Where to read manga online for free and in Spanish: the best websites

Where to read manga online and for free

The otaku phenomenon is clearly on the rise. Spain has always been a benchmark when it comes to reading Japanese comics. You just have to see the different events that take place in our country to make it clear that we are true lovers of One Piece and Naruto among others. But it can read manga online for free and in Spanish?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. An ideal way for true lovers of Japanese comics who, for whatever circumstance, cannot enjoy the physical format. Do you want to read manga online for free and in Spanish? Let's look at the available options.

Pages to read manga

Is it legal to read manga online for free in Spanish?

Let's be clear: no, it's not legal, but you don't have a choice. And, despite the fact that, as we have told you, the otaku phenomenon in Spain is at stake, with a legion of lovers of Japanese manga, we have a big problem in our country: lack of distributors that publish these books in Spanish. In this way, you will have a hard time finding your favorite Japanese comics.

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Obviously, you can find the best-known manga in physical format, but with a big but: they are much more backward than in Japan. It is complete nonsense that you cannot enjoy the most famous Japanese comics legally. Are you considering hiring a service that allows you read read manga online in Spanish for a monthly fee? Know that it does not exist.

Crunchyroll to read manga online

There is no Crunchyroll version to read manga online

If you are a lover of the genre, it is more than likely that you know Crunchyroll, the on-demand content platform that is considered the Netflix of animes. Without a doubt, the option most used by fans of Japanese cartoon series. Well, your catalog is hilarious. Yes, there is very little content, and obviously in English.

Come on, if the so-called "anime Netflix" hardly has content, if compared to the incredible volume of Japanese cartoon series and movies, things look bad. Be careful, that Crunchyroll is a high platform, with a lot of content for lovers of the genre, but it is only the tip of the iceberg of everything that is published in the Japanese country.

Also, Crunchyroll is in English. And there is no such service in our country. Add to that the fact that there are no distributors that bother to publish Japanese comics in our country (most good quality manga do not cross borders) so that it is clear to you that, if you want to enjoy reading this type of comics, do not there is another to bet on websites that allow you read manga online for free in spanish.

The best of all? That behind the web pages to read free online manga in Spanish that we are going to show you, hides a complete otaku community that is responsible for translating Japanese comics into Spanish. Yes, you read that right: they completely voluntarily translate these contents so that you can keep up with your favorite manga.

Pages to read manga online for free in Spanish

Pages to read manga online and for free

On the other hand, you might not know but the vast majority of anime are based on comics. Yes, Dragon Ball too. Isn't it true that some chapter of the series was too much for you? It is what in the world is called "filling" or "straw." More than anything because there are moments when the series is ahead of the comic, and while the creator of the manga continues to work to publish new volumes, those in charge of producing the animated series do not hesitate to invent content to fill the television grid until the comic once again has enough volumes to make more chapters.

To say that in the case of Dragon Ball, the filling is of quite quality. But, if you are a fan of Naruto or Bleach, you will have suffered real aberrations in the form of chapters that should not have existed. But why do we tell you all this? Well, because you can do it the other way around: read the comic to get more information about anime.

We can confirm that any anime follows quite rigorously what happens in a manga, but obviously some creative licenses are taken. Not to mention the fact that they can't put everything that is explained in the comic. The solution? Begin to read free manga in Spanish of your favorite series. With this, you will get more information about it, in addition to adding depth to the characters and discovering all kinds of secrets that delight lovers of the genre.

Now that it is clear that the advantages offered by japanese comics They are remarkable (for the simple fact of increasing information on your favorite anime series), in addition to the fact that it is almost impossible to find content in our language, let's see what options to take into account when looking to read manga online for free and in Spanish.

Your Manga Online, page to read Japanese comics for free

Your online manga, the best website to read manga online for free and in Spanish

The truth is that there are a few websites where you can read manga online for free in Spanish. But Your Manga Online It is the main reference within the sector. Behind this website there is a community of otakus to have a really extensive repertoire. In addition, the good rankings in terms of translation quality make clear the good work of this portal.

In addition, one of the great assets of this website to read manga online for free and in Spanish, is that they make promotions regarding the next releases that are going to arrive, in addition to being able to preview the content before opening it, ideal if you have a bad connection or are trying to read it from your mobile. They even have a forum for you to talk about your favorite hobby! The only but? That the web is not too beautiful aesthetically, but it will more than meet your needs.



Another excellent option to consider if you are looking for a web portal to read manga online for free, is inmanga. in this case we are facing a portal that boasts a sober and simple design but that will not disappoint you at all at the level of contents. In addition, through their social networks you will be able to see all the news that comes, to be the first to read the next chapter of your favorite Japanese comic.



Third, we are going to recommend a website to read manga online that surprises with its design. Worse. Yes, no one can deny that Animextremist It has a very outdated look, saying that its content is of great quality, in addition to being updated regularly with new manga.

I said, do not expect great displays on an aesthetic level, but you will find a wide variety of content for you to enjoy your preferred sleeves.

NineMana, free website to read manga in Spanish for free

Nine manga

With a much more current design, in addition to a complete search engine that will help you find the latest available manga, we are facing one of the best websites to read Japanese comics in Spanish. A very complete portal that offers all kinds of content, including free erotic sleeves. Do not doubt try NineManga, as you will not be disappointed.

Leo manga

Leo Manga

To end with the best websites to read manga online for free and in SpanishWe did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend you another really complete portal and that will not disappoint you at all. We talk about Leo Manga, a platform that boasts a really broad, well-organized and highly varied content.

A website that also has a complete search engine to find that manga that you have been wanting to read for a long time. Do you speak and read in Japanese? Well, do not hesitate to join the community and contribute your own content to help promote the otaku phenomenon.

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