How to identify fake Instagram profiles

Detect fake profiles on Instagram

Every day there is more talk about an issue that worries many of us a lot, we are talking about fake profiles on social networks. These profiles usually aim to increase the account's followers and therefore cause annoyance by sending spam or interacting suspiciously with certain content. Although if you don't pay attention to them they can have little effect on you, it is better to know how to identify them so you don't have to deal with them. That's why today Let's see how you can identify fake profiles on Instagram.

How can I identify fake profiles on Instagram

Biographies of fake profiles on Instagram

Despite that Instagram uses algorithms to analyze user behavior and in this way detect patterns that indicate the presence of fake accounts or bots, the platform depends largely on reports from active users like you and me. And today it is very easy to open Instagram and create an account. You simply enter the data, place a profile image and the biography description. With that you already have a profile on Instagram that does not correspond to you and can be used for whatever you want.

And when I say "whatever you want" I mean using the platform without restrictions since The penalty is losing an account that was created in a few minutes. This leads to the platform being filled with fake accounts that are dedicated to annoying you with uninteresting spam ads, filling the network with propaganda content or even trying to scam you through phishing.

This inevitably leads us to the idea that we ourselves are responsible for identifying fake profiles on Instagram to report and block them. As I tell you, this is the usual way that Instagram is not completely full of these types of accounts, but if you don't know how to detect these fake profiles, They may end up affecting your experience within this social network.

That's why I'm going to tell you some tricks to detect fake profiles on Instagram.

Pay attention to the details

Attention to detail essential to detect bots

You should carefully examine the information that this possible fake account has in its profile. You can focus on view data such as the number of posts you have, your followers, and your follows. Now, this information by itself does not give us much information, the important thing here is to see if the data together make sense. Fake profiles usually have unusual or disproportionate numbers that do not match the rest of the data.

For example, if an account has 200.000 followers and its posts do not exceed 8 or 10 likes, it is almost 100% a fake account.

Check your and your community's interactions

Review your interactions

This step is still relatively easy now, but with advances in chatbot science this will become increasingly complicated. And I mean observe what the followers of the user you think is fake say (and how they say it).

Basically you will have to train your eye and observe how this supposed fake profile interacts with other accounts and with its community. Fake profiles usually have minimal, inauthentic and repetitive interactions. Typical is the "Good photo" message and it usually distinguishes a fake account from one that is not.

Find your profile picture

Use Google Lens to identify fake accounts on Instagram

You can use Google Lens to do a reverse search on the user's profile image that you think is false. Keep in mind that normally, when fake accounts are created, an image from Google Images is placed in the profile. This means that identifying fake profiles can be a matter of seconds.

If when performing the reverse search using a photograph you find that that photo belongs to one or more profiles, alarm bells should be ringing. That account is almost certainly false.

Check his biography

Check biography of a fake profile

As with the profile photo, when a user creates a fake profile, they usually do not use their imagination, so the description of his biography is usually more than brief. Or as we had mentioned before, you can see minimal and basic biographies, without any interest.

Try viewing the bio of the alleged fake account and try to see if the content of the bio is original. When you have been finding these types of profiles for a while, you will be able to detect fake biographies in less time.

Check other social networks

Check other social networks

Although it is possible that a profile on social networks is only limited to appearing on Instagram, Normally any person or company on Instagram is also on other networks such as Twitter, TikTok or LinkedIn. You can search for them on these networks and verify if the contents and interactions are suspicious.

In the same way as before, you can follow all the previous steps. Of course, if you only have an Instagram account, you should be alert as it may be a fake Instagram profile.

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