How to forward calls to another number on Android?

There are times when if we do not have a battery, or we have two numbers, such as the professional and the private - and we do not want to carry two phones, or we do not have a Dual Sim smartphone - we need to be available with a very simple solution: call forwarding.

In this article we will try to explain how to do it and what does it consist of.

Call forwarding

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is simply an option that our smartphone offers us together with the telephone company of which we are users. It is a function offered by some service providers and operators, which allows you to redirect a phone call to another landline or mobile number, to a messaging service and mailbox or to any other destination where possible make a call.

Call forwarding ensures that you will receive important calls anywhere and that you will always be available and connected with others.

You can choose between different ways to divert your calls and decide in which cases you want the calls you receive to be transferred to other numbers.

How to divert calls on Android

How to divert calls on Android mobiles

The operating system Android allows us to do it in a few steps and also does not offer the possibility to choose if we want to divert all calls or simply do it in certain circumstances. Next, we explain how you can easily activate and deactivate call forwarding from one number to another on an Android mobile.

The first thing to do is open the phone app and click on the three dots that we find in the upper right part of the screen.

Then a drop-down menu will appear in which we must select "Settings", and now depending on our smartphone and its menu, we must click on the option "Calls" or "Additional Services" as happens with Samsung for example.

The next step is to click on "Calls" or "Call accounts" and the option "Call forwarding" will appear., we can choose between voice calls and video calls. In this case we refer to Voice calls.

The options below are (generally):

  1. Always divert.
  2. Forward when busy.
  3. Forward if you don't answer.
  4. Divert if you are not available.

As we have referred before, It is possible that the options have another nomenclature or description, but fundamentally they are very similar. And therefore it only remains to decide which option or options suit our needs and select them, since we can do it in several.

In doing so, It will ask us to enter the phone number for each occasion, obviously we can deactivate it, or change the number chosen for call forwarding. You just have to perform the same steps, but choose the option to "Deactivate" or "Update", respectively.

How to divert the call on iOS

Call forwarding on iOS Apple

Now let's see how can you perform this option on your iPhone, since you can also have that option, of course. You will only have to enter "Device Settings" and look for the tab "Telephone". 

From here we will have access to several functions, such as a well-known one that is answer calls with a text message.

But in this case, what we are interested in is diverting the calls to another phone number that we have available. To do this, within this menu, click on the tab "Call forwarding".

We went in and We activate the option. It will automatically ask us to enter the phone number where we want to receive calls. We enter it and we will have all our calls diverted to that phone number.

Call forwarding on Vodafone, Orange and Movistar

Call forwarding in main operators

If your operator is Movistar, The company offers you different ways to divert calls from both your landline and mobile phones. We tell you how to do it.

Movistar allows you activate call forwarding from your mobile through your private area of ​​the web.

If you prefer, you can also do it entering a different code on your smartphone for different cases. On its own website you have a table to follow the steps and activate it, marking a series of codes that we leave you here:

Knowing that it is not possible to make detours to 90X, 80X lines or special numbering, you can easily manage different detours from your mobile:

  • Always display
    • Activation: ** 21 * destination number # + call forwarding
    • Deactivation: ## 21 # + send call
    • Inquiry: * # 21 # + send call
  • If you have the mobile turned off or without coverage
    • Activation: ** 62 * destination number # + call forwarding
    • Deactivation: ## 62 # + send call
    • Inquiry: * # 62 # + send call
  • When communicating or rejecting the call
    • Activation: ** 67 * destination number # + call forwarding
    • Deactivation: ## 67 # + send call
    • Inquiry: * # 67 # + send call
  • When i don't answer
    • Activation: ** 61 * destination number # + call forwarding
    • Deactivation: ## 61 # + send call
    • Inquiry: * # 61 # + send call

Users with Multisim Service can only activate or deactivate an unconditional diversion, and the diversions will be free if you have a contract line and have a flat rate for calls, or a franchise of minutes. In case you have a prepaid rate, you have to have enough balance for the diversions to take place. 

How to divert calls from your Movistar landline to another number

In case you want divert calls from your Movistar landline, You have to hire the service for a price of 3,50 euros per month (VAT included).

