+50 Amazfit spheres to download on your smart watch

50 best Amazfit spheres

Xiaomi Amazfit have become a highly sought after product As a smart watch and among its best features is its ability to customize the dial with which any user can do.

Therefore we are going to show more than 50 Amazfit spheres for Amazfit X, Bip, GTR, GTS, Stratos, T-Rex and Verge Lite models, and thus personalize your watch so that your colleagues are left with very long teeth. Go for it.

Best spheres for Amazfit GTR

8 amazfit GTR spheres

With this app, you can download 8 spectacular spheres for this Amazfit GTR smartwatch which stands out for a great variety of styles, since we have collected the best scores of this model that we have in Amazfitwatchfaces; and that will help us to give our watch its own style.

  • MDI It is a sphere carried to the GTR of 47mm with two versions raised in red and blue: Download
  • Worldtimer_by_marek29: a very elegant and modern dial with great aesthetics with those shaded hands: Download
  • GTR-47-Vitorinox compatible with 47mm: Download
  • MOD (MD261) GTR2: a cover crown of Samsung smartphones and that is simply spectacular: Download
  • Digital Neon: with a digital watch as the main protagonist of this watchface for the Amazfit GTR: Download
  • amazfit prof 2021 with that of Energy Diesel and elegant colors as a great crown for your Amazfit: Download
  • Rolex watch, and that by itself already indicates this classic of the classics in the watches that you can have in your Amazfit: Download
  • GRS Big Number 4, and that has digital, steps, heart rate, battery, date and seconds: Download

Best spheres for Amazfit Bip

8 Amazfit BIP spheres

For the Amazfit Bip we have this series of 8 spheres that can not be missing in any of these Xiaomi smart watches. They have all that eye-catching and sought after functionality so don't miss them:

  • My Watch lite, and that as the name suggests is inspired by the Mi Watch Lite to be available in green, blue, orange and rainbow: Download
  • ALCO and characterized by large digits, heart rate, time and a wide variety of colors for your Amazfit Bip: Download
  • whitewhite, and that as its name indicates is blank with large digits with multilanguage so that you do not miss anything with a step counter and more: Download
  • Big clock, and that as its name suggests, with large numbers and a Russian language style that gives it its thing. It is elegant: Download
  • ALCOR new AM-PM: large digits, heart rate, step progress and a variety of colors: Download
  • fly-astronaut, like a fun and curious 1 frame per second sphere with a precise color scheme: Download
  • giabao105, one of the most original spheres in this pack for the Bip and characterized by its orange and blue. Very original: Download
  • Homecoming, and inspired by Spiderman Homecoming for fans of this superhero

Best spheres for the Amazfit GTS

8 spheres for the Amazfit GTS

Thanks to resolution capacity of the Amazfit GTS, the spheres that we have with this pack are simply incredible. From Tag HEUR, Casio or even new Rolex dials. Attention to these spheres because each one is worth its weight in gold.

  • Rallye_GTS2_Grey, with tactile buttons for time, steps and heart rate. DNS, alarm and lock icons only available when the functions are activated: Download
  • DUZA_POGODA, like the Shield edition with the maximum size of the time and those liked accessories. Concise and elegant: Download
  • RolexPure elegance for this knockoff Rolex with those 3 hands, heart rate, day of the week and more. Essential: Download
  • breitling gts2, for a classic dial with very elegant hands and those good-sized digits with steps and energy and time: Download
  • Chronograph, for a minimalist watch or face with four corners for steps, battery, calories, and pulse: Download
  • heuer gts2, from the legendary TAG HEUER brand, although well populated and which can be a bit confusing with so much information on the dial: Download
  • Casio, with two versions available and with all those digits indicating temperature, weather, steps, heart rate and much more: Download
  • AEON X700 MOD, with its variations in the mono color and of great elegance with those oranges, reds, greens and with shades to create a unique experience for your Amazfit GTS: Download

Best spheres for the Amazfit Stratos

8 Stratos Amazfit spheres

Another of the Amazfit smart watches has to its credit a pack chosen by ourselves for 5 high-quality dials with different motifs.

