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fishing clash

Fishing Clash: Real Fishing It is one of these video games for Android that was launched a few years ago but is still played by many people because of how entertaining it is. The developer of the video game is called Ten Square Games and launched it back on October 24, 2017. Specifically, it is a video game for mobile phones of the simulation genre, in this case, fishing. Throughout this article we are going to give you tricks of Fishing Clash: Real Fishing so that you can know all its secrets and advance in the video game.

As an advice, do not be fooled because sometimes it is very easy to think that catching minnows can be done by everyone, but we assure you that Fishing Clash is complicated. In the end you will be thinking that fishing is nothing more than mounting your rod, putting the hook with the bait for them to bite and sitting anywhere to wait.

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Get ready for other kinds of things because in this mobile video game you are going to need to put in a little more on your part. In essence, fishing is what we have told you but as a real sport. Here we are talking about how we are going to play to catch a lot of rare fish and for that we are making this guide with different tricks that will help you be the best fisherman in the fishing simulation video game par excellence.

Gift codes for Fishing Clash: Real Fishing

To start and before giving you some little advice about the video game we are going to provide you with a series of codes that you can redeem in the application to get gifts within the simulation video game.

To be able to exchange them just go to the settings tab (You will find it as a blue button found in the upper right corner of the game interface). After and once you are in configuration you will find a menu in which there is a button that says 'gift codes'. Now click on it and a hole will appear in which you can enter each of the codes one by one. If the codes have not expired (they usually do it quickly) you can get rewards.

Gift codes for Fishing Clash fishing simulation video game:

  1. The loot it's a black packet of baits.
  2. ishhdhhwkeo It's a silver tackle box.
  3. Feb_24 - Gift of 100 amplifiers.
  4. kambr It is the golden package of fortune.
  5. Darwin - Gift of 100 pearls.
  6. tujuuluk - Gift of 25 pearls.
  7. MUSTARD - 10,000 coins.
  8. 79-A4DD967E765 - Barrel pearls.
  9. 54-BDD984B69BA: Starter pack gift.
  10. 12-1DC9DFCBD63 - Pearl bag gift.
  11. AA-D4558914460 - Gift bag Perlas .
  12. extremesportfishing : sonar (50 pieces), luck + 100% (50 pieces), fishing chance + 100% (50 pieces).
  13. PHILLIPS - luck + 100% (25 pieces), fishing chance + 100% (25 pieces), amps 25 (pieces), speed + 50% (25 pieces).
  14. thankyouverymuch rewards you with a golden fortune bundle.

Tricks for Fishing Clash: Real Fishing

fish in fishing clash

As we told you before giving you the codes, even if it is a fishing simulation game, it is not as 'simple' as sitting there, putting your baits and waiting for a fish to bite. That is why we have devised this guide that then we will put you with different tricks to make it much easier for you to advance in the fishing simulation video game. We go there with all the tips and tricks.

Try to change the bait to complete different missions and participate in championships

Each and every day that you access the video game for the first time, you will receive different special missions to capture a specific and different type of fish. When you manage to complete the mission after having caught that fish, you get many packs of cards that are worth a lot of money. So we are interested in doing this on a daily basis and to do it we will need always equip the correct bait on our fishing rod. If you don't, you may never come across the fish you want and therefore never be able to complete the daily missions.

If we go to championships the same thing happens because to participate in them you have to try to get to fish the biggest fish you can of the different types of fish that they ask of you. It's kind of a daily mission too. Therefore, remember that before starting you have to take a look at all the tournaments and daily missions to see what kind of fish they are asking you today and with those, equip yourself with the right bait to be victorious and take advantage of the rewards.

If you don't know where to see your current baits to be able to change them for others, you can do it in the lower right corner of your screen and you can change it whenever you want by clicking on it.

Once you have completed daily fishing missions and have also completed the championship, you will be able to receive all the prizes that awaited you with the letters that we mentioned. Little by little this will get complicated and vto require that you need to improve your fishing rods because little by little they will ask you for better and heavier fish.

Activate the power-ups you received or purchased

Fishing clash power-ups

Throughout the hours that you play Fishing Clash, you will receive power-ups. These objects must be activated manually. To find them you are going to go to the upper right corner of your screen and you will simply have to activate them by clicking on each of them. What these objects are for is to advance faster in the initial levels since thanks to an enhancer you will be able to catch more fish of bigger size and take much less time doing it.

You always have to improve your baits

fishing clash baits

You may be stuck in Fishing Clash because the fish that are asked of you in the daily missions or championships are very heavy. You may also have already improved your rod and wonder what you need to advance better. Well, it is likely that you need to improve your baits. This method will help you greatly increase your chances of catching those heavy fish that you have never managed to catch and that are generally the rarest. Thus If you dedicate yourself to looking for fish of legendary rarities or very high rarities it will never be enough to have only improved the rod. Take this advice into account as it is practically mandatory if you intend to catch fish of high rarities.

Get new and different baits with duels and clans

Although it seems that it is a game to play alone, you can have friends inside and even fishing clans. When you join one of them you can ask them to share new baits or card packs with you. This is a very good way to share objects and meet people. Try to join one. 

If you want to get new baits and hooks you can also win duels. With each duel you win you can get three new hooks. Do not despair if you lose the duels and keep trying since there are many people out there who have spent many hours playing the video game and it may be that you will play against them. Little by little you will become a veteran fisherman of Fishing Clash.

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