How to scan QR codes with your Android mobile

How to scan QR codes on Android

A few years ago, a mobile phone was used to make and receive calls. Ok, you could also play snake if you were lucky enough to enjoy a Nokia device. But, things have changed a lot and now until you can scan QR codes. 

Samsung mobile scanning QR code with WiFi

But what is a QR code?

Yes, we can get the most out of the camera on our mobile phone. More than anything because any mid-range mobile offers a photographic section that has nothing to envy professional models, as long as there are adequate light conditions. To this, add the large number of apps to edit videos on Android. And now, you can even scan QR codes.

It is true that QR codes have been with us for a long time. In addition, surely you have seen them on more than one occasion. That set of strange hieroglyphs without any meaning and that are made up of hundreds of points inside. But what are QR codes really? And what are they for?

Well, say that QR codes, or quick response (Quick Response in English), saw the light long before what you think. It was in 1994 when the Japanese company Denso Wave created this evolution of the traditional barcodes. We are talking about a module that allows store information and transmit it high speed, being represented in a matrix of points which are accompanied by three large squares at the ends.

The first sector in which they were used was in the automotive industry. Yes, in the vehicle manufacturing area it was used to carry out part inventories. You only had to scan the QR codes to have the corresponding information. Later on, the administrative areas of all kinds of sectors were transferred, up to telephony.

More than anything because, through the QR code readers for mobile phones, began to get even more out of this format. Yes, we can take advantage of these little stickers much more than you imagine. For example, one of the most common uses for users is to insert web links in QR codes.

Exactly, instead of giving a really long and difficult web link to write, all you have to do is scan the QR code and you can automatically access the address. Ideal to offer additional information to the user, or offer the possibility of downloading files. On the other hand, say that mobile applications like Snapchat, Line or Twitter use QR codes so that users can share their profile much more comfortable

Are QR codes dangerous?

Obviously, all that glitters is not gold. Scanning a QR code has the advantage of saving you time and it allows you to have information quickly and easily. But there is a problem. More than anything because it cannot know which website it is going to redirect you to. And this makes it a very useful source to spread viruses, malware and other types of malicious content to your mobile device.

Think directly they can make you download a malicious file, or a web application that interacts in a dangerous way with your mobile phone. Therefore, it is very important not to scan any QR code, especially those that are suspiciously on the street. Obviously, the invoice for the services you have contracted may have a code of this type and it is not malicious. Or in a store that invites you to connect to its WiFi network through this same tool. The only thing you have to have is a little head.

Mobile scanning an active QR code

How can I scan QR codes with my smartphone

The first thing to keep in mind is that to use this tool you can download a QR code reader. Yes, it is true that there are mobile phones that have their own tool to scan this type of content: in fact, we recommend aim the QR code directly with your mobile camera and see if it automatically opens the associated web.

But, if it doesn't do anything, don't waste time searching through the camera options, and focus on downloading a suitable app.

We personally recommend two applications in particular. Obviously, in the Google application store you have a lot of developments to be able to scan QR codes with your mobile phone, but These two apps do not have any type of malware or excessive advertising, in addition to having a fairly low weight.

Kaspersky QR Scanner for secure scans

QR code reader and scanner for Android

Without a doubt, one of the safest applications you will find. More than anything because this QR code reader is designed by Kaspersky, a company specialized in anti-malware solutions. The best? What has a security filter that is responsible for blocking any malicious page that may be concealed.

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The system to use this Kaspersky tool that will allow you to scan any QR code quickly and easily with your phone's camera is very simple. All you have to do is download the application, install it and open it. When you do this last step, you will see that the camera of your mobile is activated. You will only have to point to the QR code and the app will do the rest. Easier impossible!

QR code reader

The truth is that it must be recognized that the developers of the applications to scan QR codes they do not overheat their heads when it comes to creating the name of an application of this type. But what matters to us is its functionality. More than anything because it is the most downloaded reader on Google Play, so we are facing one of the best applications of the reader.

The company behind the development of this app to scan QR codes is constantly updated, in addition to having a beautiful interface that will make its use a sure hit. As you may have seen, there are a few applications that will allow you to get the most out of your device using the best QR code readers with which to get extra information on all kinds of products.

QR code scanner
QR code scanner
Developer: BACHA Soft
Price: Free
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  • QR code scanner Screenshot
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  • QR code scanner Screenshot
  • QR code scanner Screenshot
  • QR code scanner Screenshot

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