How to use iPhone emojis on your Android

The passage of users from iPhone to Android and vice versa is constant. In that transition many seek how to use iPhone emojis on your Android mobile, so for this we come to your aid: to show you the different ways that you have available to make the change.

Some iPhone emojis that many will miss, but thanks to the increased customization options for phones based on the operating system of the big G (Google), we can have them without many problems. We are going to do it to make our Android phone very iPhone-like; at least, in emojis.

3 ways to change iPhone emojis on your Android

emoji for iphone

To change emojis on your Android phone to the iPhone we have three ways or ways. One is installing a keyboard app that has the emojis we are looking for so that we can communicate with our colleagues and family as we would with our previous Apple brand phone.

There is another way, and this is to change the default font that we have on our mobile device. That is we can even use SwiftKey, Google's keyboard or Samsung's, if we had a Galaxy, in order to use emojis and without losing those characteristics that have made those keyboards the best we have in this OS for mobile devices.

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The third is using FancyKey, an app that allows us to change the emojis for those of Twitter. And you will wonder why those of Twitter. Very simple, they are almost identical to those of the iPhone, so we will have it very easy.

We recommend the second option. Simply because the first, although faster, is going to force you to use that keyboard and replace to any of those three that we have mentioned.

And we tell you the truth, typing with a SwiftKey that has the best predictive text or with a Google Gboard, which is very light and has the power in our fingers, it shows a lot. Let's get to it, so first of all we show you those apps with which to have a keyboard with iPhone emojis.

Remember that to be able to change the emojis from the source of the system you need a device that allows you to use other types of sources. One of them are the Galaxy, like the Note 10, S10 and S9 ...

Keyboards for iPhone emojis

We recommend these 3 keyboard apps for emojis on the Apple phone keyboard that you try all three and review the experience they give you in days to decide on one. They are similar experiences, although they have their differences more than visible. We start in order according to how we liked the use it gives the most and of course, those wanted emojis.

Kika keyboard 2019


Kika is a keyboard app for iPhone emojis well complete. You only have to see how well it has been treated by the user community in Google reviews, to realize that it may be the perfect one for these purposes.

It has a font, color and we can even put a gallery background. Have variety of keyboards and not only based on iPhone emojisIf not, try to give you a keyboard with which to type faster and thus replace, at least, the experience that the SwiftKey or Gboard can give you.

Nor can we ignore that you can send GIFS, stickers, that have automatic autocorrect, voice panel and the option to use one of the more than 60 languages. That is, we are facing a very complete keyboard app.

Kika-Tastatur - Emoji-Tastatur
Kika-Tastatur - Emoji-Tastatur

emoji keyboard


This app is just as similar to the previous one, but the variety is what is important. Forever you can give us to use one or the other, so here we have a good list. And there is no lack of characteristics to use it for our day to day. We can change the font, colors, sounds and even translate.

When it comes to iPhone emojis, you cans even send a bunch of them at once thanks to some special functions, apart from having more than 3.600 emojis, more GIFs, stickers and much more.

It also has customization options for put your own photograph in the background and a whole store with a multitude of keyboard themes. Not only this, but you opt to have the themes of famous games like Rovio and that Angry Birds. A keyboard with iPhone emojis that works quite well and is quite light compared to others on this list.

Facemoji Emoji-Tastatur&Design
Facemoji Emoji-Tastatur&Design

Cute Keyboard Emoji Emoticons

cute emoji

Another keyboard full of options and that stands out for having iPhone emojis that we look for so much for our Android device. If there is something that characterizes it, apart from that reason, it is because of its wide variety of customization options. It even gives us the option to add a row of emojis to access them in a jiffy.

Also note that Each key on the Emoji Keyboard has its own emoji for quick access; a striking function that will allow us to write all those emoticons that we want. It has a good number of themes for the keyboard, although we did not find those of Rovio from the previous one.

The truth is that the keyboard yes that is a little rougher, so it forces us to look for a personalized theme so that the experience improves. Another keyboard with the iPhone emojis and that you will find them in the proper area to be able to use others if we wish.

Cute Keyboard Emoji Emoticons
Cute Keyboard Emoji Emoticons

Changing the phone font with Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10

Remember that you need a mobile that allows the change of the source. Otherwise it will be impossible to change the system font and use the emojis that come with this app that will allow us to use the iPhone on our Android.

  • The first thing we are going to do is download this app:
Emoji Fonts Message Maker
Emoji Fonts Message Maker
Developer: The Fonts
Price: Free
  • When starting it (and passing the first advertisement) we will press about «View & Apply a new font».
  • The font that we will apply will appear.

emoji font 10

  • Click on it and a screen will appear where we can see how the new font will be installed with their emojis.
  • We will activate it by default and the next thing is to choose Emoji Font 10.
  • This is precisely the emojis for the iPhone.
  • Ready.

Using the Twitter emojis from the FancyKey keyboard app

We go with FancyKey and its iPhone emojis (which are really the ones on Twitter, but they are very similar)

  • We first download FancyKey in the Play Store:
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • We install the app on our mobile, start it and we will have to activate it as if we were doing it with another keyboard app.
  • After those keyboard activation screens, we can go to the Fancy settings to activate the iPhone emojis.
  • From Settings we go to Preferences.

Fancy Emoji

  • In the Show section we select Emoji styles and we choose Twitter.
  • You will have to download the package to already have the Twitter emojis and they are practically similar to those of the iPhone.

Three different options to be able to use the iPhone emojis on your Android phone and that will allow you not to miss the Apple phone so much.

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