Fixed forwarding Movistar

Once you have activated the call forwarding service, you can enter the following codes to choose the type of forwarding you would like to configure.

Diversion when you communicate

How is the service activated?

  • Pick up the phone and wait for an invitation to dial tone.
  • Press the code * 67 *
  • Then dial the number to which you want to divert the calls.
  • To finish press # (you will hear a continuous confirmation tone to indicate that the Service is activated).
  • Hang.

How is the service deactivated?

  • Pick up and wait for the invitation to dial.
  • Press the code # 67 #
  • Hang.

How to divert calls on Vodafone

Vodafone call forwarding

In case your operator is Vodafone, you also have at your disposal call forwarding for landlines and mobiles. We explain what you have to do to activate it below.

How to divert calls from your Vodafone mobile to another number.

Vodafone allows you activate call forwarding on your mobile without a monthly fee. Of course, you pay for the calls you divert with the prices of your usual plan. Keep in mind that the diversions cannot be to international numbers.

In this table you can see the codes that you have to enter to activate the different types of diversions on your smartphone:

  • All calls: ** 21 * NUMBER * 11 # and call
  • If the line is busy: ** 67 * NUMBER * 11 # and call
  • If it appears off or out of coverage: ** 62 * NUMBER # and call
  • If you don't answer: ** 61 * NUMBER #
  • Deactivate diversions: ## 002 # and call.

If what you need is activate call forwarding on your Vodafone landline phone, you can do it by going to the section My fiber from your private area on the web, or by entering the following codes.

  • All calls: * 212 *
  • If you don't answer: * 612 *
  • If you communicate: * 672 *
  • If you do not answer or communicate: * 662 *
  • Deactivate all diversions: * 110 *

Activating this service is free, but each call received may have a variable cost depending on the plan you have contracted, as described on the Vodafone website.

How to divert calls in Orange

Orange call forwarding

Activation has no cost, it is a totally free service. When you divert a call to another phone number, it is you who pays the cost of the call from your mobile to the phone number to which you have diverted the call. Orange informs that you can already carry out this work from its «My Orange» application. And you must bear in mind that:

  • Only calls are forwarded, not messages.
  • You can activate call forwarding to a landline phone.
  • When you make the forwarding, all the calls received will be sent to the phone number you have chosen.
  • When you divert a call, you are the one who pays the cost of the call from your mobile to the phone number to which you have diverted the call.

To activate or deactivate it, we leave you below a table with the codes that you must dial:

YES NO ANSWER (where it says WEATHER the number of seconds is set, between 5 and 20s., only multiples of 5) ** 61 * NUMBER ** TIME # 61 ## # * # # 61
IF OFF OR COVERED ** 62 * NUMBER # 62 ## # * # # 62
YES BUSY ** 67 * NUMBER # 67 ## # * # # 67
UNCONDITIONAL OR ALL CALLS ** 21 * NUMBER # 21 ## # * # # 21

To activate call diversions on your Orange landline the codes you must dial vary. This is based on whether your landline is direct coverage from Orange or if it is indirect coverage. You must type the codes on your landline terminal (once off the hook) depending on the diversion you want to make.

With direct coverage from Orange, that is, if you have the landline connected to the router directly:

Direct access on phones

Diversions to another number All calls Activate diversion * 21 + number (without final asterisk)
Deactivate diversion * 211 *
If it communicates Activate diversion * 22number (no final asterisk)
Deactivate diversion * 221 *
If you don't answer Activate diversion * 23number (without trailing asterisk)
Deactivate diversion * 231 *

To divert your landline with indirect coverage, this is when your landline phone is connected directly to the wall rosette, through a microfilter, you must dial the following codes:

Indirect access on phones

Diversions to another number All calls Activate diversion * 21 * number # (with trailing hash)
Deactivate diversion # 21 #
If it communicates Activate diversion * 67 * number # (with trailing hash)
Deactivate diversion # 67 #
If you don't answer Activate diversion * 61 * number # (with trailing hash)
Deactivate diversion # 61 #


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