The best Clash Royale crossbow decks

clash royale crossbow decks

If you are one of the faithful Clash Royale players, it is necessary that you know which are the best Clash Royale crossbow decks and why they are considered in this way. This is a structure that depending on the type of deck you use will be much more effective in the game.

In this article we will give you what are the best decks of crossbow that you can use in this popular game.

How to play with the crossbow in Clash Royale

Clash Royale

It is one of the epic cards of Clash Royale, thanks to it you will have the option of having a much higher level of play, being one of the weapons that many of them will want to hate. For that you have to study a little before you start using it in the Clash Royale video game, which is available on the Play Store.

The stats are really good, especially if you decide to pick up one of the various crossbow decks that will be available in this renowned title. It is not the only deck available, so you can show it off with just doing a few small things, such as manufacturing it throughout the stage.

His statistics are:

  • 38 damage per attack at level 8 and 20 at level 1
  • Damage per second: 126 at level 8 and 66 at level 1
  • Life changes a bit relatively, 1000 at level 1 and 1930 at level 8

The exciting thing is that if you get any crossbow deck you will see the level improved along with improving game levels, which is one thing you have to keep in mind. On the other hand, it is important that you progress and make a mini pekka deck without tesla, which is appropriate in this case and in all.

The crossbow mallet with mini pekka and without tesla

clash royale battle

This is a deck considered destroyer, quite aggressive, but at the same time fun for users. You have to keep in mind that this one does not have a very good defense. Especially if you don't know how to quickly cycle the cards, since you will have to do it with small cards.

With this you can use the crossbow combo with ice glem and bats, if you have enough elixir, mini pekka and your own spells.

crossbow mallet without tesla

This is not a common crossbow deck, but even though we don't have tesla, you can use infernal dragon and ice wizard and so on. build a powerful defense. This is not a conventional method, but one that can surprise more than one with the defense you have put together.

The Rocket Crossbow Rotation Mallet

This is one of the heavy decks, since with this one it rotates more slowly due to the fact that there is no knight and the rocket is used. this deck works very well to wear down the opponent's tower with a rocket and thus get closer to its destruction.

The Crossbow Rotation Mallet

clash royale characters

It is considered one of the most played decks, since allows you to cycle the crossbow a bit faster. This is a highly defensive deck, so whatever is thrown at us, we can repel. With this we can do great damage to the opponent's tower. Since by having a tank as the knight and two structures protecting the crossbow you will be able to do great damage and at the same time defend yourself.

These are the best Clash Royale crossbow decks that many players have selected, as they feel it helps them achieve more of their goals in the game.

Crossbow + miner, the most powerful deck

It is one of the crossbow decks that have been causing a rage over time, that of mixing the crossbow with the miner. It is important that you have a great miner and infernal dragon, they will be necessary for defense, while the rest become attacks, which is vital to gradually remove a lot of health from the opponent.

This one has a similar preparation to the others, use any of the crossbows and use the miner, which will be set in any of them. Throughout the game you will see how it will be good for you and you will be one of the best players with this mallet, which is the one used by teachers.

The union of this deck allows you to advance and win the different games, which will be fast-paced against those rivals you face. Once you have it assembled, this becomes an interesting option, especially if you manage to master it and with which to measure yourself against the rivals, who are usually strong, sometimes with crossbow mallets and other varieties, which are usually highly recommended for this affair.

How to use the Crossbow in Clash Royale

Although it seems like a really simple game, some things are things to have time and practice. Once you start playing Clash Royale you have to know the basic concepts, it is a game oriented to use complete battle tactics and without leaving gaps, that is if you want to win in each of the games.

There are many possible decks to use the crossbow, some of the deadliest are:

first deck

  • The cards must be present, they are: Crossbow, Fireball, Ice Spirits, Knight, Inferno Tower, Mega Minion, Skeletons, and Trunk.

second deck

  • The cards needed for this deck are: Crossbow, Rocket, Ice Spirits, Mega Minion, Inferno Tower, Valkyrie, Trunk, and Fire Spirits.

third deck

  • Using the following cards, you will be able to assemble this deck: Crossbow, Ice Spirits, Fire Spirits, Skeletons, Ice Golem, Knight, Mega Minion and Infernal Tower.

fourth deck

  • You will need the following combination of cards for this deck: Crossbow, Electric Spirit, Skeletons, Trunk, Fireball, Tesla Tower, Archers, Knight.

fifth deck

  • In order to assemble this deck, you must have this combination of cards: Crossbow, Fireball, Ice Golem, Minni PEKKA, Trunk, Bats, Goblins.

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