Editorial team

Android Guides is an AB Internet website. On this website we take care of sharing the best tutorials on Android, the best applications and games as well as all the tricks to get the most out of your Android smartphone. Our editorial team is made up of passionate about the Android world, in charge of telling all the news in the sector and testing the recommended apps.

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  • Daniel Gutierrez Arcos

    I started out in the Android world with an HTC Dream in 2008, a phone that I still have and that still works. Passionate about applications, games and anything that has to do with the Google system.

  • charles brave

    Law degree, passionate about reading and sports. My teams are CP Cacereño and FC Barcelona. Lover of technology, photography and everything that surrounds the Android world. I write tutorials and compilations of this operating system that I have been documenting and dealing with for years.

  • Nerea Pereira

    Law student and geek girl. As a good techie I am a lover of new technologies and especially everything related to the Android universe

  • Cesar Leon

    User since Android 3.0, I loved your games; before I played them and now I program them, along with other types of applications. Every so often I learn something new as a user and developer of this operating system.

  • Isaac

    Writer of the encyclopedia on microprocessors The World of Bitman, professor of GNU / Linux systems administration, in preparation for the official certifications LPIC and Linux Foundation, as well as supercomputing and computer architecture. And, of course, I am also passionate about pocket computers: mobile devices with the Android operating system (Linux kernel).

  • Jose Eduardo

    I am a writer who loves technology for all the solutions and facilities it provides to our daily lives. It is my favorite theme and I have created dozens of application tutorials that make our daily lives easier for all of us.

  • Joseph Albert

    Since I was young I have loved technology, especially everything that has to do directly with computers and their Operating Systems. And for more than 15 years I have fallen madly in love with GNU/Linux, and everything related to Free Software and Open Source. For all this and more, today, as a Computer Engineer and professional with an international certificate in Linux Operating Systems, I have been writing with passion and for several years now, on various technology, information and computing websites, among other topics. In which, I share with you, day by day, much of what I learn through practical and useful articles.

  • Victor Molina

    I am a professional in the electrical engineering area, although I have worked in the documentation area. Hence my interest in writing articles, directing my interest in topics related to technological advances in different electronic devices, description of articles and devices and many more topics.

  • Andy Acosta Goya

    Science and technology writer driven by curiosity. I love explaining complex topics in a simple way. I love to explore the different functionalities that the world of Android devices offers us. Supporter of turning motivation into knowledge.

  • Francis Gonzalez

    I am a lover of technology and I am constantly looking for innovations in this magnificent industry.