Where to see South Park: all seasons

South Park

The North American cartoon series South Park maintains its popularity after more than 24 seasons and more than 300 episodes in total. Its authors, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, made the state of Colorado on everyone's lips thanks to this popular series launched back in 1997.

Currently South Park maintains the satire line that has made it get hooked on the public, having criticism from the US media. An important leap in this well-known series was the merchandising, launching all kinds of products and being able to reach all kinds of people, young and old.

South Park allows access to all its content through the official website, but it is necessary to have a premium account upon payment. There are available the 24 seasons with that more than 300 episodes, but there are other ways to see South Park in all its seasons (yes, 24).

South Park, a whole story behind

South Park home

The creators of South Park initially created a short film called The Spirit of Christmas. (The Spirit of Christmas), in which an evil level doll wreaked havoc in the South Park city. The paper prototypes that appeared would later shed light on the characters we now know from the series.

After several refusals from different networks, it was Comedy Central that opted for South Park, the first pilot episode did not work as expected, but it was acquired along with several episodes, six in total. South Park was released in August 1997 and a few weeks later it was a great success in the audiences.

The four main characters are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, the protagonists have a fast-paced story, being recognized for their phrases and especially for their swear words. The leader of the group is Stan Marsh, Kyle is Stan's best friend, Eric is a fat, spoiled and racist boy, while Kenny is the misunderstood, nothing is understood.

South Park, an icon of videogames

South Park video game

In addition to merchandising, South Park made its way into video games, a field in which it did quite well as it is a title highly requested by its fans. At least two installments were released, the first being South Park: The Stick of Truth, released in 2014.

The second installment on consoles was South Park: The Fractured But Whole, released just in 2017 and with a ROL / RPG genre, the valuation reached an average of 8,5 out of 10 points. Both are ideal if you want to relive a series which suited consoles with an important plot.

How to see South Park in Spain

South Park Spain

One of the options to be able to see South Park in Spain in a complete way all its seasons It is under streaming services or on the Comedy Central channel. Those that have most of its episodes are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Pluto TV, the latter is a free service, with an application available on Android and iOS.

They are all the options so as not to miss any of the different chapters, those who have not been able to see any of the more than 300 chapters they can see one by one on the different platforms. There is also the option to see them online and download each of them in pages.


South park netflix

It is probably one of the fastest growing services in the world. Netflix includes in its extensive catalog the series South Park, with 23 seasons and leaving one of them out for the moment, although they promise soon to include that remaining season so that everyone can enjoy it in full.

The best way to find them is using the search engine, for this, enter the name "South Park" and you will see each of the complete seasons. Netflix has been adding each of them progressively, remaining to include the last one, which will almost certainly arrive over the next few weeks.

This comedy has been requested by a large part of the Netflix customer communityThat is why all those seasons agreed with their creators are hung. South Park has a selection of the best chapters, but apart from that section it has each season well ordered by chapters.

It is worth subscribing to Netflix for 7,99 euros if you want to get the basic one, the standard rises to 11,99 euros and the premium amounts to 15,99 euros. The premium allows you to view the content on up to four screens different with the same account created and linked on the devices.

Amazon Prime Video

South Park season 8

Amazon launched Prime Video as one of the platforms to stand up to Netflix. Over time it has shown that with the catalog it is undoubtedly one of the important streaming services, including, of course, the popular South Park series. It does so with a total of 18 seasons, specifically missing six of them, including 24 (the last).

It is available in all Amazon Prime Video regions, not all chapters can be viewed for free, since they allow you to buy or rent. South Park made a hole inside thanks to the agreement reached with its creators and Comedy Central, a channel that continues to broadcast many of its seasons.

It is not known if the last seasons of South Park will arrive, but the good thing is being able to do the first 18, which are undoubtedly a large part of the success of this popular series. South Park can be seen in Spanish in Spain, in addition to doing it in its original version if you want to have the option available.

Pluto TV

south park pluto tv

A platform to watch South Park is Pluto TV, this time it's a free live streaming service. The positive thing about this is to be able to see it on any device, whether on a phone, tablet, on television or on other devices by having service both per page and in application.

Pluto TV has been adding the series South Park in its list of channels, specifically they have added a total of 13 seasons, missing about eleven seasons. Thanks to Comedy Central we can see all of them, including some individual parts using the web / app search engine.

The series is broadcast in Spanish, there will be no option to see it in its original version, but the good thing is not having to subscribe to the streaming service. Pluto TV has not confirmed if the next seasons of South Park will arrive, everything remains in the air for now.

Comedy Central

South Park Comedy Central

Comedy Central España is one of the platforms to watch all the seasons of South Park, all this without the need to subscribe as it is a channel that broadcasts openly. The South Park series airs several days a week, it does so in an orderly way so that each of the 24 seasons can be seen.

This service is ideal if you want to see one of the many chapters, the reruns are usually ordered as long as we can see each one of them. At the moment all the seasons are in full here, but it's time to watch one after another, with scheduled days and the best, they are in Spanish.

To find out whether or not the episodes of South Park are shown, it is best to consult the Comedy Central programming, site where you can see other series, including La que se Avecina, Futurama, among others. It is one of the channels that gives the option of watching the broadcast over the Internet if it is not on conventional DTT.

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