Google Device Manager: what it is and what it is for

Google Device Manager

Google tools are as useful as they are important, one of them being it is little known at least for a lot of users it is called Google Device Manager. It is not usually used frequently, its use has a very specific purpose, that of being able to recover our device in case of loss.

The location of a smartphone to lose it for any reason happens by using this application that is quite important to take into account in all cases. Google has wanted to call it Android Device Manager, removes your name from the first word to make it easy to search within the Play Store.

Google Device Manager in addition to recovering our terminal It lets us do many more things, it is a fairly complete app, if we do it remotely with the PC, the options are expanded much more. For this we are going to explain everything in detail to know what it is for and what it is for.

Google Device Manager, what is it?

Android Device Manager on the Play Store

It is an application that you should not have installed on your mobile device, for this if you do not have it already downloaded you can download it from the Play Store for free to find your lost or stolen phone. Among other guidelines, your phone must have GPS activated to know its location with the app.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

The expense of the GPS will be a small percentage of the battery, it is suggested that in some cases it is good to keep this activated to even locate people by Google Device Manager tracking. In this sense, if you want to locate the lost phone, you must take this into account.

Google Device Manager usually performs a crawl using location services, they are usually activated by default. In order to locate the smartphone, we can enter through a computer with our own email account or on another phone using the application.

What is it for

What is Android DM for

If you need to recover your phone because it has been lost or because it has been stolen, it is the best solution, with it you will be able to know where it is at any time. In the app you will find three options, the first one is that it emits a sound at maximum volume, the second is to lock it with a password to lock the device and the third is to erase the content of your mobile phone.

Another of the guidelines for Google Device Manager to work is that the phone is connected to the Internet with the data rate or by Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise it will be impossible to locate the mobile on the map, if it is located it will show you all the coordinates to find the device.

The phone can be tracked in real time, for this you need to have an Internet connection, therefore always keep the 4G / 5G connection active in the terminal. Once the operation is connected, you must log in with your email. in the "Find your phone" Wizard and find the exact whereabouts of the mobile.

How to find the phone with the app

How to find the mobile with Android Device Manager

If you want to locate the phone that you have lost, the first thing you should do is download the app on a new device, be it a phone or a tablet. Download Google Device Manager and once it becomes associated We will start working with her to find out where the terminal is.

It will load you a map and the location of the phone in which it is at that moment, if for example it is in a bar where you have forgotten it, it will show you the point above that business. It will tell you the brand and model of the terminal, in addition to showing you the action options you want to do: Make a sound even in silence, block and erase everything that is in your storage.

If it has been a robbery, it is best to report the case, then for the recovery of the smartphone they will have to carry out a plan to proceed with the return. If in this case it has been due to neglect, go to the site to recover it and request that it be returned to you to make use of it.

How to find the phone via web

Find mobile using Android Device Manager web

Google Device Manager has a web applicationTherefore, it will not be necessary to download anything to our computer and know the site where the mobile device is at any time. Log in with the email account you use on the phone and it will show you the mobile phone, click on the exact model if you have more than one and wait for it to load all the options.

In the left panel it will show you all the information about your phone, the 4G / 5G connection, if it is connected to Wi-Fi, the battery percentage, the last connection and the three options (emit sound, block and delete content ). On the right you will see the map with the point where the device comes to be and if you click it will tell you the exact location where it is.

Thanks to the coordinates you will know the direction in which it is located, the appropriate thing in this case is to take a screenshot and show the proof in case someone has found it at some point. With this you show that you are the owner, as well as the email associated with the phone.

In the event that it is turned off, without an Internet connection or having reset the device, it will not be possible to recover the mobile as it cannot connect to it. Google Device Manager is a great application, but it has these limitations that other apps of the same style usually have.

Send a message with Google Device Manager to your lost phone

Lock lost or stolen Android

Among the other options that Google Device Manager has is to be able to send a message to that lost phoneIf it has been stolen, it will read this when a message sounds. You can request the return of the device, for this you have to enter Google Device Manager, either in the application or through the web.

Try to be nice, ask for it to be returned and say that you have located it, that is a great premise if you want to be able to recover a terminal that has a lot of information about your day-to-day life. Once you send the message you can give a new phone number to get in touch with you, either by call or by messaging applications.

Check location history with Google Device Manager

Location history

If with Google Device Manager you cannot find the place where your phone is one more alternative is the "Location history" which is linked to our account. Check the last locations where the device was, if it moves it will show you the exact places thanks to geolocation.

With the locations you have an idea more or less where it has been moving, if you make a query of the address in each of them it will show you the almost exact address of each point. Many people have found the phone using this method, but if you use Google Device Manager it will show you where it is in real time.

Always have the Location on your phone activated


To find out if you have location enabled on your phone, go to Settings> Security and locationIn the Location option, check that it is activated. Many users usually deactivate it for privacy reasons, but in order to find your device it is important that it is active.

When entering Location choose "High precision" or "Maximum precision", this will always find the most exact site when using Google Device Manager, in our having it activated you can search for it with the application. Within Security and location also activate "Find my device", it will be easier for us when using the application or the web to find that phone that you have lost or stolen.

How to find a device by IMEI

Imei tracker

Another option to find the whereabouts of a mobile device is through the IMEI, a number that is not commonly used except to block a stolen terminal. To find the phone we will need the mobile to become connected to the GPS and download an application.

The IMEI usually comes inside the device, just behind where the battery is placed, sometimes in a different place depending on the manufacturer. To locate the phone by IMEI you need to download the IMEI Tracker - Find my device app, a free tool in the Play Store.

IMEI Tracker - Find My Device
IMEI Tracker - Find My Device
Developer: iMoonGames
Price: Free

In this case, once you open the application, it will ask you for the IMEI number, enter the complete number without missing any to show you the map of the exact geolocation. It works very similar to Google Device Manager and is an alternative on the table in case you have lost it or it has been stolen.

You have to use the Google account to which the phone becomes associated, you also have to give the permissions of other apps, make a phone call, access the photos, access the multimedia content and the location.

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