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What is ePublibre

ePublibre has stopped working, so if you have any doubts and given the lack of being able to be before a platform served by the readers themselves, we are going to indicate the best current alternatives in order to continue enjoying your favorite hobby: reading.

A reading that thanks to the digital can reach regions where it was previously impossible and that allows many to choose to have many books on their list to read them. We'll see what alternatives we have to replace ePublibre, a service that has stopped working and has left many homeless.

What is ePublibre?


ePublibre is a community of readers that has been in charge of modeling and uploading books to the web that they had offline to have them digitally. As it is very easy to share files between users thanks to all kinds of services, this facility has been consummated in a service such as ePublibre, which takes its name from one of the most common file formats for reading from an eBook or the same screen of your cellphone; As long as you use a dedicated app for this, such as Moon Reader on Android, which we recommend from these lines.

A project launched by the wish of anonymous readers that over the last few years They have contributed to creating an entire digital library that anyone who wanted to read has been able to approach. As has always happened in this type of service, it has been used that culture should be a universal good, and that it is so, so that in recent years it has become one of the platforms most "loved" by those anonymous readers.

ePublibre has a catalog that already passed a few years ago of the 43.000 books online. A download of them through torrent and that the format has been the one that gave its name to the same community, os epub. This format is very versatile and allows us to use it in eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle or the Kobo itself, just as we have apps in different digital stores to easily open these free ones. We repeat an example app that works like a charm, especially if you get the Moon Reader paid app.

Not only are they titles in Spanish that one can count on in ePublibre, but they are also There are in English and other languages. For those who want to start, if we count on the community to return at some point, there is an essential one and that is the manual to layout electronic books; that is, you can take your physical books to layout them with the mobile camera app and then upload them to a site to share them.

Link - ePublibre

How does ePublibre work?


Far from being a mere epub book sharing platform, there is much more and that shows the degree of community interest than form. In other words, apart from being a reader, you can become an editor. But to be an editor you will need to be examined so that the layout has standard quality levels. It will be other experienced editors who will decide if the reader can go from that level to editor and thus contribute new books designed by him.

There are also those readers that their job is rather to look for misprints in order to correct them by sharing the error with the publisher who uploaded the book to the community. With this we make it clear that there is a lot of passion behind ePublibre and that they are not mere consumers of free as was those early years of the Internet with eMule and more.

The web is quite well structured and at the top you have access to the main menu to find news, catalog, collections and directory. Below you have access to the search engine with some appropriate filters and a series of images of the most current books that have been uploaded to ePublibre. Remember that it may be that at certain times of the day it is down, so do not be impatient if at the first change you find the site down. It is a matter of hours before it is available, so be patient.

Is it down or not working?


These types of platforms usually have their problems. One of them is the very form of sustenance to have the servers up or that the website and its hosting are capable of supporting traffic at certain times. In fact, at the time of this publication, the web server was down due to its large influx of visitors.

This is one of the reasons why you can see yourself without ePublibre, but we recommend that you look enter your website at another time of day where, supposedly, there won't be as much traffic; Unless this is an excuse while they are in search of a hosting where they are not hindered by containing a link to copyrighted content.

It is the second of the reasons and why you will find yourself many times without ePublibre. Sanctions of all kinds and persecutions are what he suffers This community that many times seem to be linked to moments in which more resources are put in the hunt for this type of content. That is why we go to the next section where we show you some of the alternatives to follow to continue enjoying those ePubs obtained from the network of networks.

Alternative websites to ePublibre



Wattpad is a community for writers that can be used from different devices such as a website or an app. It is a place where both writers and their followers or readers meet. Namely, you will be able to receive in real time the latest texts from already established writers like other novices seeking criticism or some impressions of their books or texts.

Es a space other than ePublibreBut this does not mean that it is far apart, since here reading is the point of union between readers and writers. They have an app for mobile devices that is very neat and full of features to keep up to date. For example, if you like a text, you can follow its writer and be up to date with all the texts or fragments that he publishes at any time and be the first to express your opinion.

