you want to open a group, a chat, a channel or one of the threads with users. On the right side you will see the “Details” option, here you can quickly find written and received messages, search for files, add people to chats and start calls.

It has a clean and clear interface, the company has wanted to make it easy for users and they will be the ones who always have everything at hand. On the theme of customization, up to eight themes availableYou also have the possibility to create a custom theme.

Discord resembles having everything on the left side, servers, chat, servers and contacts. On the right you will see the users who are connected, being able to start a quick chat with them. It is a really complete application, as well as fully customizable and you will have to take time to master it.

The Discord Inc. app has two themes, one light and one dark, you can download bots with the ability to customize the platform. Thanks to the bots you will have more themes, colors and fonts, so if you get hold of them you will be able to customize the app 100%.

Audio calls

discord apps

Over time, Discord has been getting better at this point, so much so that it is one of the tools with the best quality, it far exceeds Slack audio. Activating noise suppression is vital in the app. With Discord in its free version you can join up to 15 people, while the paid version allows up to 5.000.

Slack will only allow you to join with another person, so the free account limit is too small, while if you get the paid plan the limit disappears. If you have a paid version, you can invite up to 15 people, which is the maximum number, the same as the free version of Discord.

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Video calls

Discord video calls

As with audio calls, Slack is limited in video calls to a direct with a single person, if you subscribe to the payment plan this grows up to 15 people. The free account is not the best option, but if you pay a fee you will be able to do much more than with the free one.

Video calls with Discord is up to 8 people with the free account, it's above Slack again as it is with the free. The paid version increases its figure by up to 25 people, with quality video calls, the sound continues to be one of the strong points of the tool.

Share files


It is one of the perfect ways if you want to share information in a private way, for this you need the channels to be private together with the groups. In both options you can create private channels and the invitation is the same in both cases, both on Discord and Slack.

In Slack, the user can share files in two ways: from your computer and from Google Drive, both are comfortable options. The maximum weight of the file is 1 GB if you do it directly from the PC. With Slack in its free version you can store a maximum of 5 GB (it is the limit), being double in the premium version.

When it comes to sharing files, Discord will let you do it with smaller files, ranging from 8 megabytes, while the paid version increases by 100 megabytes. When it comes to hosting files, the space is unlimited, so it is an ideal option if you want to upload all of these in channels.


Both Discord and Slack are available on the Play Store, with a weight that will vary depending on the device you use, so it is best to give it some time to download it. Discord is an app designed for gaming, while Slack is for communication and collaboration at work, but also for gaming users.

Discord – Play and hang out
Discord – Play and hang out
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