Top 3 NFT Games and Warnings You Should Consider

Best NFT games

NFT games are something more and more popular on the market. In fact, in these weeks we have already told you about some of the games in this category that have become a most popular option around the world, as Axie Infinity and Plant vs Undead. One of the keys in these types of games is that they are presented as a way to earn money, in some cases large amounts of money per month.

The fact that there are more and more games in this category is undoubtedly something that makes many consider playing one. If you were looking for NFT games, there are some that are better or that you should definitely give a try. Here are the top three games in this category, as well as some caveats to keep in mind.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity scholarships

Axie Infinity has become one of the most popular NFT games all over the world, which brings us to a world where we have to breed these beasts. One of the keys to this title is that it is one of the few games in this genre where we can start playing without having to invest money or with a very limited investment. Axie Infinity has a scholarship system that we have talked about, thanks to which we can start playing without having to pay money.

This scholarship system allows us to start playing for free and that a part of our benefits They are sent to the person who has awarded us the scholarship. This reduces the income we make, but it is a good way to make money without paying to play. In addition, the percentage that is taken away from us is not too high, so you continue to earn money. Axie Infinity is one of the best-known and most-followed NFT games. These scholarships are a good help, because the initial investment is usually high in this game (around 600 dollars).

Depending on the strategy we follow in Axie Infinity, we can earn a lot of money. As you know, income depends largely on the way we play. So if we are smart players, with a good strategy, we can win a lot of money in this game. If we have avoided having to make that initial investment when obtaining a scholarship, we will begin to generate profits quickly. So it is a good way to earn quick money.

plant vs undead

plant vs undead

Plant vs Undead is another of the NFT games with the most followers around the world today. He is seen by many as the great rival of the aforementioned Axie Infinity, in fact we have already compared them before. This game takes us to a world where we have to raise plants that will save the planet. In the game we are given the possibility to play two different roles: farmer or gardener. Both involve an investment, but in the case of the gardener it is less, although we have to work for the farmer, who is the owner of plants and land where these special plants grow.

This game is somewhat cheaper compared to the previous one. Your initial investment is quite low, of about 50 euros (depending on how Ethereum fluctuates). This is something that makes it much more accessible than other games like Axie Infinity. Although once we start playing, we have to make a lot of investments within the game. So it can be quite expensive, especially if we have chosen the role of the farmer, we will have to pay a lot for the land. Although if we have gardeners working for us, a part of the money they generate will go to us.

The strategy we follow is something that will determine success that we have in this game. It is possible to obtain a good income in the same, in some cases an income similar to that of a salary or even higher. Although this game is going to involve us having to make investments on a regular basis, so we must play with our head so that we are really going to be able to make money in it. Otherwise it will be difficult to move forward.


A name that may not sound like many users, but it is considered one of the best NFT games today. In addition, it is one of the most stable NFT games of the moment, which is another important aspect. It's not one of those high-payoff games, but it's still growing. So if you start playing, you will be among the first in this generation and it is just a matter of waiting for the game to gain ground in the market. Both the initial investment and the prizes are low, so it is a good option if you are taking your first steps in the world of NFT games, for example.

In this case we are facing a collectible card game. It can be similar to others like Magic The Gathering or games like Yu-Gi-Oh !. The objective in all cases is the same: build the best possible deck of cards that allows us to defeat our enemies in combat. There are tournaments and battles within the game, so that we can face other users who are in it at all times. Each card in the game has its own characteristics, so it is our task to know when to use each one to win those games.

There are different types of cards within Splinterlands, each also with its own characteristics. As in games of this genre, winning or not winning will depend on our ability to use these cards. Its operation is not too mysterious, being similar to other games like Magic. This game requires a low investment at the moment and its prizes are not too high, but if you were interested in trying out what NFT games are like, it is a good start, which also will not involve too high a risk.

NFT game warnings

NFT games

More and more users decide to play NFT games. They are presented in a general way as a good way to win money, especially if you play well you can win large amounts of money in them. Although these types of games also have their risks or there are certain aspects that we must bear in mind, before starting to play. Therefore, below we leave you with the main aspects that we must consider in this type of game, so that we are better prepared at all times.

  1. Initial investment: You have to always keep in mind what the initial investment in the game is. In all of them you usually have to pay some money to start playing, but the differences in this amount are enormous (it goes from 60 dollars to more than 600 dollars in some cases, for example). So keep in mind how much you are going to have to invest, because there are cases in which it will not compensate you to pay too much. It is better to start with a game where the investment is low, to learn more about the system.
  2. In-game expenses: Not only must we take into account that initial investment, but we must also consider the expenses that are within the game itself. There are times when we have to make a lot of in-game investments to really advance and we don't always have the money for it. Keep in mind how much you have to spend to start generating money and if it really is something that compensates you.
  3. Security: The security of NFT games is something that has been discussed many times. It is not uncommon for there to be games where there are hacks or there are security problems with the users' wallets, who end up losing their money or their cryptocurrencies in it. It is good to check if those games you are interested in playing have had security problems in the past, before you start making large investments in them.
  4. Services: Of course, it is good to take into account what is the average profit or income that is obtained in each game. It is common for us to read that there are games in which you can win thousands of euros per month, but we must bear in mind that these are usually the exceptions. So do your research and get an idea of ​​how much you can earn per month if you play any of these games, so that you will be prepared in this regard.
  5. Cryptocurrency fluctuation: NFT games are based on cryptocurrencies, either in-game currencies or other well-known ones such as Ethereum. One aspect that has great influence is the fluctuation of these cryptocurrencies, whose value can sink or skyrocket with great frequency. It is good to take into account how prices are evolving at all times, because they can influence the money you win or the initial investment you have to make in the game, for example.

NFT games are popular and they are sure to increase their presence in the market. They are not a bad option, but it is necessary to be especially careful when playing in any of them.

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