Best Instasize Alternatives Completely Free

We love to photograph everything that happens around us, take photos of the best moments and upload it to social networks. Also today smartphones have cameras installed with sensors and lenses of incredible quality.

That is why we want to portray and record our pets, friends and family, make those beautiful flower macros or collages and upload them to social networks like Instagram, the photography and short videos application par excellence.

How to make collages
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However we like our photos to have that quality touch, and that they are perfect. For this we use apps that edit and retouch photos to perfection, giving almost professional results.

The most used application was InstaSize - Photo Editor & Creator collages.


This application has a simple and intuitive interface With a lower button panel with five buttons to create a collage, you can choose an image or several from the gallery or make them from the camera, and apply backgrounds and layers.

It allows the user to upload photos to Instagram, in horizontal or vertical format, thanks to white frames that he adds to the photo, without having to crop it to be able to publish it in its entirety.

Today, it is an application that has fallen into disuse for several reasons, but the fundamental one is that it has become paid after the first month of use.

We only have to read the latest user comments that give it a terrible score, leaving its overall rating at only 3,7 stars for this reason, since it does not even allow testing it without necessarily introducing a payment method, let's go to buy it or not.

Therefore, we are going to talk about other free applications and tools whose functions are very similar and you might like them even more than this InstaSize, which we are talking about.

Free alternatives to InstaSize



Square Quick

It is an application that barely has about 4,8 downloads in the Play Store, but it has a rating of XNUMX so we should pay a little attention to it.

SquareQuick allows you to post photos on Instagram or Instagram Story with dozens of funny emojis and other stickers. You can even create horizontal images such as InstaSize using the built-in “no crop” feature in case you prefer the old Instagram box style.

It has cHundreds of emojis and stickers which they will make your images and selfies be more expressive and showy, as indicated by the creators of the application.

We can highlight features such as countless stickers and emojis available to make your photo more artistic. Add text to create your own caption, effects such as blur, gradient, mosaic or background colors.

You can share your photos on any social network, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

The Photo Editor allows you to take high-quality photos with blurred backgrounds, generating that effect bokeh how much is taking now, you can design texts for your photos, and make them unique.

In short, it is a good alternative to create filters, stickers, effects and photo clippings, which will help you collect more "likes" in all your publications.


Developer: Pixlr
Price: Free

We are now going to talk about this application whose main feature is that you can use it without having access to Wi-Fi or data. We have at our disposal photographic retouching and the option of making up to a maximum of two million combinations of effects without an Internet connection.

This application has more than a million downloads and a rating of 4,4 stars in the Play Store, therefore it deserves a place in our smartphones and learn its use, and the tricks it offers us.

In addition to dedicating ourselves to retouch photos, the application offers us functions such as creating collages, using predefined templates, and even has a integrated camera function, from which you can capture images before editing them, and all without leaving the app.

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Right next to the camera icon on the main screen of the application, you will find the shortcut to “Photos”. From here, we can select an image from the gallery to retouch it in the app editor.

One thing to keep in mind is that Pixlr does not allow you to edit multiple images simultaneously, for example, to add a watermark or resize multiple photos quickly.

As you can see there is a long list of options to be able to share your photos directly with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or by email.



If your thing is to publish selfies this is your application. It has a large number of functions, although some of them are unlocked by accessing the paid version.

We can have makeup modes, filters and individual adjustments such as skin tone or eye brightness, but also an automatic mode that you may like a little less, because sometimes it goes too far.

However, as we said from the application interface itself, we can take photographs by applying the retouching effects automatically, although of course we can also edit the photos later.

One of the advantages of AirBrush is that magic wand tool, thanks to which we can apply several effects simultaneously, with just one touch. Now, we can also use all its tools manually, with options such as whitening teeth, enlarging eyes, reducing cheeks, smoothing the skin, and much more.

Once we have finished working with our photographs, we will only have to save them in the memory of the terminal. As usual, we can also share it quickly through any of the social networks that we have installed.

AirBrush is a good photo editing app, which has many very useful tools, and offers an accessible interface. The application is specially designed to retouch 'selfies', but we can also edit any photograph in our gallery, and with a little practice they will look great.

InShot - Video & Photo Editor

InShot - bearbeiten video
InShot - bearbeiten video

In Shot

Is video editor and photos With one of the highest ratings on the list, it has an average score of 4,8.

You can edit your videos with music, make new creations, apply cuts and even merge different videos, and even add text to them.

A funniest feature is the option to modify the transition speed of the videos, We can apply a slow or fast motion effect, without the need for our terminal to have that option, something that can make your videos very fun and exciting.

Also you can apply filters, clippings, or add text. Its use is simple, you just have to add the videos that you want to edit. For that you have to press on the plus sign (+). Once this is done, you can click on the scissors icon to remove unwanted fragments.

As we have said, the app offers the option to add text, which You can customize both the font type and size, even the color.

There is the possibility of inserting stickers in different parts of the clip. You have a series of them available in the same application, but if you don't like them or they seem insufficient, you can purchase different sticker packages.

Another option that we have at our disposal is to add photographs that you have on your smartphone to, for example, include them in a fragment of the video and thus add a special touch to your edits. You can also rotate the clip or rotate it so that you can change the perspective.

In short, everything you can think of with a little imagination and time will allow you to obtain results of an astonishing quality.


Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


It is a of the best applications for photo retouching, its purpose is none other than photo editing. With a little practice and knowing how to use the amount of tools and options that it offers us, you can achieve professional results that will surprise everyone.

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Snapseed is a fairly intuitive application, with very organized menus. To regulate the intensity of the adjustments and effects that we apply to our photography, we can move our finger on the screen to the left and reduce its intensity, if on the contrary we move it to the right we will increase it. As a third option, if you slide your finger pressing up or down you will see the different menus of the tool that we are using at that moment.

Moreover, If you want to see the changes that you have applied with respect to the original photograph, you can do so by pressing the icon shaped like a square divided in half, or press on the image itself to see it.

We are facing an application developed by Google, so its quality and the possibilities it offers us is undoubted. I recommend you look for tutorials online and YouTube to learn how to get the most out of it, since it is one of the best tools that we have at our disposal in the world of photo editing.

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