How to permanently delete a Twitter account

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The changes that have come with Elon Musk have not been liked by all Twitter users, who see how it is at a time of many changes and some limit anyone who uses an account. The idea of ​​many is to leave permanently, not going back, this is what many people plan to do, who see a problem in continuing with it.

Now called "X", the well-known American's project will include things that will be useful if you have the Twitter Blue account, known as the previous verified one. Thanks to this there is even the option of earning money depending on the impact of each of the posts (as it is known now, previously they were called tweets).

We explain how to delete the Twitter account permanently, is what many seek to do in case they do not want to return to the well-known microblogging network. Once you confirm it, there will be no turning back, so you have to think a little before taking the step, especially if it is an account with a good number of followers who are attentive to the publications.

Meditate before taking the step

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Sometimes giving time is necessary, especially if you are tired, which is what happens to many people, who consider leaving the account parked, although they do not take the step of deleting it. Sometimes there is the possibility of even the option of making money for it if it has a good performance in general (followers and reach).

If it is for personal use, sometimes this is usually useful for us to upload content that people who are friends or acquaintances want to read. If you see that it has no effect, the next step will be to eliminate it, since it is one more trace if it has your first and last name (sometimes even both are used).

It won't take us too long, You can also do this from the official application or website, always having logged in with the account and password. If you don't remember it, you always have to send it to your email, recovering the password and thus access to it in just over a minute.

How to delete a Twitter account completely (app)

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After meditating, it is advisable to take some time in case you take the final step, to delete the Twitter account, now known as

Deleting this takes only about three or four steps, you have to go through its settings and get to the appropriate place, which is where the account is deleted completely. It is ideal that you do it and confirm through your email, which will be vital once you take the appropriate steps.

If you are in the application, to delete the Twitter account permanently, do the following on your device:

  • The first thing is to open the Twitter/X application on your mobile phone, now has the "X" symbol in a dark tone
  • Click on your profile photo at the top left and go to “Settings and support”
  • After this, you have to click on the “Settings and privacy” setting
  • Inside here you must click on "Your account", to reach the option to permanently delete the account
  • You have to click on “Deactivate account”, it will be done for at least a period of time, you have to wait 30 business days
  • After this time,

If it is deleted you will be able to recover it as long as it does not occupy the nameIf, for example, you use the account @elleondeoro, if someone uses it before you come back, you won't be able to, at least not because you're busy. An account that you end up not using is the best step, especially if you decide to do without it.

Delete a Twitter account permanently (web service)

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The other way to delete a Twitter account is done through the web service, recommended as always to go to this and reach the option, which will be similar to that of the application. It changes relatively a little because it adapts and you only have to follow a few steps to eliminate it.

If you do it permanently, it will be completely deleted after a month passes, Twitter/X's decision is unanimous, The main thing is that you save at least part of your account base, which is a backup copy, also known as a backup and that you can save on your device.

If you want to do this on your computer or phone, you must do the following via the web:

  • Open the Twitter app through the browser, to do this, enter and wait for the website session to open
  • After it has opened, you have to click on your profile icon and wait for it to load everything completely
  • You must click on the three dots and after this you have to click on "Settings and support" and then enter “Privacy Settings”
  • Enter and click where it says "Your account" to take you to your account options, including "Deactivate your account."
  • Click on it and click "Deactivate", once you do it you have to confirm and that's it

Wait a month for it to be completely deleted by the social network itself, it is advisable that you save everything beforehand, including the files that you pass, information and others. Twitter is a social network that is up to date, with many changes in recent times.

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