There are all kinds of categories for you find stories, poems, blogs, fan fictions, articles, romance and much more. It is a digital space to turn to and have as a favorite if reading is one of your favorite hobbies.

Link - Wattpad



At Bubok we are on a website where both free and paid are mixed. You can find texts free of copyright and pay for others. There are also the most popular books and they have a wide catalog to satisfy your desire to read good books.

Like Wattpad, you can have your profile, publish texts and edit them. That is to say, it is a platform to make yourself known and start making a space for yourself with your stories; whenever you want them to be read. In fact they have a whole section for this reason, so if you are looking for an editor and you do not know the world very much, it is a good digital site to start with.

They have a quite interesting website for all the information they give and very well structured. Don't miss their forums to get in touch with other readers to share the latest readings and those favorite books.

Link - Bubok



A digital space that you can access from its website and thus access its vast virtual library with more than 55.000 files. Among them you will find ebooks, documents and even audiobooks for all those users who when they return from work want to take advantage of that time in a traffic jam, as in a city like Madrid.

They have one website that looks like years ago, but it is very well structured and allows access to content quite easily. The great part of its library has universal classic literature. So we are talking mainly about novels and poetry and about great authors.

Apart from Spanish being the predominant language, there are also many books in English, French, German, Italian and other languages. So keep in mind that here you won't find the latest Stephen King book or from Arturo Pérez Reverte himself and that they clearly clarify from their contact page. An alternative to consider for readers of all ages.

Link - Bookstore.net



We are in the same as the main topic of this publication and that can be the substitute always knowing which book we are looking for. In fact, when ePublibre has been down, many users have delegated to this website and it basically maintains the epublibre catalog with magnet links and without advertising.

That is, you click on the first of the fields and will take you to the proxy in which you can enter the book you are looking for. You may find it. It is in Spanish version, you can change it at the top and in English, although we will always shoot for the first.

We recommend the use of some torrent program like uTorrent for the download of these magnet links and thus share them with more users. An alternative to ePublibre and that is perfectly valid for those days and weeks in which we do not have that community of users and readers.

Link - zeropub



This has more than 137102 titles and stands out for its extensive catalog. It has a very basic website, although quite functional. On the left we have the section where you can find the entire list with the different categories. In the home or main link, we have a list of the latest additions to the site by age, with the title of the book and the synopsis.

It has a great variety of books and we can find all kinds of writers. You can download the books in different formats and it is usually available. A perfect alternative to search for books and access good readings. Of course, remember that the only access is through the web, since they do not even have social networks to sign up for.

Link - eBlibrioteca.org

Book Paradise - Facebook

Book paradise

Facebook is a great place to join a group to keep up to date with new titles and follow recommendations from inveterate readers. You will be able to find PDFs, games, quotes and much more in a group that can be the first step in finding others.

they have more than 36.000 followers today and it has a very active group to turn to to find new readings and even download some. We recommend it, since while the websites have been a place to download, this group allows us to keep up to date with new websites, readings and other series of actions related to our favorite hobby.

A group to meet even the weirdest bookmarks that use readers even perfect appointments for these days at the end of the year in which we usually collect the best and worst things that have happened to us in the year.

At the same time that it is very easy to use the Facebook search engine and look for groups of book readers of all kinds. Do not delay, because you are going to find a whole world of your own with millions of users around the world.

Link to Facebook - Book paradise

I like to write

I like to write

Like Wattpad, and created by Penguin Random House, a well-known book publisher, is this website where we can meet other writers as well as publicize our works. And while Wattpad does have a mobile app, this website and platform is only available from the web.

You have a wide variety of titles in Spanish to meet new writers and other more established ones. In fact Penguin Random House has this site to give the necessary space for those with talents and talents to tell stories and who are not lucky enough to know the right channels to be read.

Link - I like to write



To finish we end with another site as an alternative to epublibre and that practically allows you to do the same: download all the books you want. It has a very simple operation with a search engine in the upper right part and a series of menus for the main sections.

