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Android Guías It is an AB Internet website. On this website we take care of sharing the best tutorials on Android, the best applications and games as well as all the tricks to get the most out of your Android smartphone. Our editorial team is made up of passionate people about the Android world, in charge of telling all the news in the sector and testing the recommended apps.

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  • Nerea Pereira

    Since I was little I have always enjoyed everything that has to do with computing. First it was playing with my sister's 486, later with her magnificent Pentium 100. Until an HTC Diamond arrived with Android installed and I completely fell in love with Google's operating system. Many years have passed since then, but Android continues to surprise me with all kinds of new features. So, as a good lover of new technologies since I can remember, I love messing around with any smart device, be it Smart TV, phones, tablets and other equipment with which I can enjoy like never before. I am currently combining my law studies, while I enjoy traveling the world and collaborating with Androidguías to show you all the news in the tech sector.

  • Lorena Figueredo

    I am Lorena Figueredo, a Literature teacher, but an editor by trade. I have 3 years of experience writing about technology on various blogs. I have been working exclusively with Android for two years, since I had my first phone with this operating system. In Android Guías I am in charge of creating step-by-step tutorials and guides to get the most out of your Android mobile. I want you to learn how to personalize your phone, discover new functions and be able to answer any questions. In my free time I like to read, design creative sewing projects and study English, a language that I am passionate about and that helps me access more content and global technological communities. I am very happy to share what I know in Android Guías and continue learning with this community.

  • Joaquin Romero

    Learning about Android and everything it offers us is a way to bring us closer to the answer we are looking for about how technology can help us solve problems. This operating system is one of the most used in the world, but with my help you can do it correctly, for your needs and become an expert. We know the importance of learning how to use a mobile device, but the objective is to do it intuitively, knowing each link of this system and how it works. In addition, its applications, new developments, interconnection platforms and more. Find out how you can operate within this operating system and have better control of your apps. I am a systems engineer, Full Stack web programmer and content writer.

  • Alberto navarro

    I am a sociologist, digital marketing expert and content writer at ActualidadBlog passionate about technology, with a special focus on Android and video games for both PCs, consoles and mobiles. I am a curious mind like yours and I am used to finding solutions to all kinds of problems related to the digital world since since I was little I have shown a lot of interest in this topic. Thanks to my years of experience in the sector, I am going to keep you informed of all the good and bad things about the Android operating system with fresh, informative and entertaining content for readers. 

  • Isaac

    I am passionate about technology, especially computers and electronics. I love staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the field of Android devices, from smartphones to tablets, smart watches and other gadgets. I am always willing to learn in this interesting world where every day you are left behind if you don't. Additionally, I like to share knowledge and information with others through different digital media, where I write about topics related to technology and Android devices.

Former editors

  • Daniel Gutiérrez

    I started in the Android world with an HTC Dream in 2008, a phone that I still have and that still works. Passionate about applications, games and anything that has to do with the Google system. My work has led me to interview developers, attend technology conferences, and test devices before they are released. I'm excited to share my knowledge with the community and help users get the most out of their Android devices. Additionally, I am a customization enthusiast, always looking for the best apps and tricks to improve the user experience.

  • charles brave

    Law graduate, passionate about reading and sports. He is a lover of technology, photography and everything that surrounds the Android world. Over the years, I have documented and explored this operating system, writing tutorials and compilations to share my knowledge with other Android enthusiasts. From the basics to the latest trends, I have delved into areas such as application development, performance optimization, security, and user interface. I've built apps, experimented with different libraries and frameworks, and solved technical challenges. The Android developer community is vibrant and diverse, and I love participating in forums, conferences, and discussion groups. I'm always looking to learn more and stay up to date with the latest updates and features.

  • Joseph Albert

    Since I was young I have loved technology, especially everything that has to do directly with computers and their Operating Systems. And for more than 15 years I have fallen madly in love with GNU/Linux, and everything related to Free Software and Open Source. For all this and more, today, as a Computer Engineer and professional with an international certificate in Linux Operating Systems, I have been writing with passion and for several years now, on various technology, information and computing websites, among other topics. In which, I share with you, day by day, much of what I learn through practical and useful articles.

  • Manuel Ramirez

    A complete androidmaniac who has been writing about this Android for more than 7 years. I have a Galaxy Note 10+ on my property and enough knowledge to prove that Android is the best operating system for mobile devices. Apart of this? Passionate about marketing, games for Android and PC, art, music, theater and many other things. Restless and curious mind. I am always looking to learn something new, explore ideas and discover unexpected connections.

