The best train jumping game: Subway Surfers for Android

The best train jumping game, Subway Surfers for Android

Subway Surfers has become a major platformer Thanks to the great story created by the developer Kiloo, to this he adds some important graphics and an important duration of the title. It is an endless runner with a fairly defined visual style, the game will end when we collide and a law enforcement officer stops us.

Although they catch us, we will start again by tapping on the screen to continue running and jumping with the acrobatic style of the character. We will have three lanes to choose from to move our characterIt will also jump and roll on the ground to avoid the obstacles that appear.

One of the Subway Surfers character's abilities is to skate for a limited time that can be activated by tapping the screen twice. The important thing is that if you receive a blow you will stay alive and you will advance without falling, this will make us strong as long as we go to the end of the level.

The objectives

Goals subway surfers

In Subway Surfers, not only will running in a hurry sufficeDuring the game we must collect money and complete the missions if you want to increase your score. The games will be lengthened thanks to the power-ups, some interesting abilities, among them are jumping higher, reaching the sky at high speed with the jetpacks or automatically collecting coins in the lanes.

If you collect a lot of coins you will unlock new objects, new characters, skateboards with skills and other varieties of things that will be immersed in the game. It is not easy to collect coins while you jump, but you will not have another if you want to improve with the passing of the levels.

The main character and other characters

The adventure starts with Jake, he is the default character of Subway Surfers, the other people must be unblocked if you advance. There are two ways to unlock characters, the first is collecting character attributes during the game, while the second to get them is by investing the keys or coins that you earn in the game.

Characters jumping trains in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has up to 68 different characters until 2020, all with paid ones, so it will be an almost infinite title if you play with one or the other. Besides Jake there are some like Spike, Fresh, Tricky, Dino, Boombot, Nina, Nick, Alicia, Sun, Brandon and many, many more.


Once we start Subway Surfers at the top in the upper left it says «Missions», there we will be able to know the objectives of each level. Each level has an added difficultyThat is why it will not be easy to pass this game right off the bat because each level has many open fronts.

Apart from the objectives, you have a diary called Daily Challenge in which to collect the letters that there are by the different routes until completing the complete word. If you complete the daily mission four days on the fifth day you will be given a mystery box that is quite important to advance in this already popular game.

Goals, diary, store and more

Goals of the Subway Surfers train jumping game

On the top right you can see the skateboards, called Hoveboards, they will protect you from any impact for about 30 seconds, you can buy them for about 300 coins. Remember that you can collect the coins when you advance through the different levels of this popular game. At the bottom left you will see a folder called "Friends" with which to connect to Facebook and see which friends play this game.

Already in the "Me" folder located in the main menu of the video game, you will have a mini store where you can buy all the available characters, buy outfits, buy improved tables and other various things. You will also see the list of trophies that you get by advancing and those that are ahead of you, you can get some with a mystery box along with 500 coins.

Already in the store that is located at the bottom right you have many improvements, you will get double coins if you pay an amount through the Play Store, here you can also buy tables, score booster and mystery box. The Score Booster option will allow you to multiply the points by five, it's great if you want to come in with a great score at the end.

You can skip missions

surfers 5

If you see that you have not progressed at all in a mission and it is impossible for you to pass it there is the option of paying to complete it, something like fast forward. In the games you will find keys, get them, since it will serve you in case the police catch you, they will be a rather special wild card.

The keys will appear one per mission, sometimes we are even lucky enough to come across two for each level, so check everything from beginning to end. The police trying to catch us will leave, It even happens sometimes that it happens by our side without detecting anything strange of our feats.

Obstacles along the way

In Subway Surfers reflexes will be your best ally Against the elements, among them you will be forced to jump over them, such as trains, fences, poles, bushes and other obstacles that will appear. The most complicated are the trains due to the great size of each one of them, but it is not the only thing.

The bushes having a good dimension with jumping them in a normal way will be enough to avoid falling, the posts despite being low you must learn that the jump has to be a thousandth before if you do not want to trip. Hurdles are supposed to be the obstacles that make jumping easier., but always be careful in case you get caught by surprise.

Skipping Train Game Levels

Subway Surfers Features Review

  • Control the player with the use of your fingers, for this you must learn its handling a little before
  • Have fun, but don't forget the coins that will appear along the way, they are as important as the keys and the continuation of the levels
  • Use the coins to buy upgrades, various clothes and other things that you have in the shop and in the souvenir
  • Unlock the characters from the store, you can play with them whenever you want, replacing the main character of the series
  • Go discovering what the mystery boxes contain, for this you need to advance in the Subway Surfers game
  • You can buy coins with money in the Play Store
  • Finally note that every time you advance in level it will go to a greater difficulty, you will have to arm yourself with courage and not be caught, but also not fall if you are chased

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