  • COM-D Worn Pace, an incredible sphere for those digits that appear as dirty and that give it a great presence, without missing all the data of heart rate, steps, battery, kilometers, temperature and much more: Download
  • COM-D Sport White, one of the watch-faces of the GTR that he has redone for the Stratos 3 and that with the monocolor offers all the precise information without missing anything and focused on the steps and calendar: Download
  • Electricity, a futuristic digital dial that reacts to the twists of the wrist for your Amazfit Stratos: Download
  • Tribal Rings Digital, for the digital version of Tribal Rings with that very own illustration and bright colors to make it stand out: Download
  • Tribal Rings, as an original and elegant analog dial with that way of understanding the time and more: Download

Best spheres for the Amazfit T-Rex

Spheres for AmazFit T-Rex

Great design spheres that we keep the first 3 for being super elegant and special.

  • TacticalSleek design with those classic hands and a series of colors so we can focus on important info like miles, heart rate and more: Download
  • HLC-53, with different backgrounds for part of the crown interface and a series of indicators with elegant hands: Download
  • Adidas Running Pink, with a lot of pink or purple depending on what we want and those running indicator bars. Of the best of this pack of 8 spheres for the Amazfit T-Rex: Download
  • jupiter one, like a minimalist crown with different themes based on a main axis for a very interesting and eye-catching interface: Download
  • fritz tb: Frigo GTR 47 sphere in Spanish so you can find out all the info you have in its interface with a phosphor green hue: Download
  • Predator, like one of those aggressive watches with a striking dial and an exclusive design: Download
  • NTB-15, with different designs for everything, a crown a little different from what we are used to: Download
  • t_rex, a crown as if it were part of a Borderlands-type video game: Download

Best spheres for the Amazfit Verge Lite

8 exciting areas of Amazfit Verge Lite

Again 8 high-quality spheres full of colors and that lead us to some of the best we have for this smartwatch. We could keep the one from Casio or the same one from Adidas, but there is enough to distribute to leave our watch perfectly personalized.

  • 3dactive, like a crown taken directly from the Huawei GT2 with that great display of all kinds of data such as steps, heart rate and much more: Download
  • adrz222red rus, in which red and gray are the predominant tones for a minimalist crown of details and which is in Russian: Download
  • casio_ru, and although it does not have the definition or sharpness that we would like, this is a very elegant Casio with that gray-green tone that gives its appearance to digital watches from the 80s and 90s: Download
  • ru_zf, like another crown where blue is the predominant color with an exquisite design, although we return we do not have it in Spanish you can understand each of its symbols: Download
  • ws-md226 It is another crown to take into account for the design of the hands and that digital watch: Download
  • trex_anim It is a crown dedicated to digits like those calendars with a weather icon at the top and the rest of the icons: discharge
  • adidas yellow, a nice yellow crown with hands and that lends itself to giving us the digital time and the battery information: Download
  • HybridtaG, for those looking for a TAG HEUER type crown: Download

Best spheres for the Amazfit X

Spheres for Amazfit X

Let's go to the mess:

  • sp_andr_x which is a remake for the Amazfit X of the original GTS watch face: Download
  • NIKE the 24 h as a crown inspired by the GTR and GTS for this Amazfit model: Download
  • jerrak_apple_style_x from the Apple-inspired GTS: Download
  • Modular is a crown that adds distance, shortcuts and much more: Download
  • First Amazfit X It is a crown of great design for this Amazfit X: Download
  • aka smartband / xperia is a minimalist good: Download
  • WindowsPhone8a, for those who want to have that particular mosaic interface: Download
  • popcorn_remake_x with the accent on yellow for the steps and date: Download

These There are 56 spheres that you have available for the Amazfit X, Bip, GTR, GTS, Stratos, T-Rex and Verge Lite to customize your smartwatch like never before.

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