  • Irene Exposito

    I am a person who loves to read and watch movies because they allow me to travel to different worlds and learn about different realities. I have always liked to tell stories and invent characters, so I decided to study. I am passionate about Android and have been writing about this operating system for more than 7 years. My experience in the world of Android has allowed me to explore and acquire in-depth knowledge about its operation and development. In addition to my love for Android, I am also an Educational Sciences student. My goal is to transmit my passion for culture and technology to future generations. Through writing and teaching, I aspire to inspire others to explore the vast world of Android and understand its impact on our lives. My academic training includes completing ESO and Baccalaureate, as well as obtaining my university degree. However, my learning doesn't stop there. My dream is to continue growing as a writer and continue acquiring knowledge in the field of technology. As a restless and curious mind, I am constantly researching and experimenting with new ideas. I believe writing is a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and connecting with other people. My goal is to create valuable and meaningful content that reaches as many people as possible.

  • Ignatius Hall

    My passion for computing led me to dedicate myself to teaching more than two decades ago. I started as a teacher at an academy, where I taught courses in office automation, programming and web design. Over time, I specialized in the world of mobile devices, which fascinated me for their versatility and potential. I learned to develop applications for Android, the operating system that I liked the most because of its freedom and customization. I also became interested in hardware, software and trends in this constantly evolving sector. Thus, I became an editor specialized in Android devices, where I share my analysis, advice and experiences with readers. I love trying new models, comparing their features and discovering their secrets.

  • Cesar Leon

    As an Android enthusiast, my relationship with this operating system has been passionate. Since my first days as an Android 3.0 user, I was captivated by the versatility and creativity it offers. As a user, I was immersed in a world of applications, customization and endless possibilities. Games were my weakness, and the Play Store became my digital amusement park. From chess to intergalactic corridors, I tried everything. Now, as a developer, I have turned a corner. I not only play the games, but I also program them. I have created applications ranging from scientific calculators to productivity apps. Every line of code is a challenge and an opportunity to learn. Constant learning is the essence of my journey as an Android user and developer. I explore new APIs, optimize performance, and stay up to date with the latest trends. Android is a constantly evolving ecosystem, and I'm on the front line to absorb as much as I can.

  • Jose Eduardo

    As a copywriter with a passion for technology, I have dedicated my career to exploring and communicating the wonders of the digital world. My main focus is Android, an operating system that has revolutionized the way we interact with our mobile devices. Since its launch in 2008, I have closely followed its evolution and innovations, and have shared my knowledge and enthusiasm with thousands of readers. With extensive experience in Android app development, I have created detailed tutorials to help users get the most out of their devices. From the basics to advanced features, I've covered every aspect of Android, from programming to customization. My goal is for users to enjoy the best possible experience with Android, and to learn how to take advantage of its potential. In addition to Android, I am also interested in other areas of technology, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, and cybersecurity. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments, and analyze their impact and implications on society. I believe that technology is a powerful tool for progress and well-being, and I am proud to be part of this community.

  • Enrique L.

    I am Enrique Luque de Gregorio, passionate about technology and the Android world. I started my career as a software developer, honing my skills in languages ​​like Java and Kotlin. I've worked on challenging projects, from e-commerce applications to productivity tools. In addition to my technical background, I am a passionate communicator. I have written technical articles, tutorials and application reviews for blogs and specialized Android websites. My ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in an accessible way is invaluable. My passion for technology and my dedication to the world of mobile applications make me a valuable resource for any community or project related to Android.

  • Eder Ferreno

    I am passionate about Marketing, born in Bilbao, Spain, and currently reside in picturesque Amsterdam. My life revolves around traveling, writing, devouring books and enjoying movies. My technological curiosity has led me to explore the fascinating world of mobile phones, keeping up to date with the latest trends and advances. Since the dawn of the Google operating system, I have been immersing myself in its universe, always eager to learn and discover more every day.

  • Victor Molina

    I am a professional in the area of ​​electrical engineering, with experience in the design, development and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems. In addition, I have performed functions in the documentation area, preparing manuals, reports and technical guides. Hence my interest in writing articles, especially on topics related to technological advances in different electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other gadgets that work with the Android operating system. I am passionate about keeping up to date with the latest news, features and applications of these devices, as well as describing them in a clear, precise and attractive way for readers. I also like to explore other topics of general interest, such as science, culture, sports and leisure.

  • Andy Acosta Goya

    I am a science and technology writer driven by curiosity. I am passionate about learning about the advances and innovations that occur in these fields. I love explaining complex topics in a simple way, so that anyone can understand and enjoy them. I love exploring the different functionalities that the world of Android devices offers us, from the most basic to the most advanced. I like to try new applications, tricks and tips to get the most out of my smartphone or tablet.

  • Miguel Hernández

    I am a geek editor and analyst, passionate about gadgets and new technologies. I like to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the Android world, from the most powerful smartphones to the most innovative applications. I enjoy testing and analyzing all types of Android devices, looking for their advantages and disadvantages, their tips and tricks, and their best uses and features. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences with the world through words, writing informative, entertaining and useful articles for readers interested in the Android universe.