How to make excellent throws in Pokémon Go

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Although it seems that Pokémon Go is not a video game with enough depth in terms of its mechanics, although it may seem that it is not. Almost everyone thinks that it is based on capturing Pokémons and taking walks but the reality is that there is much more to capturing and understanding how to do it. It also has other aspects such as evolution or even mechanics to capture gyms and use them. In fact this article is about how to make a great throw in Pokémon GO. We anticipate that it is not easy but by following these steps you will be able to achieve it.

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As we told you, we are going to focus on the most basic but at the same time complicated mechanics, which is to perform an excellent launch. Niantic's video game sometimes gets a bit difficult and handling it at a basic level is simple but taking it to a high level is complicated. As we say in video games "mastering" it is difficult. In any case, we are going to explain a little how to better handle all these types of throws so that you can capture them all without any problem. Remember that the better the launch, the easier it will be for you to catch the Pokémon. And if you get a launch, you will have a better chance of taking that catch. The more difficult the incursion, the more skill you will need because the capture rate is very low, in fact around 2 to 5%. That's where whether you are good or not comes in.

How to make a great Pokémon GO launch

Pokémon GO

In addition to your ability, you have to take into account that the better type of Poké Ball you use, the more chance of capture you will have, that is clear. In addition to this, the berries are also essential in some launches and captures to take the Pokémon to the backpack. All this together with your excellent launch will make you become a Pokémon master capturing. In percentage for you to get used to the idea, you may have Up to 14,45% more chances of catching thanks to this game mastering. In any case, using a basic Poké Ball, you will have to follow the steps below:

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The first thing you will have to do is touch the Poké Ball and do not release it. Now you will have to wait until you see that the diameter of the circle is as closed and small as possible, better. Once you see that it is like this, you can release but without throwing the Poké Ball. Now as the second part of the tutorial, you will have to wait for the Pokémon in question to try to attack you with its typical animation. Wait and don't get nervous, just wait for him to attack first.

Right before he is going to finish his attack animation, turn the Poké Ball and when the animation ends you have to throw it directed directly at his face, that is to say, center it well and that it does not escape to one side. If you throw it away you will lose everything you have done before and you will have to repeat it. You will see that the circle is going to show itself in that tiny opening state, just like we would see at the beginning before picking up the Poké Ball itself.

So what we are going to get is that we will guarantee excellent launch in Pokemon Go, Or what is the same, the launch will be made when the circle is as closed as possible and you will gain the probability of capturing that Pokémon. In the end it is not that complicated but we assure you that to master it and carry it out you will always need practice. The trick is always to be patient and wait for that attack animation in addition to looking at the circle and throwing the Poké Ball itself well centered.

Other types of launches: curved launch in Pokémon Go

In addition to the excellent launch there are also other types of launches, such as the curved one. This cast also increases your chances of catching that Pokémon. that you have in front of you but what you are going to get with this launch is also a little extra experience in each capture so you will level up faster by applying this trick.

What you have to do to launch a Poké Ball in a curved way is to keep the Poké Ball as we did in the other launch but now you will have to spin it. When you throw it, if you look closely, it has to go making turns in the air until it makes a parabola. It will rotate in the direction in which you were turning and throwing it.

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If the Poké Ball falls within the circle you will get extra experience points that will make you level much faster. As soon as you take the trick at launch, you will always apply it because you will see that if you go around to capture different Pokémon you're going to start to climb a lot more level than you did previously. It requires some mastering but you can go to practice in an area where you have low-level Pokémon, without spending money on expensive Poké Balls and so you will be ready for when you need to apply it on a good Pokémon.

How to download Pokémon GO for Android?

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free

In case you were looking for information about the famous Pokémon video game but you have not tried it yet and you have been curious when reading the article, we leave you the link to download it. You will only have to enter the Google Play Store and download the game. From there you can go to Android Guides to read other articles that will help you improve day by day in the most famous Pokémon video game for mobile phones.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that from now on you can make an excellent launch in Pokemon Go. See you in the next Android Guides article, but if you have any questions about the video game or the article, you can leave it in the comment box that you will find right at the end of this post. In fact, if you want you can leave more types of releases that you think are perfect for other types of things in game and so we can add them to the article.

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