In the main part we have the most read books in the day and then a series of news differentiated by the most read of the week, latest additions and more. It tends to drop, so we recommend Googling it again to find other domains. At least that same thing has happened to us. An interesting website that goes hand in hand with the main theme of the publication.

And so we say goodbye giving different alternatives related to epublibre and with the favorite hobby of many and that is nothing more than reading good books. Here you will find those written by novice writers, platforms where to recommend and be recommended and other more realistic alternatives to download that sought-after book.

Link - Espaebook

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  1.   angel said

    one of the best alternative that I recommend https://epublibre.gratis/ it is very good to download free books

    1.    Ana said

      Thanks. But what about the credit card, is it safe?

  2.   Ana Alonso Rebolledo said

    When are they going to leave us alone? Yet another war against culture for which we do not have many financial means.
    I hope it ends up being solved like other times.
    I encourage everyone !!!!

  3.   Carmen said

    In Espaebook, if the downloads are free, why do they need the credit card number?

  4.   Alberto Fernandez del Rio said

    Can someone tell me why you have to register with a credit card in espaebook, the downloads are not free ???… suspicious… I don't think

  5.   Barbra said

    I can't believe they took our freedom away! Why don't they dedicate themselves to persecuting the poop politicians that we have in this country who both steal and live like kings and leave us readers and those of us who walk among books to make our lives that we do not harm anyone? Is that it sends noses! I have been with epulibre for years and thanks to this great page I have read a lot. What a shame indeed!

    1.    monsanto said

      For several weeks I have been reading news that ePubLibre does not work, that it has been closed, that ... I do not know where that news comes from: it continues to work perfectly for me and a few minutes ago (October 7, 2020) I downloaded from epublibre.org one more book. Since I read the first news of its closure I have entered epublibre.org several times and each time it has worked perfectly for me.
      I do not know if the announced or published closure refers to the fact that several Internet providers (Movistar, Vodafone ...) have received the court order not to provide access to the page and, on the contrary, others, such as Yoigo, who is the one who provides me Internet, they have not received such an order. The truth is that I have been entering ePubLibre without any problem.
      If it doesn't really work for someone, maybe they should try connecting anonymously or obfuscated, for example using the Tor Browser browser, which is very easy to download and configure. I do not know if that will be the solution because as it works for me in all my browsers (Firefox, Brave, Chrome, iExplorer and Edge) I do not know if those who cannot enter could do so through Tor Browser.
      All the best

      1.    Angeles said

        Hello Montsanto,

        Are your reflections correct?

      2.    mary said

        through that browser it won't let you download the books

  6.   handyman said

    It seems that now they have closed it 🙁

    I recommend as an alternative to https://www.ebookelo.com I think it's a backup site run by the same people from epublibre

    1.    monsanto said

      Indeed, ePublibre no longer works with Yoigo in the usual browsers ... But with Tor Browser it still works "http://epublibre.org/"
      The alternative you propose «bookelo.com» also works and has the same logo as ePublibre.

      1.    Isaac Palace said

        Exactly, I have Yoigo and ePulibre doesn't work for me, but with Tor it does

    2.    María said

      Thanks for the recommendation, but also ask for a card.

  7.   fatima said

    Why does Epublibre not work? What alternative do we have that is free and reliable?

    1.    monsanto said

      Read the previous posts.
      Epublibre continues to work in the Tor browser because it obfuscates or anonymizes the addresses of the pages you are looking for, so that the "Watchers of the Web" cannot know where you are browsing.
      But, apart from that, there is the new website «eBookelo» (https://www.ebookelo.com/) that, although it is called like that, it still has the same logo and, above all, the same content as ePublibre and, for the moment, at least, free access from anywhere.

  8.   joscar said

    It has not stopped working, use a VPN and you will access the page again.

  9.   J Gaspode said

    Epublibre, if it works, but not in Spain ...
    It can be accessed using the "tor Browser" without problems, a little slower that is, and copying the link from the Magnet.

  10.   titivillus said

    It stopped working now March 28, 2021, does anyone know what happens?

    1.    titivillus said

      I just realized that in Edge it does work, in Chrome it doesn't.