10 football games without the need for Wi-Fi

In Google Play there is a large number of football games, and although most are free, they require a stable Internet connection to work, since establish connections with other users around the world. You can find some of the ones that do use the internet here:

Best soccer games on Android
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Best soccer games for Android

However, there are certain apps that do not need mobile data to be used, like a large number of football games that do not require WiFi. We are going to see below a ranking with the best:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

eFootball ™ 2024
eFootball ™ 2024
Developer: KONAMI
Price: Free

PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer

It went on sale in 2018 developed by the company "Konami" and presents classification of "ESRB". If you are a soccer fan, surely you have heard it sometime. It is one of the best football games for both mobile phones and consoles.

Among its novelties we find, for example, that you now have 3 types of coaches They have high experience, and also their graphics are much more realistic, in such a way that they perfect their playability.

Furthermore, the snow returns in this installment as part of one of the match scenarios and features 4K HDR support allowing better clarity of animations.

News from the "Master League" is also incorporated, in addition to that at the design level, the physical appearance of the characters is better detailed, and negotiations can be carried out for player transfers, allowing configure each player with an identifier.

For example, you can define the "Stars", the "Super stars" and also the "Bad Boy". It also presents a role of personality in each player, and the "My Club" mode is reintegrated.

Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues

Soccer Star 23 Top Leagues
Soccer Star 23 Top Leagues

Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues

It is an app distributed by "Genera Game" and, although we know that this information matters little to you, perhaps you would like to know that they exist more than 6 different competitions and a wide variety of teams from around the world.

Likewise, it has a code that allows you to make incredible goals according to the keys and actions that are carried out, managing to further increase the excitement of the game.

As well presents an online rankingAlthough this only works when you have an internet connection, in which you can know the position of your friends in a table, to try to overcome them.

In addition, it has a "Training mode" with more than 200 levels that will help you increase your skills in the field more and more. The best thing is that it has the "Argentina Cup" incorporated, allowing the country's classic to be played. We can't always feel that emotion!

Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2
Flick Shoot 2
Price: Free

Flick Shoot 2

Distributed by the company "Mobile Craft", this game allows take shots at goal from any distance from the field, in addition to adding a barrier of players that block the passage of the ball.

It offers the option of becoming a soccer player you want regardless of nationality, and grants different challenges online, as well as a "Multiplayer" mode that requires an internet connection (we know that it is not what you are looking for because you have stayed no data, but hey, we'll save it for when you're home).

It also features really excellent movement with XNUMXD graphics, and shows different types of scenarios during the game that are surprising for a mobile.

This is one of the soccer games without having to use data that allows you to enjoy 6 different modalities, such as: "Challenge "," Without fail ", Dribble", "Arcade", "Against the clock" and "Practice".

Finally, it allows customizing the players' jerseys and shoes, as well as the balls that are present on the field during important tournaments.

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer
Dream League Soccer
Price: To be announced

It was created in 2011 by the independent developer "First Touch" and it presents modes of "A player" that does not require internet and "Online multiplayer" that requires access to stable networks to function.

In this video game, players can create a club, as well as establish a captain, defenders, forwards, wings and regroup them at any time they want.

It also allows you to create the club's crest, its name and even the uniform they will have. Presents 6 different game divisions, these are:

  • 1 Division
  • 2 Division
  • 3 Division
  • Academic division
  • Elite division
  • Junior elite division

In the first place, you will start in the "Academic Division" and you will have to overcome each challenge that is placed on you to reach the "Elite Division", although you will be able to have additional levels if you need them.

score! Hero

score! Hero
score! Hero
Price: Free


It is one of the best football games without WiFi that are available on Google Play, it was released for sale in 2015 and developed by "First Touch Games".

Presents up to 660 different levels where you can complete each of the challenges that are given to you, and have different trophies during their main battles.

You can represent a country if you wish, and participate in sporting events of a great nature, as well as enjoy graphics with 3D technology and have links with different social networks.

It allows you to customize a player if you want, and it has built-in artificial intelligence, which manages to adapt to the steps you take during your plays in matches.

Top Eleven 2019

Top Eleven 2024 Football Manager
Top Eleven 2024 Football Manager
Developer: nordeus
Price: Free

Top Eleven 2019 Soccer Manager

It is a platform distributed by "Mordeos" that presents more than 200 million downloads all over the world, thanks to the fact that you become a Manager of this sport.

This allows you to create a soccer club, develop it, customize it and create different strategies on the field so that you can complete each of the levels it has.

It also offers a challenge where you can take on your friends and other people around the world, but Internet is required for thisJust like you can enter the field with important managers, the main one being “José Mourinho”.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer
New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer

Despite being one of the most basic soccer games without the need for Wi-fi on Google Play, it allows you to enjoy a system that is awarded by "BAFTA".

Its main purpose is to set yourself in a world where you are a 16-year-old person and you have to perform different actions in order to be a soccer star.

You can develop your skills, increase your capacity and much more, since has a “Free-to-play” style as the main code within your platform.

Real Football 2019

Real Football
Real Football
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: To be announced

Real Soccer Android

It is a soccer game without having to use data that is available for a large number of operating systems including Android and represents one of the most demanded tools on Google Play.

Provides a fictional series called "Real Football" in which different players from all over the world face each other, however, they appear with names that are not real.

Likewise, the teams in general belong to German and Spanish leagues, although its identification is fictitious, so you can customize the name of the team as you wish.

Football Manager Mobile 2019

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Football Manager

Distributed mainly by the company "Sega", it is one of the few football games without internet that require a payment to be downloaded. The latter is from U.S. dollar 8.99Although the expense is totally worth it.

This is because it offers different leagues that are available all over the world, and provides new destinations that did not have the previous version, which are "China" and "Russia".

In it, you can transfer players from your team to another or also establish transfer contracts with a character that you wish to acquire.

also can customize team enumeration and set configurations that suit your tastes even more. Finally it has a "My Club" mode where you can create a club from scratch with players you want.

FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

It is perhaps the most recommended football games without WiFi in the world, since it presents different licenses that would allow you to enjoy characters, clubs and competitions from around the world.

It has been available since 2016 and can be used in "Multiplayer" mode to play games with your friends through internet connections.

It also offers multiple events and a lot of game modes, these are:

  • Attack faced
  • Live events
  • Campaign mode
  • Parallel / faced attack
  • Face to face
  • Others

Its main theme will allow you to choose 5 different players who are between the categories of "Gold" and "Elite" and if you manage to complete each of the challenges that are presented, you will be able to get the best player of the week.

Finally provides the "UEFA Champions League" with a large number of special players, guests and even clubs from all countries to expand your catalog of options.

Soccer Cup 2019

Soccer Cup 2019

This is a video game very famous in Latin America for perfecting the players and also the different national teams found here.

It offers the largest number of soccer-themed game modes, these are:

  • South Cup: Where all the Latin American countries face each other.
  • Race In which you have to overcome different levels demonstrating your gaming experience.
  • Basics: It allows you to train more easily and get used to the game.
  • Daily challenges: Which presents you with 5 divisions to climb with games available every day.
  • Season: In which you can choose a team that you customize.
  • Tournament: Where you can battle until you win the "Champions of America Trophy."

It has "AI" added, so you can achieve greater precision in your passes, kicks, the type of defense you request and many other actions to improve your main adaptation to the game.

If you have been wanting to try other Android games without WiFi You can visit this other article where we show you an even more complete ranking, with many different genres:

Real Racing 3
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Do you know any other soccer game that you are passionate about? We already know that we search here without an Internet connection, but hey, all suggestions are welcome. Leave us your comment!

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